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"Getting the XB1 and the PS4 so I can call it like I see it."


Watch Dogs shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as Destiny. If any game was a failure, WD was it. The game is incredibly boring and plays like a less interesting GTA/ Assassins Creed mash up. Destiny is loads of fun and is only getting better with every passing week. #52
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Every one has their own opinions but all this griping about Destiny is just weird to me. I've been having a blast with it pretty much every day since I've bought it. It really seems like a lot of people ruined the game for themselves by overhyping the hell out of it. Frankly, I'm digging this game and I can't wait to get home and play some more later tonight! #8
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Uh, no. Don't get me wrong, the game was pretty damn good but I didn't think it had much replay value personally. The story was great but the gameplay had flaws, especially in regards to the AI and a slight case of repetitiveness. #29
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The crazy thing is, it always seems to be the more die hard PS4 people who put out this crazy, angry vibe constantly. Had the shoe been on the other foot and this ad had been a PS4 thing, it would have been hailed as the most amazing thing ever to be put to page. The mentality in here is why I've been visiting this site less and less. #36.1
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Between the comments on this thread (let alone the whole site) and the recent treatment of female gamers by those who call themselves "gamers", I'm getting more and more ashamed to call myself a gamer. I get the idea of console loyalty, really I do, but there's a way to go about it and not look like a complete tool with your thoughts, actions and comments. #38
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Why is it that this site is host to so many "reasons why PS is better than..." articles? It's actually kind of pathetic, in all honesty. You'd think the consoles that were trailing in the race would be the ones trying to convince everyone why they're the better system yet every day, I come on here to see another piece on why the PS4 or something else Sony related is better because (fill in the blank). It's suspect whenever a certain person or core group feels the nee... #18
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He always came off as seriously whiny. One look at his face tells you all you need to know, dude looks like he's on some serious behavioral meds. #34
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They should just release a proper Dragon's Dogma sequel already. #12
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Imagine someone making a statement even more ridiculous than that one on this thread! #10.3
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Because if it has nice graphics, that automatically makes it a great game. #29
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As usual, I come on this site just to get annoyed. The negativity on here just sucks. #49
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Wish I could have seen what the reaction would have been had the shoe been on the other foot. If this had been announced as a Sony exclusive, the gloating would have reached insane levels. This announcement in general brought out the true colors of many, not to point fingers. #3
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Wow. Two sentences in and I just had to stop. #5
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Personally, I think Sutherland has a great voice and I love what I'm seeing (and hearing) from the trailers shown. Kiefer's voice goes really well with the imagery and the feel of that last trailer that was released. #33
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Yup. #2.1.1
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Difference was, my joke was a play on the misspelling of "icerberg". The other guy thinks he's Mexican. You know what they say about sarcasm, right? #7.1.1
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The Titanic sunk when it hit an icerberg. #7
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Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly... all I can say is that I was glad to have experienced such an amazing game. Truly scary and effective on a very deep level. It's a game that stays with you long after you've played it. Also the first game to give me full on nightmares. #12
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LOL Here's what really gets me about the game. They've gone all out to make this incredibly realistic world (which you have to admit is pretty impressive) yet you have this phone that does things that no phone in reality can do or will ever be able to do and it always takes me out of the game. I'm hoping that the next iPhone that comes out will be able to tell me when someone is going to try to mug me, even if the mugger themselves haven't thought to do it yet. #4.1.1
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I'm down the middle on that game. Playing it now on the XB1 and it's both impressive yet annoying at the same time. #4
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