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Someone has fallen out of love with games :(

Don't belittle or attack the "writer" though, he needs help and he needs it quickly. He needs to remember that games are fun.

Quick! Someone send him a link to the FH2 demo - guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most depressed and lacking of soul individual :) #3
To be fair, I think Destiny's biggest problem is actually . . . . . Destiny. #1
Smart move by Microsoft, it at least gives the customer who hasn't made the jump to a next gen console something to think about at least.

Whether it makes any difference is debatable but at least they're trying :) #3
It's a great thing that choice and opinions are subjective :)

You buy a console to play games, it's as simple as that. If you can think of enough games that you can only play on the one bit of hardware then you have to add up what it all costs and if it represents value to you then you'll buy that console and the games you want. It's the reason that during a generation life cycle, I'll always own all of the consoles eventually, it's just what games I... #5
Forza Horizon 2
Drive Club
The Crew
Project Cars

No matter the type of racer you enjoy, there is pretty much guaranteed to be something you'll enjoy playing in a few months time

Rev your engines, gentleman! #1
"At this moment in time, we cannot go into too much detail about the Xbox One version of Destiny as Sony is paying us not too but rest assured, it will be on par with the PS4 version**."

**Sony PR: Shut up! Bungie, what are we paying you for? #3
The people getting upset and angry about the Xbox One and MS are not people generally worth getting upset and angry with ;)

See you in Halo! #2.1.1
"Microsoft and the Xbox One are doomed to never be fully accepted into gaming society because, quite simply, the community is never happy."

Pretty sure when im grinding around Sunset City, helping Ori out in the forest, going off road in Horizon 2 or taking down every Covenant scum over 4 campaigns this Fall then . . . ill . . . Ill be happy.

This might just be me though? #2
Its probably a good idea to get in contact with the developer directly, rather than posting a comment on N4G and hoping and wishing that the developer might, just might see it. #1.2
As my first editorial submission to this web site, some might find it arrogant of me to begin my efforts here by undertaking an endeavor that could very well paint me into the ever dreaded corner of a “fan boy".

Some may call it fan boy-esque . . .

I prefer to call it flamebait and desperate for clicks. Congratulations on what is no doubt the first of many flame and click bait related articles.

Bookmarked to avoid. #2
Anyone got a quote from the developer where he says this . . . . . . . Haha! Thought not.

Gaming journalism and gaming websites really do plumb the depths of sheer idiocy.

All about those hits though, all about the hits. Its sad that my favourite past time has such utter morons writing and making things up just to generate a few more clicks. #3
I need OverCharge Delirium XT in my veins and I need it now! #1
What developer do you work for, bicfitness?

And what kind of impact does the new SDK have on the pre existing tool set?

Looking forward to your in depth analysis rebuttal. #1.4
Watching the football with friends that are hundreds of miles away is going to be all kinds of awesome.

Although this isn't really games though . . . . .

A poker game though? That could be perfect for this! #3
Why did this have to leak?


It could have been one of those HOLY FU(K moments at E3. #3
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James Stevenson, the Insomniac Community & Marketing Manager had this to say on GAF:

Originally Posted by jstevenson

Did We say no co-op?
Campaign/story is single-player.
There is multiplayer as well, as you saw in the E3 teaser....

Originally Posted by jstevenson

Always was gonna get shown pre-E3. We just didn't know exactly when so it's been fluid.
We have tons of good stuff for E3 too th... #3
Happy talkin', talkin Happy talk
Talk about things you'd like to do
You've got to have a dream
If you don't have a dream
How you gonna have a dream come true

With the way the web is right now, everyone should stop saying what DX12 could do and just show us some examples of how devs can implement the tech into games.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. #3
Its a dualshockers article, I ain't going to click the link.

They just pull "rumours" and "speculation" from Twitter and gaming forums and pass it off as "news" for hits.

Xbox One: Mysterious and Creepy Video With Rats Appears on the Dashboard: Is it Teasing Something?

That's the headline, if they had spent 5 minutes doing some Google searches they would have seen it was for a TV show . . . . gotta get th... #2.1.2
A teaser for the upcoming TV show The Strain?

Dualshockers will report on absolutely anything if it generates a click or two, only took me 3 minutes to do a web search and find out this video is for an up and coming TV show.

Hang your heads in shame Dualshockers, that's if you had any shame left. #2
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You do know the definition of what a "Shill" actually is, right?

Mattrick set the tone for the XB1 and all the other execs had to fall in line with his vision for the Xbox division (TV, Kinect, Social and Games last were his doings). Now that Phil Spencer is the man in charge, everyone has to dance to his tune and his tune is games, games, games.

Lets wait till E3 is over before we decide how much of an impact he isnt g... #1.1.3
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