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And don't let the door hit your arse on the way out :)

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You said:

"And you don't need to list things for me buddy, think I don't know this stuff myself?"

By adding a question mark to the end of your sentence, I think I was right to list things - do you know your stuff :)

As for BC and the PS3 taking it out, Sony didn't do that because they thought you didn't want it, they took it out to save money.

As for the "Console W...

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Haha hah

1. The PS3 DID have backwards compatibility in the console until Sony decided to take it out to cut down on production costs.

2. The PS3 did not end up on top, it trailed badly to the Wii - the 360 and PS3 were so close in terms of sales that most people call it pretty much level. If you have a link to somewhere with irrefutable facts about how many consoles were sold last gen, I'm all ears . . .

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"I hope The Coalition has enough people onboard who understand the Gears of War brand and can deliver the experience people expect from a Gears title."

Hahahaha hahahahaha hahahahahahah hahah ahaha hah

The author of this article never owned a 360 and never played a game in the Gears franchise . . . . . I trust Rod Ferguson and co to deliver rather than this authors 'concern'

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NHL 15 is on sale today through DwG, its £27.50. EA Access is £20 for the year.

If I add Peggle 2, Madden 15, NBA 15, UFC, Plants v Zombies, NFS, BF4 and FIFA 14 then I would say that £20 is the best bargain you can pick up for any console.

As a bonus, you get 10% off of any EA games DLC and also early access - just like Battlefront will have and games like Hardline and Dragon Age have had already.

Really interested to see you...

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"I immediately went to them on Twitter and made a sarcastic comment that they weren’t being so truthful and then I got a metaphorical slap in the face – they blocked me."

Try not to be a douche on the internet and maybe folk wont be a douche back to you.

"Someone made a sarcastic comment about when it will be fixed and I warned them that 4J Studios will block them and lo and behold, a handful of hours later, they were block...

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No Banjo, no Party!

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Aye, they're going to release a new slim version for the start of next year, probably February /s

The silicon has just been designed, dont think they can just magic a brand new box out of R&D in a month or two /s

Do any of these folks who write about games actually understand how the gaming industry works?

If you want an Xbox One, then the deals going around just now are great and potentially could get even better for Black Friday. <...

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The way in which both the PS4 and Xbox One are stealth releasing these Indie titles, the chances of this happening again are only going to increase.

What was wrong with a new game out every Wednesday and sometimes a Friday? I don't even know how many games have been released across both platforms in the last few weeks, I doubt most people would . . . .

They both need to sort this out or else it will be the devs and ultimately us gamers who lose out.

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That was actually the point.

Hellsvacancy said that if you like story driven games like him then you'll like him you'll like it.

I have no idea what the story actually consists of, what the plot is, how good the writing is, twists and turns etc.

Just cause it looks like a story driven game, doesn't mean the story is actually great ;)

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So how good is the story in The Order then, Hellsvacancy?

Only ask because you say "IF you like story driven games like me you'll like it".

Is it a story like Mass Effect, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, Gears of War etc. Really interested to find out more about the story, I'm all ears.

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Shigeru Miyamoto — 'A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.'

I think Shiggy knows what he's talking about :)

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I love reading One Bubble comments on this site.

Puts things into perspective :)

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Sunset Overdrive: It's a Fucking Videogame :)

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Someone has fallen out of love with games :(

Don't belittle or attack the "writer" though, he needs help and he needs it quickly. He needs to remember that games are fun.

Quick! Someone send him a link to the FH2 demo - guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most depressed and lacking of soul individual :)

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To be fair, I think Destiny's biggest problem is actually . . . . . Destiny.

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Smart move by Microsoft, it at least gives the customer who hasn't made the jump to a next gen console something to think about at least.

Whether it makes any difference is debatable but at least they're trying :)

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It's a great thing that choice and opinions are subjective :)

You buy a console to play games, it's as simple as that. If you can think of enough games that you can only play on the one bit of hardware then you have to add up what it all costs and if it represents value to you then you'll buy that console and the games you want. It's the reason that during a generation life cycle, I'll always own all of the consoles eventually, it's just what games I...

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Forza Horizon 2
Drive Club
The Crew
Project Cars

No matter the type of racer you enjoy, there is pretty much guaranteed to be something you'll enjoy playing in a few months time

Rev your engines, gentleman!

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"At this moment in time, we cannot go into too much detail about the Xbox One version of Destiny as Sony is paying us not too but rest assured, it will be on par with the PS4 version**."

**Sony PR: Shut up! Bungie, what are we paying you for?

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