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It's like they know we want to have fun with our open world games. #2
I agree with you in that I think the Xbox One is a little extreme with how it sees media being the forefront instead of games. I don't mind my system doing more than just games, I just want games to be the main focus of a 'gaming console'. All the other stuff it can do needs to take a backseat to games. #10.1
All these comments and no approvals for the actual post? Come on people. It takes 2 seconds :) #4
I haven't heard of them releasing the patch yet. I hope it's soon, though. #1.1
Sadly, I think it will affect sales. For the hardcore people, it will mean nothing. For potential gamers to the game, they will turn a blind eye on DayZ and miss out on a great game. #1
I hope this game ends up on a lot of top 5 lists at the end of the year #1
Why does it have to be so damn hard to make an arcade shooter like Commando and Ikari Warriors?

An isometric or top-down shooter should be easy as hell to make these days from developers. #1
I could see if Heroes of Ruin was on PC, it would have been better since everything about the game on the 3DS seems like it was crammed in to the cart. #1
I wish that Kingdom Hearts 3D demo was longer. Still not sure if someone new to the series, like me, will be ok playing this game. #1
I think that I am so use to what American RPG's has given me that playing something that is so deep and in a sense true to the RPG namesake is tough for me to get into.

I am just glad there are people out there that can play these sorts of games but it will remain the shadows of other RPG's for now. #2
I like shumps but this might be too hard for me. I will still give it a shot though in the demo. #1
7.8 out of what? My money is on 100 :) #8.1
Unfortunately, review scores are considered gospel by the many people who buy the games. If the score wasn't there, then they would be forced to read the review. Remember, reading IS FUNdamental #3
I hope to see more from Flying Wild Hog in the future. #4
Just got the word after I posted my review that there is an EX mode after you beat the game that lets you keep all your upgrades while giving you the hardest difficulty. #1
Until people realize that there is more than Madden out there, Rugby will be a hard sell over here in the states #2
Let's also hope it won't take FOREVER to make too ;) #2
Well if you read the review fully,you understand why he is disappointed with Deus Ex HR. A lot of the issues he brings up are valid and I am surprised that pretty much all the other reviews don't address them. I have another writer of mine playing through it on the 360 and she has basically the same feelings of the game. #2
I am REALLY considering getting one of these not only for reviewing those PAL games that will never come out here, but also I want to do a tear down of the device and show it on video or at least in pics of what we find inside. #3.2.3
I want to see just how much smaller it is compared to the old Wii. I also want to see what the insides look like #2
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