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TBH... I've never considered how load shedding impacts South African game development. #3
1d 23h ago by HanCilliers | View comment
This game is going to blow everything else out of the water. #1
dear lawd, 15 freaking million. Whoever wins this can retire #1
How awesome is that! Ingenious. #2
I agree, but until we know the details of the COD champs we only speculating. #3.1
Jip, that comment from Boyes is BS.

"just don't hide behind the masquerade that you love the game. Rather say that you think the game will do well for PlayStation and will drive sales"

Well said. #2.1
It's really about time console gamers get a proper MOBA. #1
It's the only version running smooth #7.2
Why should there be a bias? Why not both #2.1.1
XB1 also has problems :( #6.1
Yip, and in the same year, and the 2nd one was more broken the first. Did they learn nothing from MKX on PC? #3.2
Exactly, I really want to know the truth abt this. Disappointed that they don't own up and talk about it #1.4
Can't we have both? Casual & skill-based? #2
I agree, one of my favourite E3 reveals, can't wait to play it. #2
To infinity and beyond! Nicely done Microsoft, would love to see them using it in action #1
Said he saved many years. Who collects bottle caps? :S #5.11
Well said #3.3
Article talks about that.. #1.1
Polygon reports the same story #1.1
2015 is not PC gaming's year... #1
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