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Well, great that Treyarch implemented the most crucial community requests. Just a pity Black Hat is even in the game. #1
I won't mind it if it adds real value to the game. So guess we'll have to wait and see the final price tag. #1
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I loved the first Anno game, but kinda lots interest with the rest. Great to see the latest game looking so good #1
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I find it odd that Windows 10 is slowing down on PC. What with all the support for W10 games. Guess it's the privacy thing that put people off. #1
That's just the thing, there's so many amazing games releasing all the time, you never get the time to finish those on your backlog #1.3.2
What, same one for me, and I regret it #1.2
With you, it's Just Cause, there will be all kinds of crazy going on #1.2.1
I agree, most fans seem to want a return to the world war type cod games #1.2.1
Don't you think the media would've covered a more appropriate PR stunt as well? #1.1.3
Well said. #2.2
I wouldve loved to be in the Call of Duty PR meeting after the tweet went live and media reacted.

On the 2nd point, I agree with the author, it's high time a CoD game isn't abt how "right" America is in their justification of violence/aggression. Do something completely different for a change, and I'm not talking about exosuits :P. #1
That such a great game could spawn so many problems. #1
Ditto, but I do feel for prev-gen owners. but I guess the time to buy a new-gen console is here. #1.1.1
That's the graphics card, now for the games to play on it. #5
Isn't the purpose of the alpha to find these issues? A better test would be to see how the open beta performs. #1
I wonder how many Xbox One gamers do this. And I agree, great idea from MS. #4.2
Assuming most don't have the game #2
Character customization wins with a landslide, guess I can blame it on being a woman :P #1
Like, can I pls ignore urgent tasks and restart conversations. #1
I don't see why you shouldn't pre-order - even without knowing the DLC. Because. Fallout. #2
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