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The legend returns #2
HA! What an epic moment hey :D #7.1
Wise man is wise #6.1
And just like that, the previous champs dethroned #1
It would be a massive waste, I agree. It would be better though to play it sooner rather than later because it's kind of a prelude to the rest of the game #3.1
Interesting read. I do think that dev abuse DLC though, but it can also extend the longevity of a game. As long as DLC doesn't replace making a properly finished game initially. #1
Tsek, she's still a hottie #1.1.1
What a legend #1
I think they'll still get to the multiplayer more after the "behind the scenes" videos. #7.3
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When was it released? #2.1
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Graphics are looking pretty epic to me #6.1
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First Visceral Games with "the movie theme' in Hardline, now Sledgehammer with Advanced Warfare. BUT, if you watch that video then you can't help feel excited, right? #1.2
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Really? That and Spec Ops only 2 I haven't played. I know what to expect from Spec Ops, but not The Darkness 2. You make me wonder now to get it #5.2
Dude, it's an exceptional game, you must. Not the normal fps #2.1.1
YES PLEASE! Spec Ops The Line, must.have. #2
Was published on Polygon as news today as well? #5.1
Proudly South African :D #3
Way to go Bioware on bringing such diversity to the game. #1
now that is a really good point #4.1
@GribbleGrunger, that is true, but some games are more equal than others ;) #5
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