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I recon we'll see a repeat of last Christmas with Lizard Squad. Curious as to why they didn't target Xbox as well on Black Friday. #1
LOL #2.2
The more I see the more I wish there was a single-player campaign. #1
Well, giving us free DLC for their always online silliness. :P. CDPR did it before anyone #4
Now you talking! #1.2.1
After the Warcraft teaser trailer today, all I want to see is more. Going to be an awesome Blizzcom. #1
Epic exclusives coming to Xbox One. I can't wait for Quantum Break and ReCore. #2
Love how Bethesda improved Fallout 4, yet still kept it Fallout - just better. #4
Stasis is a steal! #1
I hope this NFS doesn't disappoint. #3.1
But on the other hand, the randomness also forces the player to think on their fee so to speak. So in a way can't you also say the luck factor increases skill? #1
Totally, I still find this hard to believe. Don't they know they're losing customers? Or are they so confident that people will buy their games, regardless? #3.1
Agree with you, it's the one thing lacking from the conference. Maybe they just keeping it for later. #2.1
Stasis *shivers* #4
No. #4
yes yes yes! The excitement is infectious, great review. Now for MP with SA latency and all that. I wonder if the same issues gonna surface as previous. #1
You must be one in a million :) I wonder why your machine had no problems. #7.2
So far WB said nothing at all about a discount. #6.1
They could've done something -anything. You idea of a free older WB game is excellent. #3.2
The console versions were... perfect. No blame to WB there. #2.1.1
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