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Said "could", game has to be released before we can really say. #2.1
So we can all agree, Sledgehammer did a stellar job. #1
I understand your reluctance. I think, even more than wanting to experience the finished game, gamers are more concerned about the day one launch. #1.1
No you can't select that for all games. #1.3.2
Very well said, that's why I mentioned having an option that scales difficulty is good. But as Tex117 said, for some games that won't work. #1.2.4
Game developers' target audience have always been the straight, white male demographic. Over the years that audience have evolved, matured, changed, but devs have not.

So, one of the arguing points for diversity is based on the changed demographic. #3.1
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It's really high time someone calls us out, all of us, about how far we've regressed in our ability to articulate proper discussions.

Best.Read.2015. #1
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I for one agree, I hate it how devs have made games easier and easier. A lot of gamers (used to?) play games because of the challenge it provides. Over the last few years it's more about drawing the crowds, than making games a challenge. Which is ok I guess, but then at least include the option for a proper challenge. #1
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Couldn't agree more :( #30.1
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So with free-to-start they give, but on the other hand they take. Then there's the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline launch, if that fails like BF4, then I doubt anything else will matter. #1
There's a heel of a lot of PC issues. What's your platform? #9.1.1
Brace yourselves, microtransactions incoming #4.1
Wait, what? #1
Yip, ad where's the post from Warner Bros making an apology or ANYTHING AT ALL. All gamers see is Techland #8.1
Indeed, you can't screw around with release dates like this. The angry horde will have you #7.1
Ye, article clearly states that people should be upset with Warner Bros, even though the announcement comes from Techland #5.1
my face is full of disappoint

that.is.all. #1.2.2
I agree, we're all upset with Techland, but they're the devs, Warner Bros is the distributor #3.1
TIME CRISES, now you're talking #3.2
Same here, yet in SA we get asked to increase servers to play these on.. #2.2
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