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That's exactly the point the writer was trying to make. Caring so much for your characters were absent in DAI #2.1.1
Exactly, we've had plenty of good AC games #1.3.1
Gosh, no need to throw out the baby with the bath water. They've given us plenty of good games #1.2
Why is it one of the best games ever made? I also think the writer argues very valid points. Both those games are RPG's, both were created by Bioware #4.1
Quantum Break and Halo 5 are two of my most anticipated games for 2015. But so is Bloodborne, The Order and Hellblade #2.1.2
2015's PS4 exclusives>XboxOne's exclusives. On the other hand, Microsoft's XB1 updates were a lot more impressive than Sony's PS4 updates in 2014. #2
The way your choices carried over and impacted the series in ME is something that other series still has to accomplish. I wasn't a fan of the ending, but the weight of my overall experience of the series outweighed the disappointment. #2
Sad to say that not many MMO players agree with you #1.1.1
Wildstar has to first go free-to-play. #1
the Counter-Strike scandal, Rise of the timed exclusives. I dont agree with the five points in the article. GamersGate taking the number place is the only one worth mentioning #6
Dead End Thrills do amazing work. #1
You must try The Vanishing of Ethan Carter as well #4.1
Oops, ty will add #3.2.1
Nice to see someone else that thought it so exceptional #3.1.1
So happy that Ether One will be coming to the PS4 soon #3
You should definitively, you can check out the review listed in the article #1.1
:O #16.1
Was thinking the same, PS4 has a stack of awesome games coming in 2015. XB1 has Halo 5 and then QB #6.1.4
I understand why the writer didn't list exclusives for this specific argument, but it will always play a role #1
Exactly, and it's scary how many embargo's we've seen in 2014 #3.1
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