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Exactly, for some reason people think a review is an unbiased factual thing. but it's actually a very personal encounter IMHO.

I dislike reviews which read like a fact sheet. I want to know if the game had the power to move the player, if I will connect to it, how immersive it is etc etc #1.1.1
Waiting for prem is the way to go, IF you can play the waiting game #3.2.1
If Hardline fails the expectations then I fear the franchise will be over. It was a bold move to move away from its traditional military war zones to a cops and robbers arena. It's gonna make or break the series. #3
I've a feeling the Order won't be so awesome, although I'm hoping it will. My money's on Bloodborne to be epic #1.1
"PS4 outsells XB1 7 to 1 in Spain" Ouch #1
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Thanks for that #4.1
Article doesn't accuse GamerGate? Asks GG to use its influence to support anti-terrorist behavior #3.1
Why not use the influence to tweet with said hashtag? I wonder if the threats were carried out people would still say, "yeah, University did what they could" #2.1
It will perhaps take off with mobile gamers, but I doubt the PC or console market will give the Nexus a second thought #1
Down boy, down #8.1
I would've liked more details on the "competitive" #1.1
Fair point #1.1
How about a review that touches on all the aspects of the game. Why should it be limited to graphics, gameplay etc? What's wrong with also talking about social issues? Why should it be excluded? #2.1.1
Freaking cool shit #3
I for one welcome reviews that provide "deeper critique." Times have also changed, and the gaming audience as well as games have evolved. Games are no longer just about guns and action, it has ventured into the arena of social critique. Gamers also want to know about more than just good graphics and framerate. #2
Personally I enjoyed FC1 the most, FC2 felt very repetitive after a few hours. #4.1.3
The gameplay mechanics were really broken at times. Was it the Afrikaans speaking blacks that made you feel like you were in Africa ;) #4.2
I also loved to LAN the first FC game. Tons of fun. You won't regret playing it #2.1
Action looks much the same, with the window dressing being completely fresh.

Winz #1.1
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