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I love the fact they complain about the single player being too old fashioned and then complain about the multiplayer having too many modern tropes. Where is the line IGN?

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My friend I spend large amounts of time working in game engines modifying shaders and optimising projects. The animation quality is pretty amazing around the board, the textures may not be the best when viewing up close, but they are usually done this way to save on VRAM as in most situations you aren't going to be looking at textures very close up. The handful of colours that are being shown are vibrant and the lighting and image effects are amazing. Particle effects are just as good. Ho...

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I agreed up until you dissed the graphics. Youre mad if you dont think it looks amazing

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As a programmer on the project I'm glad to see that there is some form of interest in what we're doing, even if it may not seem that polished :))))

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Hey there, I'm actually a programmer on the project. We are a separate entity from contingency though we are on very good terms with them and talk regularly. It still needs a lot of work (mostly in the art department, code though you may not be able to see here is pretty complete) but its coming along nicely :)

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Hopefully this will convince 343 to put in some social playlists plssssssssss

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This is something that I've also had problems with, scoring hits in MCC was always an absolute piece of cake for me but I'm having difficulties with it in halo 5, not so much in warzone though just arena.

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Yeah don't get me wrong, what is there is excellent, its just there isn't enough of it and arena is just too competitive for my personal tastes. Social playlists please 343.

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Am I the only one who felt massively disappointed with halo 5? The core gameplay is amazing as is the music, but the campaign was short and lacked any sort of depth, the ending was awful and we weren't given what they had promised. 8-12 hours on normal? Where on earth did that number come from? I finished it in 6 hours and 11 minutes on heroic and was treated to the worst ending in halo since halo 2.

On the multiplayer as I say the gameplay is amazing but my god is there ...

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Its a pretty common practice. When a game like halo 5 is like 95% done why would you focus all of a team on one project when most of the people aren't really needed to finish up the work. There will still be a portion of the team working on halo 5, just the rest will move on to something more productive.

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Plus the mods for 2. PR is fucking amazing.

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Maybe they're just waiting to reveal it at some other time, maybe gamescom seeing as its probably the biggest gametype of all of the ones to be announced. Lets face it, it having been in battlefront 1/2 and Dice developing battlefield, you know that game that is pretty much completely focused around that exact gamemode I find it very unlikely that the game won't see that mode.

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Yeah, it was also in the earlier scrapped builds of the game and if it can be done on 360/ps3 it should be easily possible on PS4/XBO. I'm also hoping the reveal features both first and third person gameplay. I mean its probably not going to be a long trailer, probably like a minute or something but even so, I hope they pack in some real awesomeness.

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I'm hoping the fact you can see both ground action and that star destroyer in the sky to suggest there will be the ability to fly from the ground to space, that would be fucking awesome.

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pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pleasepleasepleaseplease

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I'm still waiting for Rock Band: Queen. I'd buy that in a heart beat. Still can't wait for rock band 4 though. It'll be great to get behind that plastic kit again.

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Horribly. Still takes me and many others ages to find games. If you have any doubts i'd recommend you check out this article:

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Wow. Got my copy on christmas and I won't be receiving a code for a free month nor ODST to my knowledge despite the fact the game over 100 days after launch is still completely broken.

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The library from halo 1 or cortana from halo 3?

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I was a pre-alpha tester for this game about 7-9 months ago and I must say, playing that and playing the new released build just shows how quickly development is going. I'd highly recommend checking it out.

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