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Not really. He said ambition, which it is. In theory its a really cool idea, it just doesn't really work well enough and MS shouldn't have forced people into it. If the tech was perfect and it has some real application in games consumers would flock to it but at the moment it just doesn't. #9.1
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Not bad. To be honest though id highly recommend to anyone who is interested in getting into game development looking into unity. I've been using it for a very long time now and I know a lot of other developers who are creating their first ever games in unity and that are coming out amazingly. Check out some of these just to get an idea of what I'm talking about. All of these people have had no prior games built in unity and some are younger than 18:

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Hopefully as they arent Elite Dangerous will come to consoles. I'm looking forward to Elite far more than Star Citizen, maybe because I used to play sooooooooo much elite :P #16
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Please David! Do it. That would literally be so amazing. I can't wait to get in on the beta. #2
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It could be because he just posts on things for no reason. Was there really any need to post saying it should be awesome? Does it bring anything to the table? No. Its just a pointless comment to try and boost his post count. #1.2
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They really need to get rid of those battlefield sounds or they'll be in biiiiggggggggg trouble. I also think i've seen some of those weapons models before. I'm sure I've seen that RPK on gamebanana before. #2
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I wouldn't say the first zelda. It was the first one I ever played and it put me off the series, not because its a bad game but because I'm fairly young and have been spoiled by modern gaming. A link to the past on the other hand, sign me up! #1.5
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I doubt EA will. Half of crytek is games, and half is cryengine. Seeing as they don't need cryengine it wouldn't really make sense for them to do so. #1.3.3
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4.6 is currently in beta (though I wish the damn thing would come out so I could get my hands on the new GUI system). I'd love to get a PS4 licence. Best sign up :)

Edit: US only -_- #1.2
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Good for you Neixus, unfortunately I've had no such luck playing on PS4. I'm not saying its a bad game, its just a bad battlefield game. Wouldn't be quite so disappointed if it were DLC rather than a full game, but as it is there is no way I'm getting this one. BF4 was bad enough, gameplay wise this one is just worse (though its less buggy) #2.2
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Having just got the chance to get my hands on the game I can happily say it is my least favorite battlefield game to date (from what i've played anyway). The lack of motivation for teamwork just astounds me.

There are some nice features like being able to shoot cars (which I really really like) and some other small things like red hitmarkers for headshots but the fact you can revive yourself, take ammo and health from others just puts me off. How about instead of promoti... #2
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Are you 8? #3.1
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You're in for a treat with halo 2. I still remember my days of playing zombies on Zanzibar and doing the super jumps with friends on lockout. I need to pick up an xbone now. Its just fantastic. I really hope they also have the clan feature again. Nothing better than me and me clan rolling into battle. Brilliant. #3.1
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Except dragon age had already had a demo earlier that day, didn't really care about another one, hardline had already had so much gameplay shown it just didn't matter and they showed such a little amount of battlefront it was a complete waste of time. #3.1.3
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Yeah, the did have to show them, not base their whole bloody conference on them. And the Sims. God the sims! Lets be honest, most people who watch E3 aren't in it to hear about the sports games. I was really excited to see some battlefront and what am I greeted with? A shitty 2 minute documentary with pretty much no gameplay or anything with the announcement we don't actually get to see anything until spring next year. Thanks EA! I wouldn't have minded just seeing some concept gam... #3.1
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Lets be honest, even when people do get out of the map (which is pretty rare, especially in online matches) you can take them out easily enough. If they are giving me Halo 2 HD, I want it EXACTLY as it was the day the original xbox servers were shut down. If I don't get that I'll be pretty damn pissed. Also, has there been any news on the old clan feature returning, thats one thing that I never understood them taking out. #12.1.1
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Turf and headlong! The amount of fun I had with friends getting out of the both of those maps, on top of the scarab on turf and using the banshee to get ontop of headlong. I really hope in the original halo 2 multiplayer you'll still be able to do it. I can't wait to do the super jump on lockout :P #12
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Yeah, that's what I mean, a game with similar gameplay. I don't really care if the story is continuing because the story in the first one wasn't that great but I did enjoy the gameplay. TBH I think its the user interface that gets me. That round map just doesn't do it for me. Doesn't look homefronty enough. I suppose I'm just very picky :P I'm still going to be picking this up though. Looks pretty good. #10.2.1
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Ah. Damn. I was really hoping for a proper sequel. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be great anyway. As long as the multiplayer is similar to the original I'm more than happy. #10.1.1
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Looks pretty good but it doesn't seem to capture the feeling of the original. Almost seems it could be a new IP. Am I the only one who also thinks the UI doesn't suit the game either. Looks like less of a sequel and more of a completely new game. Looks great, just doesn't look like homefront. Looking forward to seeing some MP gameplay though. Hopefully that'll be similar. #10
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