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Yeah, it was also in the earlier scrapped builds of the game and if it can be done on 360/ps3 it should be easily possible on PS4/XBO. I'm also hoping the reveal features both first and third person gameplay. I mean its probably not going to be a long trailer, probably like a minute or something but even so, I hope they pack in some real awesomeness. #6.1.1
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I'm hoping the fact you can see both ground action and that star destroyer in the sky to suggest there will be the ability to fly from the ground to space, that would be fucking awesome. #6
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pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pleasepleasepleaseplease #26
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I'm still waiting for Rock Band: Queen. I'd buy that in a heart beat. Still can't wait for rock band 4 though. It'll be great to get behind that plastic kit again. #4
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Horribly. Still takes me and many others ages to find games. If you have any doubts i'd recommend you check out this article: http://teambeyond.net/halo-... #6.1.1
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Wow. Got my copy on christmas and I won't be receiving a code for a free month nor ODST to my knowledge despite the fact the game over 100 days after launch is still completely broken. #6
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The library from halo 1 or cortana from halo 3? #3
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I was a pre-alpha tester for this game about 7-9 months ago and I must say, playing that and playing the new released build just shows how quickly development is going. I'd highly recommend checking it out. #8
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Polys are cheap. Its the texture maps that are the most demanding. Having a high poly count in no way means its going to be detailed (even though it obviously is in this instance). #2
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I'm really loving hardline. I've just hit level 42 and I'm still really enjoying it even though its only 3 modes and 3 maps. No doubt I'm going to pick this one up. The beta has convinced me. #11
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Yep. That makes complete sense. Cancel a game that is 98% finished and about a month away from release, that some people such as myself enjoy, as that wouldn't be a complete waste or resources and money. You sir seem to have all the answers! #5.2
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With the nvidia dying light drivers the game runs perfectly fine. #1.3
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Alls I'm saying is that having 4k support is no where near enough to make me want to buy the game for the third time. I'm sure its a big deal for those who perhaps haven't experienced it, or really really care about graphics but personally it means next to nothing to me, as I'm sure it does to many others who don't have rigs powerful enough to support 4k. #6.1.1
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This list is retarded. Most of the points all come under the banner graphics, the only real valid point is the 1080p/60fps as most people aren't running 4k, nor are they really going to notice the texture res while in the middle of playing. One of the points is completely subjective (one about controls) and the grammar/spelling is just appalling. #6
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For me its all about the custom games and the amount of fun I can have with the game. Given the track record of 343 and their custom game/forge options no doubt custom games will be a massive let down, matchmaking comes a close second, and the fantastic matchmaking is enough to boost it far above the other halo titles, except 3/2. Nothing to do with nostalgia :P #7.1.2
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Halo 5 is a great evolution for the halo multiplayer expernece no doubt, but is it as good as 2/3? Nah. #7.1
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I always liked first person out of vehicles and inside 3rd. #2.2.2
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I know the feels. Just bought my xbone on the 23rd to play today and I can't even install the initial 500mb patch :\ #6.2
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They could just give it the halo treatment, eg keep the original game 100% the same and then just replace all the assets then there is no chance of that. God forbid though developers actually invest money and time into their titles. #1.2.2
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A standard rig is usually around where the minimum specs are and not the recommended ones. If the recommended specs had have been the minimum that would have been completely fair. A game should be able to run fine on low with a >460 + 4/6GB RAM + 2.7GHz CPU and if not the developers are doing something wrong. #11.1.2
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