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SONy president called me! ITs Alllz true!

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These guys? http://www.respawnstudios.c...

You mean Respawn Entertainment ;)

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crybabies lmao

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lol poor kid :(

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Did they even bother testing the game?

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I'm sure he meant this generation, no plans for making another "slimmer" or revised xbox 360.

Its that stupid site making it sound like they're saying no new xbox 720

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Well I hope they pick the ps3, yep I'm officially tired of being an xbox fanboy, and how in the world can I call myself a gamer if I only play on one console? My xbox only days are over Im getting a ps3.... And no I'm not being sarcastic.

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NICE DLC! Full price huh

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Comon people, seriously? A fukin Wii Fit! I'm just totally confused on why people keep buying Nintendos crap

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How is using the Unreal Engine copying?

Ever heard of these games created with the unreal engine
Bounty Arms-

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Hell yeah it is, especially for the PS3, it only does Copy&Paste

Edit: not for indie developers though

2255d ago 1 agree5 disagreeView comment, is it me or are limited game editions getting more boring.

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