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Once you get half way through the game it's no longer scary. This mod definitely helped to make the game scary again at higher levels.

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This isn't so much a problem with the PS4, but I really dislike the way the PSN naming system is implemented. Either give us the option to delete our names or give us the option to change them. Why are they locked down so hard?

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Can't wait to explore MURICA!

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I actually find it surprising that SWTOR is so high. I base that purely on the fact that you have to dig pretty deep into Twitch before you can find SWTOR on their list of games and there are very few viewers and streamers at any given time. This may be the case because of the nature of MMO's, but I still would have thought that SWTOR would be more popular among streamers/viewers if it was, in fact, the 12th most popular PC game. I realize that a large number of twitch feeds are streaming...

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I wonder if this could be the beginning of the end of COD's grip on gaming.

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But Reddit sucks

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No waaay this is real

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Shame, they didn't show much at E3. However this looks really good and am glad Batman got delayed so that I can play this beauty.

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This could be the biggest announcement for me personally at E3...I hope it's made from the ground up for next-gen.

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What I don't understands is didn't Scarecrow get eaten by killer Croc in Arkham Asylum...But now that I think of it Scarecrow does appear at the end where he grabs something.

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Sledgehammer has confirmed that it is being built on a new engine....I for one am really excited for the game because it gives me a similar vibe of the original MW!

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I hope we get to drive cars.

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Oh, please give us backward compatibility.

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The places are way to big, everything has been way to big in this game. The ships, the fleets, the buildings all of that. Scale it down, like the ceilings are insanely to high.

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Okay this is totally cool but it better be legacy wide or something. I really don't want to manage 8 houses.

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Why is it called Force Commander if Brenn Tantor is not force-sensitive?

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This looks absolutely amazing. No difference from cut scenes to gameplay.

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Haters gonna hate

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Yes, loved the conversations between kotor characters.

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That looks so web 2.0

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