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All cars have auto Vista mode and all the tracks were laser-scanned.

Honestly I rather have fewer well polished cars and tracks than a bunch of mediocre ones.

Quality over quantity.

Also the fact that this is a launch title is going to limit the amount that can be put into it. New engine and always having to hit a moving target is very hard to do and is why launch titles are usually crop compared to the second wave. #1.2.2
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Ghosts was slammed pretty hard for its story. #15.1
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Well my B2G1 free thing for Amazon (kill one, knack, NBA 2k14) is looking to be a real mediocre fest.

Oh well. I guess they are launch titles. That is to be expected. NBA will surely be good. #16
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Eneloop Batteries are your best friend. Amazing rechargeable that last for what seems like forever.

http://www.amazon.com/enelo... #1.19
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Actually his review fits perfectly along Destructoid's scoring level whose tag line is "Average starts at five, not seven"

4 -- Below Average (4s have some high points, but they soon give way to glaring faults. Not the worst games, but are difficult to recommend.)

3 -- Poor (3s went wrong somewhere along the line. The original idea might have promise, but in practice the game has failed. Threatens to be interesting sometimes, but rarely.)
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If you actually took the time to read the review instead of looking at the number solely, you would see that the points he raises are completely valid.

Sure the story and bosses are great and fans of batman will enjoy it, but it's partially broken and you can tell it isn't as polished as the previous two were. #6.1
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Actually I believe the wii actually won more GOTY awards. Both Mario Galaxies won a crazy amount of GOTY awards and Twilight Princess won a good handful.

Anyways, to use that as a reason for why no one should own a Xbox is very childish.

GOTY awards don't indicate what certain players will enjoy. Maybe some people love Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable. Just because they don't get GOTY doesn't mean that players cant enjoy them... #6.1.6
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I really don't understand why you would need to know his reasoning.

It could be various of things, from the franchises that are on the machine, to design of the controller.

If you can't see why someone would want a Xbox One then you probably have a bias. Both machines have their own pros and cons. #5.1.1
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We don't know how the Online experiences will be like on the new consoles.. and even if we do, stuff like that is all subjective.

Just buy which console you want to. You don't have to justify it besides, "It's what I wanted" #14.1.2
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Kinect Sports Rivals isn't a launch title...

Good thing they aren't looking forward to it. There would disappointment come Nov. 22 #17
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I don't know if Improved Rumble should be a unique feature considering the Xbox One is also improving rumble with their rumble triggers.

Yes, it is a feature in of its own but it's not a feature unique to the ps4 because both consoles have improvements #2.3
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The fanboyism in here is quite disturbing (on both sides) but it's hard to find a thread on this site that isn't like that.

Forza 5 is my most wanted exclusive launch title. I will play Driveclub as well considering I have PS+ but from gameplay videos and everything I've heard about it, it just doesn't sound like my kind of racer.

If you like racers and want a next-gen console and only getting a PS4, check out Drive Club. Only getting the Xbo... #2.1.6
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He asked about the size of the map.. so I provided the the size. That's all.

No need to get defensive about it. Also, it looks as though a good amount of GTA5's world is woodland and rural.

if we really want to compare some game worlds, Burnout Paradise was 200 Square miles. LoTR Online was 30,000 square miles. Daggerfall was 62,000 square miles (though mostly procedurally generated) #1.3.2
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GTA5: ~49 Square miles

Just Cause 2: ~400 Square miles #1.3
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I'm pretty sure he said he wanted something with sex-appeal for the cosplayers. #3.1.1
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@Eonjay Run some benchmarks once the two machines are out. I can almost guarantee that the Xbox One and PS4 will outperform the Galaxy Tab 10.1. We dont even know what chip set is being used in the 10.1. We just know a 8 core 1.9. That's it. We have no idea what the cache is or anything. #3.1.3
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This thing has been overclocked for a while. They just now came out and said it. This isn't something they just did overnight. #8.3
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Are you basing that merely on the frequency? #3.1.1
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Some sports games could be could with it. It's not a big deal, but I could see myself and a group of friends playing some FIFA or NHL together all on one machine.

The PS3 had support up to 7 so I thought it would easily have been featured in the ps4 but I guess since they(developers) never utilized it, they thought the feature could be cut. #3.3
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It seems that most people on this site do not know anything about the RRoD and how it was caused. The reasoning behind the RRoD was because of regulations changing away from the use of lead-based soldering. Being one of the first electronics out to use this new type of solder caused the failures that were shown with the original 360.

MS lost a lot of money because of RRoD. They are the last ones who would make the same mistake twice. In fact, looking at the One, it looks to v... #1.3.7
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