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Console will never die I admit Nintendo could become the next Sega but I doubt it and the same thing could happen to Ms & Sony but they always gonna be gonna be a company out there who will find success with consoles.

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I agree with everything you say

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I like what treyarch did with black ops 1 I really enjoy the zombie mode all I'm asking from treyarch for Black ops 2 is for them to have more maps like firing range and nuketown Mw3 was a major disappointment.

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The 1st darksider wasn't all that great so for part 2 to be last one is not exactly bad news

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This game look awesome and 4 player co op makes even better

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The Wii u will be successful cause casual gamers will still supported

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Madden 13 & Dead Space 3

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Black ops 2 look like it gonna be 100x better than Mw3

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Ima start supporting Sony when they stop taking ideas from Nintendo

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Sledgehammer disappointed me with mw3 so I'm not so excited about this news

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I would love to see rare go back to nintendo Rare haven't found much success with Microsoft, Xbox 360 owners don't really care about perfect dark and banjo games.

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A improve friend code still don't sound good for me why can't Nintendo do it like Xbox live so we can avoid the headache

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Zombiu is the best looking game on Wii u I seen on E3

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Even if the Wii u become a success hardcore gamers will still criticize Nintendo and they way of doing things, Ubisoft will benefit for making Wii u games.

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Since I'm used to the Xbox 360 controller I don't like that the buttons are under the joy stick

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I don't think this game will be any good a fighting game really

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Is funny how so many games are being announce for the Wii u after E3.

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Gamers love to judge Nintendo but when there a new Zelda game that's when everyone wanna show love.

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The Wii u will not appeal to hardcore gamers til 3rd party developers commit to the wii u is plain and simple

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If Ubisoft would have it own console ps4 & Xbox 720 would fail

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