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It doesn't really matter if the PS4 is more powerful 3rd party developers still gonna make the same game for both consoles.

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I could already see it if the Xbox1 struggle like the Wii U everybody gonna blame it on the name

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EA remind me of my ex girl friend insult me makes me look bad and then comes back.

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I could careless how ugly the cover look the only thing a cover is good for is to break your weed.

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Not just GC they also need to give us N64 games

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Now that I finally saw the Xbox One I decided I'm getting the PS4 sorry MS

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Will this update over clock my CPU again

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EA is all about the bejamin nobody is buying the Wii U right now the install base is too small for them to even consider making a game.

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The Wii U gets no love I feel like defending Nintendo but I realize is not worth it.

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When it comes to next gen I want less sequels is like every game that sells get a sequel every year, this time around I want developers to be more creative games like COD and AC are starting to get boring.

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Nintendo can always count on Ubisoft.

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if Nintendo wanna win E3 all they have to do is show ZeldaU and whatever Retro Studios is working on.

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even though i beat super metroid back when it first came out for snes i find it harder to play than metroid prime.

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EA just stop it hating on Nintendo is not gonna help reshape your image I think is obvious ya still mad about the origin thing

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Is too early to say the Wii U is dead if it continues to struggle after PS4 & next Xbox comes out u can pretty much say the Wii U is a failure.

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EA just giving ppl more reason to hate them

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I already know what to expect when it come to the 1st party games Im just hoping they announce some 3rd party worth getting excited about.

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I love every metroid game accept for the other M

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Open minded gamers be like I hate EA

Fanboys be like why EA not making games for the Wii U

Trolls be like Ha ha EA not Making games for the Wii U

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Love ZombieU even though the game is hard as fcck I'm hoping they add online multiplayer in the sequel.

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