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That got a nice ring to it #9.1
Kid Icarus for the Wii U Nintendo make it happen #7
Prediction no pokemon game for Wii u #3
I guess everyone who disagree is a troll #8.1
I don't care if my GF is better than me in video games as long she give it up at the end of the night #1
I sold my white Wii u just to get this bundle can't wait #4
trolls @ n4g be like

Waaaahhhhhh the Wii U only comes with 32gb waaaahhhhhh the Wii U is not next gen waaaahhhhhh the PS4 is $100 cheaper
Waaaahhhhhh the Wii remote feel so good in my a**hole #34
The Wii U will takeover this holiday season #10
Resident Evil 7 will probably be the last #9
If platinum do end up joining Nintendo I would like to see them make a new IP i want a mature game with alot of blood a game u wouldn't let your kids play. #18
What I wanna know is when the PS4 is coming out #21
All gonna say is ever since I bought my Wii U my Xbox 360 been collecting dust. #18
Why would I waste 400 bucks for a Wii U cause I can I work hard I make good money and so what I'm a fan boy u think u better cause u pre order ps4 I pre order one too.

U wanna come out and say the current line up is nonexistent try pikmin 3 W101 luigi U and many great games are on they way, unlike u I don't need to troll on Nintendo to feel cool. #5.2.1
I'm so thankful that I live in NYC I don't got to worry about shtt like this. #12
Don't blame video games blame the parents you can't be surprised if your 8 yrs old son is into violence if u gonna allow him to play COD all day, if your kid is too young to understand the difference between right and wrong then he should be playing a game made by Nintendo not a game that reward u for head shots. #10
Love this move Nintendo the Wii U will benefit from this #7
So what if the Wii U only comes with 32gb stop being cheap and buy a hard drive I payed 50 bucks for a 1tb HDD if u can't afford that than u be better of playing mobile games. #5
Great now this give politicians more of a reason to ban mature games #91
Everytime they're a new console u got a developer saying is not capable of doing this is not capable of doing that but then yet a couple years later they wanna change they tone, the way I see it the PS4 is more than capable of running 1080p 60fps on BF4 #26
Nintendo f*** up when they decided to call it Wii U it sound fun to say but it also sound stupid and confusing I still love u Nintendo. #19
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