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By keeping PS4 in stock.

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Fuck this game. Was going to get it for PS4 now going to wait till its £5 on a Steam sale.

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I'm not going to look at the list. I want to just watch Sony's E3 and enjoy the surprises.

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Does this game not have any HUD or crosshairs?

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I was super excited to play this at the PS4 launch. But the delay was very disappointing. When the game got its new release date and all the downgrade talk. I almost lost all interest in the game. But now I'm back on board and cant wait for release.

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I still want that feature Sony announced at the PS4 Meeting. Which is the ability to instantly try any game on PSN with Gaikai.

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How many people here are getting the 360 version? The game is out in a few weeks and we have not seen anything of it. Shouldn't that raise some alarm bells.

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I'm praying for the PC version to look like the trailers.


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I find it funny how within 1 day we have fanboy wars for VR.

VR is the one place we shouldn't have fanboys. Because we need both Morpheus and Oculus to be great and successful for great games/experiences to get developed.

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Yep your 100% correct. Sony didnt have $380m to buy Gaikai. Oh wait.

Or $2.2b in EMI Music Publishing.
Or $1.5b in Sony Ericsson.

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@Jughead3416 It's not just 3rd party devs. It's game engines and middleware.

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I'll be happy at £200-£250.

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More like late 2014.

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So MS releases it biggest game yet and sale increase. Sony manufacturers more PS4 and sales increase. What is PS4 sales going to be like with Infamous and MGS?

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How? Sony said they sold 6m as of March 2nd. These number are taken 1 day before. March 1st.

The PS4 is probably at 6.3m today but these numbers are from almost 2 weeks ago.

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I've been doing that with every Multiplatform game for about 4 years now. But alot of PS4 games almost hold there own to PC versions except for framerate. I even buy the PC version of games I get on PS+.

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I was getting this game at the PS4 launch before the delay. And was still planning on getting it on PS4, to have more games. But the downgrade is making me think twice. And now they say the PC looks like the 2012 footage. If true then I will get it for PC.

What a roller coaster.

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Still dont fully understand how Destiny works.

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@Brutallyhonest look again they have the PS4 at over 6m as of 1st March.

22nd FEB they had PS4 at 5,847,194
1st March 162,280

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'Will look like' but is not the E3 13 PS4 version.

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