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*I have no possibility

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I have possibility (or interest) in counting pixels. I'm simply saying look at the textures, character models, compared to the (obviously) PC-version displayed at E3.

I have not stated this is a downgrade, as they may be different platforms.

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Does this look as good/detailed as the E3 demo, though? :-/
Look closely...

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Hopefully it supports 1080p streams (wasn't the PS3 version limited to 720p?).

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Why not Unity 5? (or isn't 5 released yet, perhaps?)

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@Perjoss; perhaps I should have written "failed to convince me of the game´s worth", like opoikl did.

Like I said I liked Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and having played a decent amount of FPS games I know SOME can have a slow start, so I guess I kept waiting for something cool to happen.

Edit; Thanks for recommending opoikl, I´ll keep it in mind.

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After watching those 25mins, I have to say it failed to catch my interest. I liked Return To Castle Wolfenstein, but this seems a bit boring to me. Not intrigued by the opening/story so far, stiff and awkward animation/acting, And if THAT is running in Ultra? Sorry not impressed by the graphics.
I mean the cloth in the back of the airplane looks a bit old school, Uncharted 3 looks better. Also seems like there´s not many shadows to be seen.
How about some particles, bette...

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Spice Girls reunited!

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YES, I meant Similar too Netflix... other streaming apps... YouTube App perhaps.
Come on people :P

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I have to say something here - this game and all other games... why is it that water from the ground/cars always look like these round, pre-rendered "clounds" just popping in from nowhere? Really not very realistic or pretty.
(EDIT: and they clip through the car)

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In the future, may we hope for more apps, like perhaps Spotify, other apps like Netflix?

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Well this statement (OP) is gonna backfire... ha! popcorn.gif

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Can´t remember if I´ve entered hi, pick me :D Love from Norway.

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Will work on all Microsoft platforms? DX12 update for the 360?

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Well, Yes please! :)

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It´s such BS that this is happening. Judging from the IGN Livestream of Infamous: Second Son, THAT game looks like the PC-demo of Watch Dogs, FFS! If not better!

Oh well... waiting for the Digital Foundry analysis, should be an interesting read!

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So you´re telling me, I´ll get to plat Titanfall on my PS4, most likely in 1080p @ 60FPS?
This is great news! (rumor though).

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Very big grain of salt!!

I mean, why would they make a console that on paper trumphs the others in FLOPS, but still have LESS ram? (don´t care if it´s faster, it´s still less memory for textures etc...need a lot of memory for 4K games).

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