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How is that a Microsoft thing ? so the guy fucked up and Microsoft corrected him.Employees and bosses on both sides have been known to say or due dumb shit like Killzone 2 trailer was real also creating a fake site to promote the PSP etc . don't you guys act like MS is the first one to come up with backpedaling remember "Rumble is last gen" or Get a second job to buy a PS3 etc .smh #1.1.9
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I always plays as a female when given the choice if i got to play 100+ hours in a rpg i better spent the whole time looking at a chicks ass #1.1.11
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Imcomplete because of an extra follower because all the ones you had access to in the game were subpart smh .you entitled little brats drives me crazy sometimes #4.2
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No one with a PC cares about Killzone .A mediocre shooter .On the other hand i personally think whole Zelda franchise needs to make its way to PC .I'll go even further Nintendo needs to give up the console business and make all their games multiplatform.they'll make more money than they are making now #1.1.2
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Metal gear solid 5 demo for $40 .GT5 demo for $40 .So an expansion can be $60 with enough content if people are willing to pay for demos #1.1.5
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I don't get why it is embarrassing .who cares if it was announced as a Playstation exclusive .Everybody knows its multiplatform and since both XBOXONE AND PS4 aren't region lock .Japonese people can still get the XBOXONE version if they please . #1.1
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says everyone who purchased all the god of war collection ,shadow of the colossus remake ,kingdoms heart remake ,rachet and clink collection etc . #1.1.13
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Aren't these E3 conferences always sold out? was anybody expecting something different this year ? #1.1.6
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Don't be freaking Naive .it was indeed malicious .they didn't put backward compatibility because they want us to pay for gaikai ,it's that simple .Money before everything #1.1.12
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@TheGreatAndPowerful The PS3 benefited from an early price drop and it was a 100 plus discount ,i think MS can survive a $50 hit without breaking a sweat.Also for those who haven't realise it yet the $50 discount is an unofficial price drop, MS is just waiting for E3 to make it official. #1.1.10
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@cleft5 this is more to help the target brand . they suffered greatly after they got hacked that one of the way ,they trying to get customers back and a $50 reduction is hardly an act of desperation ,Its just good business since the ps3 had took a $100 plus markdown to compete with the 360 back in the day .Cant wait to see what the holiday discounts are going to be like i might get both consoles for under $600 #1.1.4
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@kayoss MS doesnt charge you to use your own internet ,they charge you to use their Xboxlive service ,Just like Sony is doing with PSN.If you want to skip the middleman for your multiplayer needs you have a PC for that .
Also i'm no fanboys I've own every consoles since the PS2 .Haven't made the jump to Next next gen because none of the consoles are worth the price tag for the moment . #1.1.9
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@Joe913 "Prologue" was a PS3 exclusive so i'm right for blaming them if they had put their foot down ,we wouldn't be in this mess.Xbox fanboys shut down MS real quick with their always online bullshit but you guys keep and screwed and loving it . Even thought this game is multiplatform we all know it will sell better on Playstation . Charging for demos is a new low . #1.1.8
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Agreed the price should be free .I blame everyone that purchased "prologue" . Seriously you Sony fanboys drop the ball on this one ,too busy talking shit about Xbox .clean your own house first. SMDH #1.1.1
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EA isn't The worse Company in America ,APPLE is with their 50 versions for the same phone. #1.2.2
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So giving people choices is mixed signals what about SONY bundling a crappy headphone with the PS4 and releasing a $100 alternative .what do you call that ? i'm dying to know . #1.1.8
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I never thought that would see the day where people would believe an anonymous leaker over the people that actually is making the damn game .I've seen it all . I need to cancel my N4G account before i get infected with a huge dose of STUPIDITY #1.2.2
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You people always focus on the negative when it comes to MS .Nevermind the fact that both consoles are neck in neck in sales even when SONY is out in more territories .Never mind the fact that the XBOX is a success despite all that was said, but noooo let's talk about how 9000.000 xbox went unsold .We all know that most gamers including me haven't made the jump to the new Hardware yet because there's no must have games right now .There's no reason to pick up a XBOX 1 or a PS4... #1.1.24
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Everyone got an opinion about how much a game should cost because all of you are aware of how much it cost to make a game of course . You know the exact budget,the exact man hours,the salaries of everyone working on the game and how good the game is or isn't .
Verdict nothing more than $30

Bravo to all of you ,i didn't know i was surrounded by industry leaders .SMFH #1.1.1
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