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you guys are worst than conspiracy nuts

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Any amount of console sold in Japon is a win for MS .its not really a market where they expect to sell plenty of consoles.its Pretty much win win for MS,they got nothing to lose .

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I've never pre-ordered any game ever .that's a useless practice IMO but unlike you guys my experience with the destiny Beta was very enjoyable .Being primarily an XBOX gamer, Bungie always have my money day one . I already purchased my XBOXONE and preloaded Destiny now i'm just waiting for the servers to be active .For those of you still on the fence just wait for the reviews and friends feedback .I rarely buy a game at lunch ,nothing wrong with waiting a few weeks before making a...

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Isn't 40gb the average size for nextgen games? titanfall was 35gb i think and this has a lot more contents so in a way it's quite small .Anyway i'm one of the people getting the digital guardian edition and a brand new XBONE so i'll have plenty of storage for my first game purchase

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if you can't make 5 friends by the time you hit Lvl 20 ,you one antisocial freak and no should feel sorry for you . Seriously who bitches about the fact that they have to make 5 friends .that's just sad

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XboxOne just came out how many deals are you expecting to find? These Next-gen consoles barely have any games .you going to need to wait a year or two before more deals are available .

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I was going to get this but its coming out too late . I need my destiny fix .if it was coming out in September instead of October it would've been a done deal, but spending 2 months waiting will destiny is in the wild is impossible.Too bad thou i never had a white console .

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So far this game just feels like a reskinned demon souls .probably wont buy it ,it will be free soon enough on ps plus

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Didn't uncharted steal from Tomb raider and Indiana Jones?

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Microsoft is banking on it with Tomb Raider 2015 exclusivity .
Sony is banking on it with DESTINY timed exclusive content and bundle .

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Sony has become the indie console .I'm not sure people wants to pay $400 to play indie games ,i sure don't .As far as i'm concern MS won again tomb raider exclusivity and quantum break stole the show .Last not also forget SMITE coming to xboxone ,the first MOBA on console it could be huge

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Of course its a timed exclusive

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it's a damn MMO ,why would they give you the option for private games?

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why you need matchmaking ? can't you make friends in the game on your own ? they already said that the raids will be demanding so you need to find and befriend people you see are good at the game .Or crazy thought get 5 of your friend to play the damn game with you . it's sad when people bitch about having to make friends on your their own

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How is that a Microsoft thing ? so the guy fucked up and Microsoft corrected him.Employees and bosses on both sides have been known to say or due dumb shit like Killzone 2 trailer was real also creating a fake site to promote the PSP etc . don't you guys act like MS is the first one to come up with backpedaling remember "Rumble is last gen" or Get a second job to buy a PS3 etc .smh

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I always plays as a female when given the choice if i got to play 100+ hours in a rpg i better spent the whole time looking at a chicks ass

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Imcomplete because of an extra follower because all the ones you had access to in the game were subpart smh .you entitled little brats drives me crazy sometimes

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No one with a PC cares about Killzone .A mediocre shooter .On the other hand i personally think whole Zelda franchise needs to make its way to PC .I'll go even further Nintendo needs to give up the console business and make all their games multiplatform.they'll make more money than they are making now

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Metal gear solid 5 demo for $40 .GT5 demo for $40 .So an expansion can be $60 with enough content if people are willing to pay for demos

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