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I agree I was expecting much more. What happened Capacom? #2
The future of interactive gaming for me involves me sitting in my recliner with a controller in my hand, not moving or yelling voice commands at my TV. Nice and lazy. #3
Same ole from 2K, PS3 has better anti-alising, 360 has more realistic colors/shadows. What he said above basically. #2
Who is to blame? Capcom and the idiots that buy the same fighting game over and over. #1
Man this game looks sick!! I can't wait to play this on PS3. #1
Xbox always wins DiRT H2H's. But keep in mind Codemasters isn't the best developer either. #2
Its been a while since the 360 looked better in one of these comparisons but I think it gets the nod here. Game looks crazy. #2
That only applies if your a fanboy and your preferred console doesn't win their latest head2head. #12.3
Ill tell you what does suck. No demos, add ons, and I cant get my old school Ermac skin. Other than that I will survive until the PSN is restored. #2
This should surely give us a bar to measure the NGP with. Could be a good or very bad thing for Sony. #5
I was totally gearing up for Crytek to screw up one of these versions but they did a great job. I'm impressed. #16
How did this post even get approved let alone reach 1000 degrees. All you idiots fighting over one image. Unbelievable. #58
Loved this game, but the glitches hinder my experience. #1
Maybe the post was a bit difficult for you to understand.Unfortunately for the PS3 it was crushed this time. Fortunately for the PS3, I'll be playing the MK demo instead. #2
Bulletstorm is a super fun game, but no way would I have played it if that idiot Soul Train was one of the space pirates. #3
OMG that was horrendous comparison. Do yourself a favor and check out this one instead.


PS3 version looks better IMO. #8
Actually the buttons and move sets are almost identical to the original MK. Front and back are basically high and low. Scorpion's moves are actually identical to MK4. B,B, punch for spear,and QC back for teleport and leg sweep. Even the combos are eerily similar to MK3. Can't wait for April 19th. #10
Why the hell do they need to adjust contrast. Thats manipulating the image. Anyway, its been proven that developers intentionally make the Xbox 360 version look darker in contrast. Read this article.

http://www.lensoftruth.com/... #1.3
finish him #11
Are you sure you're not playing in 480p. The game looks awesome. Can't wait for April 19th #10.1
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