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I am just going to enjoy the game.

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Its not great if a company has no competition.

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Minecraft is all about community and it would be unwise of microsoft to cut off a large amount of it.

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The money is going to keep rolling in. I don't think Rockstar are anywhere near worried about it becoming a flop.

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For me Bungie was a developer who created great storyline and a Destiny is a bit of a shock because the campaign just isn't great. The multiplayer is really good and I enjoy it but I don't know how long I will remain interested in it.

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I think that it would be wrong to award game of the year to a remastered game.

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It's a great game that is let down by the story.

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I'm sure that it will sway some people.

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The best console to get it on is the one that is most suited to you.

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There would be a lack of innovation and a loss to gamers.

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That's not going to happen because activision relies on its success.

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You really do need to get your facts right before you make such a comment.

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Ryse didn't sell we'll because it wasn't a great game. If it was it would have sold a lot more than it did.

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Not too bad, But very low numbers on the 360 side.

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Crimson dragon and strike suit zero are definitely not great games but games with gold had both guacamelee and max the curse of brother hood which were two good games. I'm sure as the selection and quality of xbox one games increases, games with gold will only get better. At the moment there aren't that many games to chose from.

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I really enjoyed the crucible part of the beta as it incorporates what is love about halos multiplayer. I'm not sold on the missions yet though, to me its hard to judge a game on the first few missions. In sure that as the story unravels more I will start to enjoy them.

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The halo ring was meant to be destroyed...hmm....

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You would have thought that they would have staggered the release of the beta, so that people aren't all trying to download at the same time.

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Surely this is just wasted developer talent. They just seem to lack the imagination to create something great.

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