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god of war 2 scored 9.7 not 9.4

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They gave Killzone 2 9/10

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Duplicate story .............who approved this article ??????

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why he didnt say anything about multiplayer ?

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this is very very old ( posted December 8, 2004 )

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gt favor xbox since ps2 the new thing is gt say this to the public
and i think they are paid by Microsoft to say that to get the people attention away from Killzone ( the best game this generation by all means) they fear that wii and xbox users will shift to ps3 (the true next gen)

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just to make xbox fans happy

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why the article is in xbox site not a ps3 site (its a ps3 problem )?

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there are many reviews giving the game 6/6 or 5/5 or 9.7
but not present in metacritic page

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