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It's also an opinion.

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Yeah, I think they'd make a killing if WE could create our own themed Xbox One consoles.

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Now that would be pretty sweet to do!

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I do agree with you. For one it's... Hey pick a few colors, add your name or gamertag. Hopefully they do elite controllers at some point.

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You and me both! Having it leak a while back as downloadable and seeing friends playing killed me.

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Yeah, we had that too, but I gave our reviewer the PS Vita version. I'm hearing 3DS doesn't keep up.

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Not a bad list! Which is #1 and which is #5?

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The MP and Snap severs weren't online until midnight.

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As someone who is reviewing the game as well. No one got a copy until today.

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Sorry, but REVIEW COPIES didn't even go out to press until today. I say N4G should push this review off front page. This site most likely put in a few hours of playing and rushed a review.

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Yeah, it is very interesting why they're doing it this late.

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Yes, as of yesterday

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I enjoyed it! It's something worth checking out.

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Because it's something we all want, but will never get. However, we have Hand of Fate 2!

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Not all the time!

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Not sure either, but I'm happy some are finding these. The drop rate on high-end items is low already.

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Yes, but the reward is good.

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Well for all we know they could still do that. They did it was the other Star Wars Lego games.

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Many sites were at GDC and WB invited sites and others to come check out the game. The embargo on hands-on previews went up today, but this doesn't mean press who got hands-on were able to play the full game. We will not get review copies until much later.

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Not really shocked someone did this so quickly.

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