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Pretty sure I'm googling all over, and the last time "Nintendo Mag" was published even in the UK was 2014. Are we sure this isn't just a rumor right now? While it was posted in a "Magazine" I don't see any other "Nintendo" magazine that's official.

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Yeah, glad he's working to bring it to Xbox One.

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The 10th Rider, most likely the people clicking disagree are the ones that don't own a Switch?

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If I could reply with gifs I would. I've noticed that as well on reviews. Guess people are shocked another Switch game is being released?

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I do agree with you Neon. At first myself, I wasn't sure how this game would be. My writer Adam who went to E3 got hands on with this game and loved it. As for Alex who reviewed this game, there hasn't been a day since review copy came in that he couldn't stop talking about the game itself. All these quality games after quality games are making me quite happy to see.

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DeepSilver is publishing in EU.

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While they did report it being delayed and so forth. Guess reaching out to SEGA isn't one of their strong points. I wrote a post reporting that while this site said it's delayed and with a date. SEGA made a comment to say there is no delay....

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As for that site they NEVER reached out so SEGA. I did... They have NEVER said a date. How many times have we simply had Amazon say a random date and it never is that date.

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I went with that as well, while the one who wrote this above got the basic.

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@81BX, I heard some stores didn't even know the SKU # for the Neon. I had to start telling people what the number was, which they ran back and got the Neon.

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Clickbait at its finest!

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Yeah, my store only had 10 of those and 24 of the basic.

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Yeah, but Perfect World Ent. picked up the company, so now it's doing better.

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You may think it's worth a 10, but sometimes a game you hope is a 10 may not be a 10 in the end.

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Well the game above only featured the single player and as simply a remaster, the story is known and in the end it's an opinion on what he thought about the game in detail.

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You mean hardly dress, right? This is what makes me sick that some "cosplayers" think they have to be half dressed to be a cosplayer.

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Ugh her. No problem with the interview or site, but she's a chick who simply goes pay me and send me gifts for my half dressed pictures. I'd rather go to PlayBoy and look at those pictures.

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N4G bugged out on my end it seems. I DID put 4.5.... Going to submit a ticket now. Didn't catch this until you just posted.

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