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While they did report it being delayed and so forth. Guess reaching out to SEGA isn't one of their strong points. I wrote a post reporting that while this site said it's delayed and with a date. SEGA made a comment to say there is no delay....

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As for that site they NEVER reached out so SEGA. I did... They have NEVER said a date. How many times have we simply had Amazon say a random date and it never is that date.

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I went with that as well, while the one who wrote this above got the basic.

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@81BX, I heard some stores didn't even know the SKU # for the Neon. I had to start telling people what the number was, which they ran back and got the Neon.

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Clickbait at its finest!

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Yeah, my store only had 10 of those and 24 of the basic.

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Yeah, but Perfect World Ent. picked up the company, so now it's doing better.

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You may think it's worth a 10, but sometimes a game you hope is a 10 may not be a 10 in the end.

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Well the game above only featured the single player and as simply a remaster, the story is known and in the end it's an opinion on what he thought about the game in detail.

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You mean hardly dress, right? This is what makes me sick that some "cosplayers" think they have to be half dressed to be a cosplayer.

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Ugh her. No problem with the interview or site, but she's a chick who simply goes pay me and send me gifts for my half dressed pictures. I'd rather go to PlayBoy and look at those pictures.

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N4G bugged out on my end it seems. I DID put 4.5.... Going to submit a ticket now. Didn't catch this until you just posted.

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I added the video of what all happened.

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Nice one!

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No problem! I'll be recording the building of the PC today. Just need to make sure I'm good to go in terms of I have everything ready on my end.

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This will be when it's done. This is just part 1 of an ongoing series in which there will be video as well.

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You do know your account can get kicked from N4G for that, right?

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Yeah, I mean I do have one friend who has a small work around, but it took him 10 accounts to map one area. As for my area it did take 5 before, now it's going to take 30 to map out.

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I agree! I've been tweeting like crazy today to him and company. Heck, they happen to be looking for a Community Manager. If I applied and got hired I'd tell them what stupid asses they happen to be with these IDEAS.

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Phub at times sends out gaming relates stats. Example: They sent out a press release a while back about an increase of people looking up Overwatch, where from and why and which character had the most searches too.

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