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Hmmm, even though I am excited for Portal 2, and even though I do own 2 Move controllers, I think I'd rather play it with my normal controller.

But that does explain the Portal 2 gameplay vid we all saw from CES. The aiming controls looked like they were done with a bounding box.

Edit @ below, quoted from the article
"As of right, and to my knowledge, Valve has only shown off Portal 2 with Playstation Move and Intel’s new motion control Raze...

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If there is mod/patch support to patch up some of the game's issues (like the magical 120-day fast-forward at the end of the game) then I may be tempted to pick it up.

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Oh c'mon. I hardly think Kinect can be to blame for injuries.

If anything, it shows that people are out of shape. If you are in shape and have no debilitating bone diseases or something, then there is NOTHING that Wii, Kinect, or Move ask you to do that runs ANY risk of hurting your body.

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No "realistic modern shooter" has surpassed the detail of the Soldier of Fortune series.


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Both MS and Sony actually showed off some cool non-gaming stuff. On Sony's side, them showing off the 3D picture camera (w built-in 3D screen) and the 3D video camcorder (w built-in 3D screen) has convinced me that the PSP2 will have a 3D screen.

My favorite part of Microsoft's conference was the "table PC" with 20-touch capability. I'd love it if Microsoft focused on these sorts of things instead of the console market.

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Though these aren't at the top of my list, I see no problem with a personalized 3D HD setup. Imagine lying comfortably on your bed, plugging in your PS3, and playing some Uncharted 3 on the equivalent of a 60"+ screen.

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This is bad.

Dead Rising 2 was three games. There was the Case Zero prequel, and then the Case West epilogue. What the heck?

Anyone remember the good ol' days when you bought a game and it was actually the full game?

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This article was totally stolen from CNN.

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I disagree with GTA4 being on that list, but otherwise a really good list! Personally I would have put Starcraft II or the latest STALKER (Call of Prypriat?) on there but not everyone enjoys PC games.

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The bets that gamers want are new IPs. Please make THOSE sort of bets, Microsoft, like you used to.

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Yessir. Flamebait at its toastiest.

Next up:

"Sony's list of 2011 exclusives means zero zilch nada. Multiplatform games are all people care about."

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The game looks great. Hopefully we'll see some media coverage on it once the week it out.

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Assassin's Creed I can agree with, but GoW3?

Not hating the game. I loved it. However, the story was not exactly a strong point, nor was the dialog. GoW3 can be summed up as follows.

"Kratos, welcome to DIE!"
"Zeus, I will have my revenge!"
"Kratos, please save me! I have the power to defeat Zeus!"

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The MAJOR difference is that Microsoft has been known - on several occasions I might add - to "stuff the channels" with their product at the end of the fiscal year to make their numbers look good. That's why several times there were "x million" 360s sold at the end of December, but when March rolled around, strangely that number had not increased.

So, when they force millions and millions of units of their product on retailers and those units sit in wa...

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Ugghhh. Marketing...

Don't get me wrong: I have nothing against good games getting more exposure, but a "marketing blitz" always rubs me the wrong way.

It reminds me of my days managing at Gamestop when we would be told "okay, such-and-such game is coming out and YOU ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! THIS NEEDS TO BECOME YOUR FAVORITE UPCOMING GAME SO WE CAN GET PRE-ORDERS!" *shudder* That's what a "marketing blitz" reminds me of....

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Oh Examiner.

You're simply telling us something that the perceptive amongst us have known for quite some time.

But honestly, (and PLEASE READ before you click disagree), the con isn't whether or not reviews are bribed, advertised, etc.

The biggest issue is that somewhere down the line, gamers rolled over, surrendered their opinions, and put their gaming opinions in the hands of "professional" journalists.

I ...

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The reason why sold to retailers vs. sold to consumers is even an issue is this:

Several times in the 360's history, Microsoft has stuffed the channels. They claim "x million sold!" in December, and then for some odd reason, it's still "x million sold!" IN MARCH OF THE NEXT YEAR.

Microsoft has a well-documented and proven history of stuffing the retail channels, claiming those sold numbers, while millions and...

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Comparisons are almost never useful. The differences between games are typically blown far out of proportion. The tired excuse of "oh, but this is for people who own both consoles!" is crap. People get the game on whatever system they want. My buddy owns a PS3 and a 360 and is getting Dead Space 2 on 360 simply because he played the previous game on 360.

Instead of game comparisons, point out glitches. I don't care if the PS3 version has a slightly faster framer...

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Microsoft fans want to talk GAMES, not Kinect nor tablets.

Or they want to talk sales instead of games. One of those two.

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"For video game junkies, blockbuster titles like Cold War-era shooter "Call of Duty: Black Ops" and post-apocalyptic role-player "Fallout: New Vegas" make 2010 a hard act to follow."



*wipes away tear*


Wow, those are the two games that makes 2010 a hard act to follow? Sorry, but no. 2011 is going to be awesome, btw.

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