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Good interview,and the Move looks like it's working well.I really hope the original P2 gets a compatibility patch. #1
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The glasses part interests me.Anyone remember CES 09? they did a stage demo and showed off glasses that had screens in them.
2 min mark

I'm sure the tech has improved by now,and they should be able to do 3D.Could be interesting if NGP can stream to them.And while the pics look funky,it could make a move style device work.
With the glasses on you... #20
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It's a licence thing with production cars,it will either respawn (best action) or self right.
If it stayed on it's roof it would be classed as immobilized,and manufactures don't allow that on road cars,especially when the aim is realism. #3.3
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Is this from the gamescom build they had on the first day,or the updated build on the second day?They changed it after the press conference. #6
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Think their uploading more cars and tracks soon. #3
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weather trailer in 720p #10
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"So maybe they could have put the previous F1 cars but not the 2010 models"

This is true,they go directly to the teams and license the car from them. #6.1.2
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"and the 3DS is a 3D gamecube"
No,Kojima has said they were using PS3 level models in the MGS demo at E3.not possible on a cube.

"Overall, Kojima was pleased with the response the demo received at the press event and on the show floor, but he did have some reservations. "The thing is that it's hard to get a lot of feedback from players, because only so many of them could physically play the title at the event," he said. "I was hoping to shape our future direction for the game based... #2.2.1
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True,I think that's why the most impressive stuff shown at E3 used those values as the on screen character,as opposed a 3d model such as avatars. #26.1
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Couldn't find if it's been submitted already,so I put it up anyway.Apologies if it's already on here. #1
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Super Stardust 3D: 720p,120fps confirmed

:) #1.2.9
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They don't need a new engine,the engine has been designed to take advantage of future hardware.This is one reason it's taken so long.Here's an example of how it's able to run across 4 ps3's.


This demo was run at 3840×2160 and we've seen how good it look in those res levels

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Been saying that for years,that's the point.Get at that level and port them up onto new hardware,add next gen lighting,AA,higher res,advanced shaders,full lod quality during all game-play,and they will easily pass. #16.1
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glad dynamic weather is in #1.2.1
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This is old,it's from the GT TT qualifying stuff a few months back,it's got names like GTP-Dave who were at the event #9
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Grow up dude,I'm not here to spread fake links and info

I took your link cut out the gb/news/d13413.html so it takes you to the region selection,choose united states,click special article and there's my link.Try it yourself,

GT5 is my most anticipated game behind Zelda.I'm running league's,regular on GT planet,bought this 2020d ago by GVON | View comment
Could you provide a link to the official PD statement that says all standard cars have a cockpit cam during gameplay.That *Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views. was added on the 28th

you can PM me or edit above as you've no bubbles left. #1.2.8
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*Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views.

Old news now.


disagree all you want,but at i've accepted it.I just look at in regards GT on PS4.
All premiums will work and look photo real with the extra res,lighting and other next gen effects.i'd rather see a short term compromise now,over... #1.2.6
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Not got plus,in it's current offering I wont be subscribing.

Not sure the need for the live vs + comparisons,a more realistic comparison would be silver vs Psn.The reason being,you get so little with silver,the added value with gold looks huge.
On the Psn side,the value of + (amazing if your a new user or haven't bought much) feels less because you already get somuch without paying for anything. #12
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Msoft only part owned bungle otherwise they couldn't buy back the shares,the same way nintendo part owned RARE.
Sony fully own ND,so if ND were buying themselves out,it would be like Sony paying buying themselves out, #20.3
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