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$200 is $200 more than anyone should pay for Call of Duty games :P

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Hey look at it this way, the made the choice easy. For me at least :)

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Dominating Makrets ftw!

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What's there in a name? :P

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Anonymous ‏(@YourAnonNews) 4h ago
"We have no idea what XBL's issues are. Never good to store CC info though. @kyledale_4 Are you guys advising us to take our cc info off XBL?"

Guess they denied it, and the source in the article isn't an "official" Anonymous source. Just a guy with around 1.5k followers.

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Very true. I pulled out half my hair reviewing this.

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Love it! Splitscreen has to be epic!

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I totally agree! I am not sayi I liked the game too, and I am sure there will be a sequel, its a shame they didn't achieve the sales target though, this game deserved it.

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Each to his own i guess, it is an opinion piece after all :)

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It does borrow a LOT from Uncharted, but then again, when Uncharted came out it was dubbed 'Dude Raider'. I love Uncharted but Tomb Raider did have some features that were nice like level progression and so on, but the multiplayer was terrible!

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Didn't get any both times :(

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