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The gameplay in skyward sword is great. But like in school, it has less to do with the subject, and more with how it's taught.

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this is one of those games that is super unique and beautiful, but like most games of it's generation, it holds my hand too much for me

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this was my favorite part of the conference

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you've only made me want to back him more

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honestly, I was hoping this one just wouldn't even try, not because i don't want an open world game with a story, but with open world games, it's sometimes like multiplayer for tomb raider. you can tell the only reason it's there is because they're scared of what reception will be if it's not there, but in the end it only took money and resources away from tomb raider's campaign
a story means they're going to have to design around it, which is fine if w...

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i don't know what's up with people thinking uncharted's combat is average, it's one of the game's strong points. same with last of us. To me the combat in those games stands out as much as the presentation, but everybody I see counts it as a weakness, I don't understand

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I hate it when people focus on the things games do wrong instead of the things games do right, you don't have to love every game, and it's okay to have complaints.

It seems to me though, that most people (voicing there opinions) choose to view this game as a defective battlefront 2, or a defective battlefield 4, or a defective whatever game they happened to enjoy most recently.

That's the whole idea to being open-minded, seeing what things someth...

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doesn't matter if i don't have to, other people can and it's a multiplayer feature they're using it in.There is no point to a multiplayer game where players can be put at an advantage or disadvantage depending on how much the spend on the game., what if sports were like that, you pay enough money to the referee and get goal insurance, even if you don't do it, what's to say the other team wont

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i'd rather have all the player base on one game so it doesn't go out quicker

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In a world where there are a billion quality free to play games, where I can buy some last gen games, that i know are amazing and I still haven't played for less than $10 bucks, and where steam sales happen. I have realized that looking at quantity as one of my main reasons to get a game, for me, is a bad habit.

Pretend you're like me, and you live at your parents house, they're loaded with food, but you still go out to eat, are you going to go to the place with t...

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why esrb? what does esrb stand for, because to me that means video game ratings

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i don't think video game violence leads directly to real violence. But I also think there is something wrong with most depictions of graphic violence in any art form. It's not a video game thing, but that being said, I wont play games like god of war, or wolfenstein the new order the same reason i won't watch most r rated movies.

And it's not because I "can't handle it" either, I would enjoy playing those games gore and all. It's more of a pe...

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but that's the problem isn't it, open world games nowadays aren't designed around a playground, they have that main mission,side mission, but you have to do the main missions to get more things, structure. You have to fight against what the game wants you to do to really enjoy them

that's still fun, but imagine how great just cause 2 for instance would be if there were no missions, or story for that matter, and you simply started on the streets with nothing b...

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i haven't played either of those games, but as for open-world games in general, I couldn't agree more, they often times feel more linear then actually linear games

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okay, lets put it this way, both tomb raider(original+new) and uncharted were influenced by indiana jones. the new tomb raider(the last one) was heavily influenced by uncharted, while uncharted had little to no influence coming from tomb raider(original). not saying it's wrong tomb raider was influenced by uncharted, that's just what happens when you enjoy an awesome game and make one yourself i guess.

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seriously like the coolest thing i've been to, it was like going to e3, but just playstation

not that i know what e3 is really like, but honestly the best

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I'm totally fine with women being main characters in video games.

But I hate this idea that to make men and women equal we have to have women and men characters in interchangeable roles, to show that there's no real difference, and that the only difference in us is our body type.

I don't think that's true, I think we have different roles. Equality isn't sameness, we're different but we balance each other out.


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violence in games and movies can't really be measured by how much, and what kind of violence is happening.

for instance, violence in the arkham games has always felt more violent with the breaking of arms and legs and bad guys howling on the ground then uncharted, which lets you kill people by slapping them with a fish, even though you're technically killing tons of dudes in uncharted, i think arkham games are still more graphic despite the fact that you don't ki...

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i'm just gonna assume the esrb is wising up more than halo is cutting back

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I spend more time replaying games like uncharted over and over again then I do playing through games built to last long amounts just once.

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