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okay, lets put it this way, both tomb raider(original+new) and uncharted were influenced by indiana jones. the new tomb raider(the last one) was heavily influenced by uncharted, while uncharted had little to no influence coming from tomb raider(original). not saying it's wrong tomb raider was influenced by uncharted, that's just what happens when you enjoy an awesome game and make one yourself i guess. #4
seriously like the coolest thing i've been to, it was like going to e3, but just playstation

not that i know what e3 is really like, but honestly the best #15
I'm totally fine with women being main characters in video games.

But I hate this idea that to make men and women equal we have to have women and men characters in interchangeable roles, to show that there's no real difference, and that the only difference in us is our body type.

I don't think that's true, I think we have different roles. Equality isn't sameness, we're different but we balance each other out.

What'... #1
violence in games and movies can't really be measured by how much, and what kind of violence is happening.

for instance, violence in the arkham games has always felt more violent with the breaking of arms and legs and bad guys howling on the ground then uncharted, which lets you kill people by slapping them with a fish, even though you're technically killing tons of dudes in uncharted, i think arkham games are still more graphic despite the fact that you don't ki... #8.1
i'm just gonna assume the esrb is wising up more than halo is cutting back #3
I spend more time replaying games like uncharted over and over again then I do playing through games built to last long amounts just once. #1.3
i mutilate the bodies #19
yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesy esyes #4
if killing people in videogames made you a murderer, then wouldn't playing as the opposite sex make you transgender...... #18
when you know the lowest points in your conference were during assassin's creed, and call of duty presentations, you were doing it right #23
ewwww, cinematic trailer, gross

whatever, dishonored 2 = awesome #9
single-player shooters returning! so happy! #17
ooooooooh yaeaaaahasdljhfoaswdtiujawoi!! !! #2
except for a few moments, this was too fake to not be lame #3
the m rating begins to make a bit more sense #9
my lack of faith in the esrb was destroyed when terraria was rated what they think of as a pg-13 equivalent, and edf 2025 was rated r, seriously wtf

edf 2025 should have been rated e10 in my book. it's more appropriate than every teen game i can think of, except maybe terraria, and even then, I'm not sure

also according to esrb, dark souls is rated r, halo is rated r, batman arkham knight is rated r, diablo 3 is rated r, the first resistance was rate... #18
i actually agree with his reasons, except i still think they can be great for telling stories, and i think games like tlou got it right to a large degree #18

lol, that's not how opinions work. because they're opinions they don't have the right to not be right or wrong, they should just be respected (aka listened to), they can be disagreed with. disagreeing with someone's opinion is an opinion, aka, the fact that it's an opinion doesn't really matter. #1.1.3
oh my goodness, i've seen a trillion more beautiful scenes in games, and in the witcher 3 #5
uncharted 2, last of us, journey, mgs4 #17
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