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yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesy esyes #4
if killing people in videogames made you a murderer, then wouldn't playing as the opposite sex make you transgender...... #18
when you know the lowest points in your conference were during assassin's creed, and call of duty presentations, you were doing it right #23
ewwww, cinematic trailer, gross

whatever, dishonored 2 = awesome #9
single-player shooters returning! so happy! #17
ooooooooh yaeaaaahasdljhfoaswdtiujawoi!! !! #2
except for a few moments, this was too fake to not be lame #3
the m rating begins to make a bit more sense #9
my lack of faith in the esrb was destroyed when terraria was rated what they think of as a pg-13 equivalent, and edf 2025 was rated r, seriously wtf

edf 2025 should have been rated e10 in my book. it's more appropriate than every teen game i can think of, except maybe terraria, and even then, I'm not sure

also according to esrb, dark souls is rated r, halo is rated r, batman arkham knight is rated r, diablo 3 is rated r, the first resistance was rate... #18
i actually agree with his reasons, except i still think they can be great for telling stories, and i think games like tlou got it right to a large degree #18

lol, that's not how opinions work. because they're opinions they don't have the right to not be right or wrong, they should just be respected (aka listened to), they can be disagreed with. disagreeing with someone's opinion is an opinion, aka, the fact that it's an opinion doesn't really matter. #1.1.3
oh my goodness, i've seen a trillion more beautiful scenes in games, and in the witcher 3 #5
uncharted 2, last of us, journey, mgs4 #17
probably because they want to build up hype instead of just showing it now and letting they hype die out a bit, it doesn't matter how confident they are in their product, we have to be looking forward to something, and the fact that they showed a cinematic trailer in engine is far more then we usually get from a reveal for a game, which is just a straight CGI.

And they showed gameplay to the press and a few fans right off the bat, and i'm not sure but I think they le... #2.3
it's quality over quantity, if it was space battles and content you really wanted, then to you star wars elite squadron was the best battlefront had to offer, and the first game was a failure.

Battlefront was awesome because of it's quality, and I'd rather have dice focus and make the best ground battles we've seen in battlefront, and leave space battles for the inevitable sequel, then spread the quality thin and leave us with battlefront 2 with better graphic... #4.1.1
or they can just show you what you want to see (gameplay footage) and not talk about all the dangerous stuff and let you learn about that when you've already pre-ordered the game and reviews come in #6.1
If anything, I was excited to hear that they were cutting things. A game just looking for money would do exactly what the past games did with better graphics and physics, it would sell great, and you wouldn't get this kind of complaining.

When the developers decide to cut out space battles, and make the at-at's not fully controllable mean that they're putting what they see fits the game best before what they know would easily please the fan-base. And while i'm... #5.2
i don't care, the original battlfronts were supposed to be star wars skinned battlefield for consoles, so be that again if you want #4
what does the title of this news post mean? #7
I recently bought battlefront 2, and there's no single player there, there was never any variation of battlefront that I would consider a single player campaign, just playing multiplayer with bots. Some modes spice it up a bit like galactic conquest, and campaign adds lame objectives but is fun because you're beating levels and whatnot, but your still just are going through playing multiplayer matches with bots, what are people talking about? I'm not going to get this because of n... #8
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