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Considered me excited for this game, but games need to stop being able to use e3 awards in their trailers they're pointless, look at how many watch dogs got

also getting this on ps3, don't want to pay for online until i have to. #10
site says sept 3rd #3
I never played the original, and i want to, but i'm sure it's not unlike dead space 2 (which i did play) in that it's "scary and disturbing" the whole time. That's one of the things that made dead space 2 less scary.

You see, in generally happy movies, games, and books. Having some dark moments thrown in actually makes the happy moments happier. Just because you're making a happy movie doesn't mean you don't want anything dark in it.
sure, it's terrifying, but games are long, and alot of the reason that indie horrors are so great is because they work for a short amount of time.
If the game does stuff like this for 12 hours straight, by then end it won't have an effect on me.
I'm just saying, with kojima onboard, let's hope they'll break it up with more lighthearted, less intense gameplay and story, so that it's scary until the end. #8
i don't think you ever kill them #4.2
here's why it's a problem. Xbox can have quantum break, and halo, and gears etc... But they don't own square enix as a developer, and they didn't make this game, they basically took a game from all the non-xbox fans that would otherwise be a multiplat #22
Yeah it is, have quantum break and halo, those are your games, but don't buy out games that would otherwise be multi-plat, that's stealing(not actually but you understand) #26
i actually disagree. it has great visuals, narrative, soundtrack, and basically everything light diego said. But it holds you hand way too much, to the point that it isn't enjoyable for me. #12
i always loved move. i cry for it weekly #12
i consider wow like gaming junk food. #15
i'm calling it, until dawn was supposed to be a first person psmove horror game. the only way it'd come out this late is if it's for ps4, and the only way people are going to play psmove on ps4 is with psmorpheus.

Until Dawn has been adapted for VR (morpheus) #1.2
i can skyrim anywhere with wifi now, take whatever money you want
:44 is so corny and funny #6
people getting mad about this seriously have problems. Realize that this is coming out a year after the initial game. most big games come out with goty editions that cost $60 dollars with all the dlc a year after they come out. This is like that but they also Made it into a freaking remaster, 30fps 720p into 60fps 1080p. And then they cut off ten dollars and people are still complaining. it's a steal people #16
seriously, YES! animal moments in video games are always my favorite, like i really shouldn't be as excited as i am for this detail #10
uh, this is like making a live-action film adaptation of an anime show, not in the way that it's bad, but why not keep the original actors and make it cg like the game? #7
greatest fps since resistance 3, alot of similairities #21
what?! they took out the gore censor! i was really hoping they'd finish what they started and add a language censor or something. unfortunately without both of those i won't be playing this again when it comes out #17
that's not how news works #3.2
i couldn't help but giggle a bit when i heard joel cry in japanese, i'm sure the voice actor did a good job, i'm just so used to american joel, it seemed like an anime spoof of tlou or something

wait... just curious http... #11
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