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Steam games can be played without connecting to the internet. XBO games pre-DRM removal required an internet connection every 24 hours or you couldn't play. Plus there are Steam sales, which regularly price games at insanely low discounts. How many Xbox Games-on-Demand sales have you seen? GoD prices are still the same as retail, and sometimes cost more than retail.

Microsoft and Valve aren't in the same ballpark with these services/policies. #3.1.3
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I'm seeing a couple of posts saying you can put a 2TB or 3TB hard drive into a PS4. While the hard drive is upgradeable, the hard drive has to be 9.5mm thick. Currently, the largest 9.5mm hard drive is 1.5TB (Travelstar 5K1500). Just thought I'd bring that up so that people who plan on buying a PS4 this year aren't trying to figure out which 2TB and 3TB drives fit. Obviously they will continue to get bigger over time, but for now 1.5TB is as big as they get (which is plenty bi... #1.1.25
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Yup, bot support confirmed.

"Shadow Fall will ship with 10 multiplayer maps, and Guerrilla has already confirmed that post-launch DLC maps will be offered free of charge. And the final game promises to dish up an array of other niceties, from clan support to online and offline multiplayer bots, party chat, and a redesigned interface."


Yeah no.

Gamers had several legitimate reasons to be furious with Microsoft before they started changing course. They include but are not limited to:

1) Not being able to play games without an internet connection. Microsoft had it set up so that you had to connect to the internet every 24 hours or your console wouldn't play games.

2) Used games. You couldn't borrow games to friends freely (you could lend it... #1.2.6
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The situation is also a bit different for each territory too:

Japan: Nintendo has a decent chance to be successful here, at least by Japanese sales standards. I think it could hit 8-9 million when all is said and done.

Europe: The console is all but dead in Europe. Sales are very low and numerous shops are dropping the system. I'd be surprised if it sold more than 6 million units throughout the PAL area (i.e. "Gamecube nunbers").
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Same. Gonna be putting down at least $700 pre-tax.

$400 PS4
$120 Travelstar 1.5TB HDD (not out yet, guessing price)
$180 for Killzone, BF4, and Watch Dogs #1.5.1
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I'll be using my Pulse 7.1 surround headset as my PS4 headset personally. Probably won't even touch the one packed in.

I don't see why MS wouldn't "absorb" the cost of this headset. It can't cost more than $6 or so to manufacture. Good for us though. More is always better. #1.3.8
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"Wanna talk about a 180? It was Sony who said that you don't need a hardrive, don't need online gaming and you don't need digital download."

And it was Microsoft who said HD gaming isn't the future and didn't include an HDMI port on the 360 when it launched. It's Microsoft who says that Kinect is the future when there hasn't been a single good Kinect title beyond dance/casual games. Where's Kinect Halo, COD,... #1.3.2
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Not to mention that the Xbox One is dead in the water in both Europe and Japan. Japan wants nothing to do with Microsoft, and the XB1's price and focus on cable TV (which most of Europe doesn't use) makes the PS4 the favorite in those two regions.

They would have to slaughter the PS4 in the US, and given current pre-order info and poll statistics I just don't see that happening. Unless something significant changes the PS4 is a pretty safe bet over the XB1 globa... #1.2.2
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Most people are bummed that online play now has a paywall (I being among them), but it's much easier to stomach than XBL because:

1) Other services/apps are still free to access
2) The benefits of PS+ are fantastic

Getting a free PS4 game every month, along with discounts, betas, cloud saves, etc. is well worth $50/year. And if game streaming via Gaikai ends up being a PS+ feature? Icing on the cake.

I'm upset with the princ... #8.1
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They're probably saving multi for when GG are in their back yard: GamesCom. #4.1
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Yeah this is the only game they've shown so far that's XBO exclusive that I'm jealous of. Looks like what Fuse was supposed to be. But I'm not touching that DRM-riddled console.

Oh well. Enjoy future XBO owners. #1.1.1
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Not to mention this isn't anything new. That $10 video credit was already there weeks/months ago. Same with the Sights & Sounds bonus.

Gotta get site hits somehow I guess. #8.1
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Praying like heck that there's a PS4 version announced. I don't want to have to keep my PS3 around once the PS4 launches (though I may have to anyway for GT5). #1.1.2
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True, but it will be when all is said and done. Wii sales have completely dried up (it sold 5.25 million last year, and it's selling less this year). The Wii will likely end up at around 110 million while the PS3 should break 100 million. I'd be surprised if the gap between PS3 and Wii is more than 10 million in the end. #1.2.2
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Indeed. Quick enough for me to price match my Best Buy pre-order. $15 Dead Island Riptide for me. #1.1
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I think Neonridr was refering to the fact that this was a "launch window" game that won't be out until 9 months after launch. Nintendo needs to stop overpromising at console launches. I read a neogaf thread a while back that had quotes from the Wii and 3DS launch where they said they learned from their mistakes and would have strong launch lineups. This is three hardware launches in a row now where they overpromised with their launch window games.

Edit: Here&... #2.1.1
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So the biggest news of the day is a port of an SNES game and a sequel to an SNES game? And Pikmin 3 isn't coming out until AUGUST? August isn't "launch window" Nintendo. Smh. #4
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It's been said that the PS4 would launch this year, but it hasn't been confirmed for all territories. It was suggested in February that the Europe launch might not come until 2014. Hopefully that's not the case. #1.1.6
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So pissed at PS3 owners right now (which I am by the way, the only current gen console I own is a PS3). 530,000 sold for Bioshock Infinite after two weeks? THAT'S IT? What are these people buying instead? Answer: nothing. God of War is sitting at about a million after a month on the market. Same with Tomb Raider. MLB The Show and Metal Gear Rising aren't even charting in the top 30 anymore.

I don't know if a majority of PS3 owners don't have much money... #9
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