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Actually I think every division of Sony except for mobile (cell phones) turned a profit last quarter. Playstation, music, movies, cameras, their insurance sector, all of em' made money.

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You could use a few semesters of grammar lessons, but that's neither here nor there.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I was playing Destiny online yesterday and logged in just fine this morning (PS4).

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It's premature to call this a comeback. First of all, sales didn't pick up until Microsoft combined the holiday shopping period with a holiday bundle sold at a discount. If Microsoft's limited time price cut was in fact limited, and they go back to selling vanilla Xbox One consoles (no bundled games) for $400, sales will fall off a cliff. They have no big releases for the first two quarters of 2015 and the console would lose about $100 of value between the free games and the $5...

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I'm not. The five single player missions take 90-120 minutes I'd wager. That comes out to 15-20 hours for the story. Add ten different strikes (Devil's Lair strike being 10%) and a bunch of multiplayer maps and I'm a happy camper.

I'm not saying these figures are what the final game will have, but if it does I won't complain.

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I think that's why they're experimenting with the DLC. If the new gameplay "fails" it won't be as bad as if they had made an entire game around those ideas. Personally I'd like to see more experimentation in DLC (which would make its way into future sequels if successful). I understand not wanting to take too many risks with high budget games, but a lower budget DLC seems like the perfect place to tinker.

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"some dude on neogaf"

Yeah I don't know if you looked at the link but the tweets came from Ian Sherr, a CNET employee who covers video games. He specifically says the Wii U was up 85% over May 2013.

"Common knowledge that NPD DOES NOT reveal hardware sales numbers"

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Here ya go:

Wii U was up 85% over May 2013 (32,600).

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VGChartz has absolutely no accuracy whatsoever. Absolutely none. None.

Look at this:

They claimed the Wii U sold 78,000 units in the US for the last week of May. NPD numbers came out yesterday and they only sold 60,000 units for the entire month. Their one week total was 30% higher than what they sold FO...

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What dodgemoose said. I know a few people who owned 360s last gen who are switching to PS4 and they're all very interested in TLOU Remastered. They never got to play the game, and now they can.

I'll be buying it as well when it hits $40 or less. It was my favorite PS3 game, so I'm looking forward to playing the campaign a couple more times. Plus I loved the multiplayer, so I plan on putting in dozens of hours with my friends who didn't have it on PS3.

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Also Okami and Viewtiful Joe to Platinum Games. Oh what I'd give to have an Okami sequel on PS4/Vita. Swipe to draw!

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Where will DualShockers get all of their articles now? I suppose they'll have to stare at Tidux's twitter page all day for "stories".

DualShockers: the National Enquirer of video game journalism

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Seriously. How is Peyton Manning not the highest rated player this year? He threw for almost 5500 yards and 55 TDs (both records). He had a TD/INT ratio of 5.5:1 and a QB rating of over 115.

Statstically speaking he had the best season for a QB in NFL history.

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How am I "reading what I wanna read"? I didn't misinterpret anything. You literally said the following:

"But the Xbox 360 built MS's Xbox brand and made it a console to rival that of playstation... Xbox is just as strong a brand as Playstation now... "

Xbox is just as strong a brand as Playstation now. That's what you said. It's right there. I went on to prove how that's not the case.

I didn't ...

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"Xbox is just as strong a brand as Playstation now"

That's false. Worldwide Playstation is significantly more popular. The Xbox brand is dead in Japan. Microsoft will be lucky to sell 1 million XBOs there. Then you have Europe where the PS3 sold 30% better than the Xbox 360 despite coming to market 15.5 months later than 360 and with a price tag 50% higher than the 360.

If the Xbox brand were as strong as the Playstation brand then why did t...

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Why isn't this site banned yet? Their numbers aren't accurate. Period. Full stop. Stop funding their misinformation with clicks and ad revenue. They're banned on NeoGAF for a reason.

Vote the site down. Vote the article down. Bury these snake oil salesmen.

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Steam games can be played without connecting to the internet. XBO games pre-DRM removal required an internet connection every 24 hours or you couldn't play. Plus there are Steam sales, which regularly price games at insanely low discounts. How many Xbox Games-on-Demand sales have you seen? GoD prices are still the same as retail, and sometimes cost more than retail.

Microsoft and Valve aren't in the same ballpark with these services/policies.

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I'm seeing a couple of posts saying you can put a 2TB or 3TB hard drive into a PS4. While the hard drive is upgradeable, the hard drive has to be 9.5mm thick. Currently, the largest 9.5mm hard drive is 1.5TB (Travelstar 5K1500). Just thought I'd bring that up so that people who plan on buying a PS4 this year aren't trying to figure out which 2TB and 3TB drives fit. Obviously they will continue to get bigger over time, but for now 1.5TB is as big as they get (which is plenty bi...

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Yup, bot support confirmed.

"Shadow Fall will ship with 10 multiplayer maps, and Guerrilla has already confirmed that post-launch DLC maps will be offered free of charge. And the final game promises to dish up an array of other niceties, from clan support to online and offline multiplayer bots, party chat, and a redesigned interface."


Yeah no.

Gamers had several legitimate reasons to be furious with Microsoft before they started changing course. They include but are not limited to:

1) Not being able to play games without an internet connection. Microsoft had it set up so that you had to connect to the internet every 24 hours or your console wouldn't play games.

2) Used games. You couldn't borrow games to friends freely (you could lend it ...

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The situation is also a bit different for each territory too:

Japan: Nintendo has a decent chance to be successful here, at least by Japanese sales standards. I think it could hit 8-9 million when all is said and done.

Europe: The console is all but dead in Europe. Sales are very low and numerous shops are dropping the system. I'd be surprised if it sold more than 6 million units throughout the PAL area (i.e. "Gamecube nunbers").

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