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Also in each box it shows which GPUs were for sale by each manufacturer during that period.

I'm running 580s in SLi and trying to hold out for the AMD 390X. I think it's the ATi 9600pro of it's day. If it isn't... 980Ti will be my next purchase.

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FFVII - Playstation
Zelda - Nes
SSFII Turbo - Arcade
Metal Gear Solid - Playstation 1
Persona - Playstation
Tecmo Ball - NES
Bonk Revenge - TG16
Streets of Rage I/II - Sega Gensis
Kenseiden - Sega Master System
Rygar - NES
Way of the Warrior - Panasonic 3DO
SplatterHouse - TG16
The Legendary Axe I/II - TG16
Order of the Griffion - TG16

So so so many games...

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TurboGraphix 16 with CD fan!

Thuglife - cue the music

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@ CrazyChris - It's like a drug dealer giving you your first hit for free. They know their product will have you coming back for more. Basically, Microsoft is confident this is the OS to get.

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What in the f*ck was that? SE you know better than this BS!!

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If PT could make the list, I wonder why UC4 didn't.

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With all the account thieves out there, no way in hell would I use some 3rd party application to enter my game.

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@Mykky - and it's people like you that these companies target. You're willing to shell out $60 on a good half-assed game. Maybe I just grew up in a different gaming generation... I don't expect perfection but I do expect a high quality game. Where was the QA? If they took a couple minutes to play the game they would realize it's eff'd up.

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In this analogy - spam is replacing Do-Do. Because that's exactly what we are being served on a platter.

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Posted in the wrong location.

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I que'd for 3 hours and got 30 mins of gameplay. I don't know if the server crashed or I just got booted.

With that said, the first 30 mins of the game is pretty nice indeed.

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You go to a restaurant and order steak but they serve you spam and you happily eat it up. What do you think will happen the next time you order steak?

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Dude you're right on the money with that!

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Can't wait till 2030 to play it!

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I've been saying this for over 11 months!

"Both use a similar 8-core Jaguar CPU (2 x quad-core islands), but they feature different implementations of AMD’s Graphics Core Next GPUs. Microsoft elected to implement 12 compute units, two geometry engines and 16 ROPs, while Sony went for 18 CUs, two geometry engines and 32 ROPs. How did Sony manage to fit in more compute and ROP partitions into a smaller die area? By not including any eSRAM on-die."

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Remember when this was expected of a company?

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Plasma TVs were at 600hz.

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PyroXXX - you comment doesn't make sense.

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@ 4 Sh0w -

I think you may have misread it.

"The result is that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will take up almost all of the usable space of a single Blu-ray (45 GB), and we will also issue a content update at launch that is estimated to be 20 GB."

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Diablo III is immense fun UNTIL you find out people can cheat to get gear by replicating and creating items. That's when I lost all desire to play. Unless you like playing solo of course...

A little upset over Shadow - I just bought that game last week...

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