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Your own opinion is worth more than a site that tells you what to think.
You have shown you have an opinion about my post, now just continue to use it to make your choices without sites like these. #3.1.1
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Metacritic is a failure to everyone that uses it. #3
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What do we all expect? the Demo/Beta alone was damning enough to steer everyone clear of this train wreck.

Alot of us should be thankful the Beta and Demo came out well before the game, as it gave us plenty of time to cancel our orders.

Thanks Ubisoft, even though its a crap game, at least you did the right thing and let gamers judge for themselves if the game was worth the money. #1
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"Than again I'm not really a fan of racers to begin with."
"I'm not really a fan of racers..."
"I'm not really a fan..."
"I'm not..."

Wat? #3.2
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Being online in general, and making risky comments of any sort mean you will be a target for trolls.
Show any weakness, or possible weakness, and it will be exploited.

You have feelings about a subject/object/person? Some one has had sex with it, or killed it. #11.1
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"X box 1 never dropped that low even though it was outputting at a lower resolution."

Did you just try and say that a lower resolution should demand more resources than a higher resolution?

My brain is full of WTF right now.

Demand wise, the higher the resolution, the more the system will be taxed. Lower frames can be a result.
They also patched CoD Ghosts to fix this issue less than a month after its release. This isn't... #1.2.1
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I hope people don't blame the Xbox One for Destiny being just good enough graphically.
The thing we should all remember is that this game is on last gen as well, and look at all the games that are cross gen to see a trend in quality being lower than current gen games.

I do hope that Destiny 2 will be current gen only, in hopes that they push for new and exciting gameplay mechanics/graphics to bring the kid out of all of us. #1.1.2
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There are tweets from Zoe herself talking about an affair, and trying to cover it up for her own job security.
Even if everything her Ex said was bull, there is still enough evidence to link her to at least 3 of the 5 named in the list. #1.1.2
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Wut #2.1
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First party, yes.
Also using it on social features, and PSN server handling in general. #3.1
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She does make money with it, its through sponsorship, and it still is sold on other site. #10.1
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Best news I've heard all week, in relation to the Quinn bull crap.

Hopefully this all helps, rather than hurts gaming, as it's been pretty toxic as of late. #1
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Hey guys! I found the PC gamer that's been rekindling console wars for his own amusement! #5.2
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The ability to start a party chat session is also extremely useful in creating a fireteam for PVP or Raids. #3.1.1
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I own a PS4, and Preordered Destiny, this is just nauseating. #1.1
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When it gets dark, hide.
Things go bump in the night. #1.3
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Getting more reasonable, I still have no use for it until current gen games are available for it.
Never the less, its still evolving, so we will see. #3
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I hope they have some new(IP's) stuff to show. #2
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I've seen better, and from years ago. #1
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I won't believe it until it has gone gold.
They said the same thing about Watchdogs, showing PC footage as PS4 and Xbox one footage.
Then they said "Oh, nooo, we were just saying thats what it COULD look like if we spent more time on it!".
Then they delayed it, and we got the downgraded version that we have today.
Game was still pretty good though, so at least it had that going for it.

I just rather see with my own eyes when its g... #1.2
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