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I have beaten the game, and never seen anything like this on my play through.
My only issue with the game was a one time fall through of the map, and that didn't ruin or break the game.
I must ask, were you playing from a disk copy?
My play through was downloaded to my hard drive, as I bought it through PSN. #1.1.15
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Looks like its a girl from New York.
Normally I wouldn't dig for information on people, but this was so poorly written, and formatted that I just couldn't leave it alone. #2.2
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Glad I'm not the only one noticing an issue with spelling and writing. #2.1
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How many years did it take the PS3 and xbox360 to get all those bells and whistles?

How long have the PS4 and xboxone been out?

You have fallen on your sword good sir, please bandage yourself.
GeOW xbox360 launch title

Resistance fall of man ps3 launch title
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I noticed collision at high velocity doesn't seem to be working well.
The hummers didn't take out all the particles as they entered, but only when exited at slower speeds, in some cases.
Tech is nice, but shows work is still needed. #1.2
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You do realize the human eye can notice latency after 180ms right?
300ms is massive when talking lag.

Just check any video on youtube, and notice the time it takes for actions to show on screen.

In the video provided, you can see how far ahead the guy has to aim just to hit the other person.

300ms can b... #4.1.2
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The difference is, Xbox one would require XBL gold before ps4 in this instance.
The free to play games on ps4 do not need PS+ to play online, and the ps4 streaming video apps, and story driven games are possible to play without PS+.

XBL still blocks almost all apps from working unless you have payed for gold.
You can still play your single player games on Xbox one, but you are limited greatly by what Microsoft allows on their systems(there are no free to play... #1.3.4
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After playing infamous:SS and Tomb Raider DE on PS4, I can say the frame rate was more iffy playing Tomb Raider, than infamous.

Infamous:SS plays so good, its only visual fault, for me, is that I kept getting awe struck, which reminded me that I was playing a game, but also make it even more amazing that it awed me so much. #1.2.1
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You are wildly misinformed. Please take a moment to look at any news source for correction on the resolution of The Order.
1920x800 is the frames used.

It is a wide screen variant, and loses no quality in image from stretching, or up scaling. #1.3.2
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died 31 times already, in 8 hours... #1.1
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I think he just wanted to get him on his knees. #3.3.1
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DS4 uses the same battery that the DS3 uses. Order a DS3 1,800mAh battery from eBay for like $12, and change it your self.

I've done it my self, works great, and last at least 17 hours now. #1.2
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Killzone is 1080p onscreen.
It's hard to say if its native or not, but gosh darn it, what displays on screen can only be thought of as 1080p. #4.2
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Just learn japanese and korean.
Plenty of Gay/lesbian/Bi games to play there. #12
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"Baked" is a term used when everything is locked in, no changes, and it is system wide.
Sky boxes are one form of baked graphics.

It is a way to maximize visuals without sacrificing performance, but also means it can't change, or if it does change, it is very limited. #1.1.1
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I can tell you never played Little Big Planet if you think the diversity is less than what was shown in that video.

I have seen complete games in LBP that I wouldn't even be able to notice the difference if I hadn't loaded in from LBP.

I have seen complete game remakes that look 1:1.
But the real stars are always the ones that create a whole new experience, and there are plenty of those.

The sock puppets ar... #1.1.3
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Good to know.
Now, it's up to developers to work out how to get all of thid working on top of their game. #1
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Took me 2 days to beat the game, and get about 89% of all quests done, probably more.

Its short, but funny as hell if you can handle the horrible humour of south park.

I know I am a horrible person for laughing at the stuff in this game. #1
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Because indie titles rarely get the love if no ones played them.

No Mans Sky is an exception. #2.1
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I think what this game is doing is trying to take little big planets formula, and take it to the next level.

My only problem with this game is all the assets in the game are of the same art style, and make every "game" look like its made in the same engine(it is).

Little big planet had a very clear distinction from this game; it had a story/single/co-op mode to start you off on learning, and creating in the story.

Spark is a tool fo... #1.1.1
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