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Hitting harder isn't what fatebringer is used for. Fatebringer is used for cleaning up a spill, and that spill is thrall, and dregs. #6.1
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Considering the month it is released, and what is available as competition, I would say this was bound to happen.

If it was a turd on consoles however, it would have been more of a surprise. #3.1
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ONLY 2 billion?
thats rather low if you ask me. #4
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WTF did I just watch... LOL...

Glad to see them working on something, just hope it is better than HOME was. Judging by the video, it would look like a joke to me. #4
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All hail the majestic "Turd Fart", galuping so effortlessly through the "420 Blaze It" Forest. #1.2.2
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So far, bloodborne is the easier of all the Dark Souls games.
Dark Souls 2 is easier than Dark Souls, but Bloodborne is a whole lot faster, and more forgiving. #1.3
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Demon Souls is better than both Dark Souls and DS2 in my opinion, and bloodborne I am still playing, and finding it much like demon souls.
So far, my favorites are Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and then Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls and Bloodborne are neck and neck though, so we will see who takes second place. #1.4
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Yeah man! they are so good at cutting stories up to make them in to multi click articles so we can all feel like we didn't already read the whole story 5 articles ago!

/s #2.1
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It works pretty good, but one thing thats really stupid about it is that you have to close any game/app running to open spotify, then you can run the game/app after spotify is on... #1.2
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Sorry, still boring :/ #4
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Its been a little over 2 years since the Wii U was released... How is this not bad news for Wii U? #1.4
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"Maths" to the rescue! #4.1
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Hardlines was its own worst enemy this time around, seeing as BF4 had a horrible launch, then subsequent month(s) long network, save file corruption, rubberbanding, lag problems plaguing it.

Hardline would have best served itself as a DLC pack for BF4 owners.
Problem is, that would likely not fix network problems... #6
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If anything, this may lower the life of your Xbox One. Stay clear of intercoolers for Xbox Ones, as the system was conceptualized with cooling in mind, any alterations to its airflow could cause efficiency issues. #1.1
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Over all objective is get to the center of the galaxy.
How you do that is completely personal, and can be as fast, or as slow as you wish it to be.
Do you collect resources, and quickly build/buy/upgrade your ship to get to the center as quickly as possible? Or do you investigate alien ruins for lost technology, rare resources, and alien life?

The game is similar to the genre of Minecraft like games, but with a much bigger scope. #1.4.1
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Ok, thats a new one.
Thanks for the laugh though!
On a more positive note, Ori and the Blind forest looks wonderful. #1.3
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It is not illegal to make copies of media as long as the reason to do so is for personal use and archiving.
The U.S. Supreme Court in Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc. that the personal use of copyrighted material, irrespective of how those copies are made or in what format they are stored, is non-infringing #1.2.2
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Xur has it right now. 3/13/15 #3
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This is nothing new, but what is new is how prevalent ransomware is these days.
I have worked on several different PC's in the past year with the main problem being ransomware keeping users from accessing their computers.

Most the clients had no games installed, but all had been using Internet Explorer as their main web browser.

Install Chrome, or firefox, and then download an adblock extension.
This will keep over 90% of viruses off your... #5
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I say let the hype train do its thing. We are sure to learn of its success or derailment in the coming months. #1.2
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