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Raids not having matchmaking has nothing to do with the number of players, or the fact that they can be done in other games with even more.

Vault of Glass is a Raid that heavily demands team work beyond point and click turn based MMOs.

In most MMOs, you also have an option to revive yourself after a cooldown period.

In Destiny, you have a cool down before you can be revived in normal mode, and in hard mode, you hav... #1.2.3
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They are all gone. #1
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The title should be "5 Things I didn't know you could do on PS4".
Everything suggested is pretty old "news", if you want to call it that.
here is the list for those that want to know whats in the article.

PS Vita is the Second Controller
Share Factory
PS4 Backup
Mouse and Keyboard
Utilise your Share Button #1
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ah, a bullet hell game.
I use to play these all the time, may try it out when/if its in the US. #2
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3 million would be quite a lot for a priced game.
This is free, with microtransactions.

To put into context though, it is doing better than the first little big planet at least, which sold around 300,000 in its first year(wiki numbers), and was $60. #3
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If it can't do custom matches thru lan connection, they have lost touch completely. #1.1.3
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Do they count all the people watching the Sony conference in theater?
Was a pretty packed show where I was at least.
But if my theater was the only one packed, its a drop in the bucket I would assume.
If the other theaters where half full, it would be hundreds of thousands.
If it was full at every theater, you are looking at close to a million, possible more. #1.1.4
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There are 2 parts to the parity clause, and Phil didn't even really address the timed parity, just kind of said "we let people launch latter, but then they have to do extra stuff to the game so its better on our console".

The other "Parity Clause" that everyone is worried about is the fact that a system with lesser stats dictates the final look of the game for other platforms.

That being said, Xbox One has had a rough time getting deve... #2.1.2
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You didn't read the article :(

Title is misleading, and making everyone look silly.

Edit: I also don't really blame anyone for NOT reading the actual article, it was garbage with fabricated logic at best. #2.1
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"they use NDP which are also estimates.. but this whole sold or sold through is a marketing tactic used because some believe it..

even using NDP is somehow more accurate then MS coming out and giving exact shipped figures.. anything they shipped will be sold through within 30 days (give or take) but a select few attack any "shipped" quotes as if its some lie being told to them"

Shipped and sold are not the same.
Sold... #1.3.6
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A Sony executive came out saying any "support" coming from sony would be in the port for PS4, and marketing.
Nothing about developing the game.

As far as I can tell, that means they will not be working side by side with the shenmue team, and will only be given the PC code to translate to work on PS4.
This sound like a huge deal? #9.1
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The reason is to allow developers a wider access to the hardware for making software/hardware with the architecture in mind.

Having access to the laptop version is great, but the hardware that laptops use is barely different in a large portion of the market.

PC's have a much wider hardware range, and much more use in software development for said hardware. #2
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@ Ezz2013
"yet the graphics for this "next gen only" game look like fallout3.2"

Did you play fallout 3? xresdefault.jpg (delete the space in "max")

I would find it hard to say that fallout 4 is only a .2 in terms of visual bump. #1.1.2
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Novel, then manga, then anime. #1.1
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Hitting harder isn't what fatebringer is used for. Fatebringer is used for cleaning up a spill, and that spill is thrall, and dregs. #6.1
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Considering the month it is released, and what is available as competition, I would say this was bound to happen.

If it was a turd on consoles however, it would have been more of a surprise. #3.1
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ONLY 2 billion?
thats rather low if you ask me. #4
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WTF did I just watch... LOL...

Glad to see them working on something, just hope it is better than HOME was. Judging by the video, it would look like a joke to me. #4
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All hail the majestic "Turd Fart", galuping so effortlessly through the "420 Blaze It" Forest. #1.2.2
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So far, bloodborne is the easier of all the Dark Souls games.
Dark Souls 2 is easier than Dark Souls, but Bloodborne is a whole lot faster, and more forgiving. #1.3
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