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Can't wait to move on to Marvel Heroes, http://marvelheroesonline.c...

Diablo 3 was a backward from D2 #2
The blonde girl it's Cliff's wife, I like Cliff a lot he is fun and in the last few years he said good stuff and i always like his games

In terms of FOX Engine, i would rather enjoy playing the new MGS in the PC because this engine would get his full pontential on the PC but oh well... Anyhow i'm very exicted for Revengeance..

Make the PC the lead platform Hideo.. it's your best choice trust me i love your Engine and same goes for Unreal Engin... #7
Only over my dead body #11
Well f*** me sideways... nice #10
Looks very good i picked up the Amazing Spider Man and it was a good one looking forward to this #2
Finnaly some survival horror game

See Capcom? this is how you do it #11
In terms of gameplay it's a new approach.. I like the idea of open world with "hacking" a mix between GTA and Deux Ex... I like it #3
I undertsand your statement and i agree with it unfornately people just want reskin and recolor...

But it's time to wake up #2.1.1
I don't disagree on that but in terms of Gameplay i see SA has a whole new level to it #6
Okay.. Let's get this straight up guys...

New consoles.... New handhelds...

It takes time to developers to adapt to the new hardware... Let's take a look at PSP one example is MGS:Peace Walker it took the best out of the hardware at the end of it's lifecycle isn't it true?

Same goes for The Last Of Us ain't i right?

In my opinion Metal Gear Solid 4 did a very nice job in terms of adapting to the new hardwa... #4
Nah Breeze, Eddie is a good character i like him very much to bad it was to play with him.. if he was hard to play it would be very very fun #3
Call of Duty will kill itself like it's what gonna happen to World of Warcraft, nothing will kill them because they're killing themself, the fanbase will wake up at some point

To me the future of FPS is holding on Planetside 2 and DUST 514 due to the persistent universe... #2
Why woulod i buy a game just because Ada Wong is naked? That just doesn't make any sense in my head... It's just a virtual character...

People need to get out sometimes and get social.. you don't need to stay at home playing all day.. games will be there waiting for you... the persons that care about you won't. #3
This is just so stupid.... EA... what the hell are you doing...

In 2005 Battlefield 2 came out and i played it till October 2012 which was the month that BF3 came out... BF3 was dissapointing... A joke compared to BF2

All i want is a BF2 in HD... What you're going to do with BF4 right now? BF3 is growing and has a life cycle not nearly as BF2 but 2-3 years...

The only reason is NEXT GEN and it's because of CONSOLES... Is it EA?
In other news did Capcom yet comment on Health Rege? I'm not picking this up if they still have it in the final build. #1
1998 and 2005 for me were the golden years of Gaming :) #2
If we want extended life cycle of consoles we need upgradable consoles, i'm not saying like PC.. not that expensive but that could extend it a little bit more. #2
What means to me? They didn't knew how to work out the story after the "real" story was leaked... then they had to change... the fanbase gave them the indocrination theory that they could grab to save themself but they didn't even cared about that #1
Bejeweled? Cool....

Come back to us when you play with the "grown ups" of gaming.

Don't get me wrong i play Bejeweled or i use to.. Now we have ioS/Android/WP7 with great games... #3
GTA:SA was by far the best GTA so far.. it gave us customization, weapon leveling and etc.. and etc...

The game just had the awesome concept combined together

Why did you dumbed down GTA 4 Rockstar?

That's all that i wanna hear... Why...? Your fans loved SA and said it was the best game and it gave the players the best experience in terms of uniqueness...

Also a great multiplayer....

Why was GTA IV like... #5
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