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About time to get some decent XP from the challenges! #1
Maybe Neversoft is working on the Vita version of COD.... I also wish they could come back to do Spider Man games... those games marked my Childhood, great games... especially with today's tech they would make a amazing job.. Those spiderman games had the replayvalue #5
Limbo, was one of those games that had a message very important for those who played it... It's one of the best games i've ever played

Keep it up #2
Let's hope it has stealth....... #1
Sleeping Dogs is an AMAZING game! Square Enix did an awesome job from buying the IP to activision and improving the game a lot... Looking forward to the release #3
Exactly what the poster above said... Conviction.. was a good game i won't say it wasn't... but it wasn't a splinter Cell game it should have been a new IP to be honest...

I'm okay if they give action and stuff to those players who want it.. But please let the stealth be as it was in the last game.. but if they find it hard to balance they should just stick with Stealth #2
I like the feeling of Leon being back... But to many things changing it's turning more action based... I miss the first RE #19
The question is.. How is this gonna work out? #22
I just hope the game has enough content to keep us busy that's the only thing im scared atm #2
Ahaha indeed Tacos... I can't wait to know more about Jack's past... I mean i wanna know what the hell happened to him and Rose and him so that REVENGEANCE happens as well tbh #3
Terms of Quality? It's getting worst... stuff is getting rushed.. not in PC.. everywhere.. it's everything for money then anything else... each day it's worst... gaming is not the same. #2
Big huge games helped in making AOE3: Asyan Dynasties... :P Why they're ending up here #2
Unfornately it will have the same fate as SWTOR.. it has the Hero Engine and it focuses is on PVP

People are defending so much GW2.. if it happens to be a failure with the micro trans i wanna see where will the fanboys be ELDER SCROLLS BELONGS TO THE SP #7
I don't care about this.. I'm just staying in wow.. love the lore love the peeps i play with.. #2
WOW,GW2 and this... Awesome i'm not leaving MMOs #3
Comparing MGS with COD... are you out of your mind? #5
Agree with Hufandpuf there! #29
Linux is awesome to programing this is good news for me :9 #3
MGS3.. best game ever..followed by MGS4... #13
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