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now we just need some thing that will let me use the 360 controller on my ps3 and i'll be happy.

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Selling their ps3 for $399? Smells like desperation. ^^at bigmac

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i'm not a total noob it doesn't take me very long to get thought such a short game. btw ya the shooting parts were OK probly the best parts. and don't tell me you thought the bounce the shield around [email protected] was any good, just another way for the devs to get more play time out of it.

ya the play time is not the biggest issue its the fact that it wasn't that fun while playing.

if this game was on 360 you sony guys would be saying how bad it is and saying its shor...

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i just rented it yesterday and i already beat it. 5 hours;
so much for boo-ray making the games longer. and whats even worst is the fighting is boring and just the same 3 guys over and over and over.

if any one hasn't played i'll explain, go to one room, kill 10 guys go to next room kill 15 guys go to the next room kill 12 guys, rinse and repeat for 5 hours. and the boss battles are WAY to long and point less.

5/10 and thats being nice cuz the visual...

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i've got a ps3 and i was thinking of getting this game. but i'd like to know if it supports left hand control? (south paw) cuz it looks cool but i can't play dual stick games very well with out swaping the sticks.

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its a good game mostly because it offers a WW2 option when C O D doesn't(COD4 looks great btw) if your not tired of them yet that is.
you can change the controls to play more like COD 2&3 if you want. and the gun upgrades are pretty cool you just have to remember that when your aim sux its because you've got some up grading to do first(don't start out expecting the M1 to be just like in COD at first).
grfx are just fine the only thing that was odd, was it felt a little fl...

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the Flare, as it is called is an equipment. it was confirmed in the recent E.G.M.

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i can't think of any time other than the halo3 ad (and they were very clear in stating that it was not in game)that bungie has shown any non-ingame pics or vids. only devs that are scared to show what they have do that.(heres looking at you gorilla games) and yes halo 3 looks awesome!!!

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Holy cow if this, by any chance means that i will get to play Re5 with a WiiMote. i will explode!! BTW i would pay up to $200 for a proper 1st or 3rd party app for this. if the pc guys think mouse and keyboard is best for fps's they really need try playing a good shooter on the wii (Re4!)

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i'd say my only gripe is no wii-mote that game is way better with the wii-mote. [email protected] you under powered wii! [email protected] you.

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i bet hes talking about the GoW for psp cuz that would be GoW 3 right?

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it doesn't matter if the 360 is at 10 mil or not b/c at the rate ps3's are selling it will be like 60 months b4 they get to 10 million LOL!! (selling about 130K world wide each month) only half of what the 360 does in U.S. alone!

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dude @ 6 months the 360 was doing great even with shortages. (real ones not the sony fake ones) actually i was just looking @ the #'s and at the 6 month mark is where the 360 really started taking off. but the 360 has never done as bad and will never do as bad as the ps3 is doing now and will continue doing. because of price!! I'd bet it'll be under 75k for last month lol. if sony wanted to have the mercedies of consoles they should have sold it at $1000 then they would be making a profit o...

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come on! you guys that are complaining about lil kids and annoying music. push to talk does not in any way stop or even hinder them cuz they just push the button because they want to annoy you.
adding ppt just annoys every one that plays for real. why should the ppl that play the game the way it was ment to be played have to suffer with push to talk. they made the mute function so easy just mute'em. and let the rest of us play without ppt. NO MORE PUSH TO TALK.

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i dont know who thought of it but i bet they were like "you bad 360 im gunna show you want its like to be HOT" then he tried to snuff it. and it came back to life. lol but ya i had 4 friends that had the old ps1 and it would only read the disc if it was upside down. you had to turn it on and flip it over.i thought thats was funny but i loved that old thing twisted metal 2 rox

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if your 360 gives you the 3 red lights of "LOVE". one fix is if you wrap it in a towel and turn in on for bout 30 min it will get really hot. then turn it off let it cool. and it will probly work i did it with mine. very strange i know. not really sure why this hasn't gotten around more since it dose work. and yes all 360 were replaced for free. btw b4 the sony fans start making fun of this don't forget that most ps1's only worked upside down.

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i think the reason is because they didn't give it a funny name (like the wii). think about it if they called it pee it would be selling like mad! lol ppl love crazy stuff like that.

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all i was saying is that gamestop doesn't give very much for trades that go's for all items i.e. nintendo stuff, sony stuff, xbox stuff, if you want the most for any trade DON'T go to gamestop. if anyone knows about messed up 360's its me i've had 6 go out on me. btw the towel trick really does work. and if you want to talk about getting ripped off just remember what the sony fanboys say wait a few yrs and then we'll see. while you wait for games i will be playing them. lol

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why do ppl go to game stop? they don't give very good trade ins for any thing. i traded my 360 pre and my old xbox and gears(sorry new game type just can't get me off rainbow). and i got $375 from game crazy/hollywood video (thats $40 more than gamestop was going to give me) and i can use that for anything it dosent't have to be the elite, but i will be getting it tomorrow.

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this really looks great. but i will give to nod to Bad Company. but i will get them both. COD has been great since the start so no worries here.

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