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My wife and I have been really digging on this game!

It is very charming and difficult enough for me to enjoy. It ramps up smooth enough my her also.

Guys these are the kinds of games that will help you get a "girl" into gaming. Don't put her into a halo LAN party and wonder why she hates gaming.

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Bro, can I call you bro?

Anyway honestly your still humping sony's leg after 4+ years of less than equal games on the ps3? Omg you have been brainwashed by Kevin Butlers sweet voice. If devs can't get the best out of the ps3 by now then they never will. What about KillZone? you say. Wh Wh Wh what about Uncharted? You say. yup great games which proves the Sony will only FULLY back Exclusive games.

It's a common Japanese trait. One I wish a America...

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They should be begging Sony for a refund. For selling a inferior console!


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Please tell me that I'm not the only one that saw the words "look closer" in the last frame of the video?

I'm watching it on my iPhone and I caught that. Anyways I don't care what it is if it is made by the main (me, me2 guys) team I'm buying it.

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And yes I originally didn't expect to get this into it. so when I was playing thru chap 12 I sold a bunch of hard to get stuff. And I really can't justify grinding for another 20+ hours for Gil to buy and upgrade everything. : (

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I first rented ff13 on ps3 because it looks nicer. after a few hours I realized that not getting acheivents it felt empty (I don't care about trophies, since I'm mostly a 360 guy).

So I sent it back and gave it time. Now a few months latest I got it cheap on 360 and tho it clearly doesn't look as good I'm totally hooked!! I'm 90+ hours in and only have 2 chievos to get. Sadly I will not be getting one of them because I would have to start all over. Not gunn...

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Clify B said himself he doesn't like public betas because in his words " it waters down the final release because you already played 3/4 months before". I. E. Less excitement at launch.

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Because. Reach in sept, natal in oct/nov, slim 360 in oct/nov. Will push the 360 just fine. Then Gears 3 will be right behind it. With a good chance of the 720 in fall 2011 with Halo 4 as a launch title.

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Honestly guys why would Sony/m$ spend billions in 3or4 yrs to release new consoles when a firmware update could easily bring them into cloud gaming. With "move" and natal both consoles have a new nich to keep them going longer.

OnLive would be great if it were like $35-40 month unlimited play. Maybe that's what we'll see from the big three.

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As I thought all along. Slim in early 2011 they will use holiday 2010 the move stock. Then new xbox or maybe a switch to cloud version of xbox live. It will be cheap for m$ to use live as a cloud service.

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I've got a i5 750/ 4gb ddr3 /Win 7 64 bit. but I've got the newer 5770 and a lower res monitor. I will get the game soon and try out the max. 5770 are under $200 now so I might try crossfire one day.

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This will be my first full game I get for my new home built gaming pc. Should be able to neari ly max it out. Not sure cuz of their vag specs they released.

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If dead space had been on the wii for $50 I would have bought it day one. Loved re4 on wii. Dead space though looking great didn't "feel" as good as re4 on wii.

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It is somewhat entertainint. Tho being quite the hard core game I am I wont use it much. My wife like it though. Enough that she asked me to make her an account to play it, but just as with the wii, after one or 2 play sessions she'll be bored and most likely never return.

Sony has a big problem, their trying to steal the wii's players yet are no where near the price point for that. They should go hard core until the price is under $250 than focus on the "casuals" a...

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Oh God it reeks of Sony fanboys cuddled up in a sweaty cluster f**k crying.

No matter how many times I smell that, I'll Never get use to that smell. I'm out.

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I think rare has completely lost touch with what a "casual" game is. Bright and cute colours don't just make a game "casual".

Just yesterday I was trying to get my new wife to play some games with me (she into the more old school arcade types that I'm bored of) so we went through the demo list on the market place. Downloaded kameo and she watch me play it. She was like that looks cool buy that and I'll play it.
So I went and bought it for 10 bucks. ...

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i'd say launch game for next xbox in fall 2010.

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the camera is the worst enemy in the game. and the bosses are super cheap. everything else is spot on.

it would have been much better if the roll dash thing was mapped to the right stick. ala god of war. because while fighting you really dont have time to mess with the camera avyway.

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i've had it since august and i don't own any games IMO there arn't any worth more than a rent. the exclusive game are all single player except warhawk and Fall of man and i didn't like the multi in those. so its just used for demos, renting (playing unreal right now, but its not gunna get me off COD4 on 360) and blu-ray. and theres is the problem to focus on movies and not games. (burnout demo is fun)

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it,s going to be very funny when this game gets band for the AO content that will be avalible in the first two weeks. i see it now.
OMG!!!! my little boy is playing a M rated game and he downloaded a mod that makes all the girls run around neked.
not that i want to see it but you know its going to happen and with sony's free any body can sign up with little to no age checking it,s gunna get very ugly.

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