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I think they should have continued from fall of man into the second 1 instead of changing everything

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I wish they'd fix up the buggy games first before trying to rip us off with ports. Their games are so buggy and messy it is ridiculous.

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Sorry but this is where I stop using this website! You've made it a mess!! I've been here since 2007 and I've liked all the layouts! But this is a mess! But I can se why you've done it! The adverts now are huge and there's no way to miss or ignore them once scrolling down. Thanks for ruining the website.

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i still remember when that price point was the norm during Ps2 days.

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Hahahaha um I think he was joking lol

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Turn 10 gets 2 big thumbs up for the demo! Dam I remember the ps2 days when I used to buy Demos before the actual game to see if it's any good! Wish devs would bring that back! I bet they'd make so much more sales now! Especially with psn and Live!

Download a 40 min demo and buy the full game if you like it! But then again 40 min is quarter of the length of most games nowadays 😔.

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@doug I don't think that's what he was talking about. He was probably talking about the quality of the game itself and not the graphics.

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I take full credit for planning all these ps4 announcements! Brb need to wipe c*mm of my laptop screen

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I really don't care if it is timed exclusive! A piece of gaming history is being remade! The more people that plays this the better! Shenmue 3,last guardian, gurilla games, and bloody ff7 Oh Mami

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Omdays and now shenmue 3!!

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Do you feel better? Looll

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the reason nintendo were making such a profit last gen is because they were making 100 to 150 pounds... profit on each console from the get go (that was i think 300 dollars i think back then) sony should be making 50 pound profit by now, oh and nintendo first party games all sold above 5 million

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Whichever one they bring out, they're both going to be broken piece of toys! The last fallout and elderscrolls were so broken I gave up on them, imagine how they'll be like this generation when most companies are bringing out half finished broken games.

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Yes it definitely should matter! I went to my local game store last week and thought about buying 1886,it was £50 I just walked out of the store laughing. I am a single player guy only, unless it's fifa. When I buy a game I want at least 20 or 25 hour game play with replay value for a game that costs £50. Note: £50 = $75 for a 10* hour fame, where's the value in that?

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Oh my friend what world are you living in? Besides uncharted 2 and TLOU, all PS3 and PS4 games get bashed for ridiculous reasons! Some of the reasons 1886 was bashed for Xbox games get a free pass over it!

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Bro you must be high as fuc* if you think that! Dmc 1 and 3 are the best in the serious! Followed by 4 and 2 and the mess that is Dmc Dmc.

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Sorry but I don't believe sluts.

Looll sorry I had to go there 😂😂😂-_-

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I saw some guy literally go Mental and jumping up and down before the screen showed some sh1t a$$ graphics looolll

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It's sold over a million copies!probably will hit 2 or 3 lifetime, guaranteed a sequel that will have a bigger budget = better game!

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Surprisingly I can understand you both -_-

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