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Whichever one they bring out, they're both going to be broken piece of toys! The last fallout and elderscrolls were so broken I gave up on them, imagine how they'll be like this generation when most companies are bringing out half finished broken games. #20
Yes it definitely should matter! I went to my local game store last week and thought about buying 1886,it was £50 I just walked out of the store laughing. I am a single player guy only, unless it's fifa. When I buy a game I want at least 20 or 25 hour game play with replay value for a game that costs £50. Note: £50 = $75 for a 10* hour fame, where's the value in that? #10
Oh my friend what world are you living in? Besides uncharted 2 and TLOU, all PS3 and PS4 games get bashed for ridiculous reasons! Some of the reasons 1886 was bashed for Xbox games get a free pass over it! #4.1.1
Bro you must be high as fuc* if you think that! Dmc 1 and 3 are the best in the serious! Followed by 4 and 2 and the mess that is Dmc Dmc. #5.2
Sorry but I don't believe sluts.

Looll sorry I had to go there 😂😂😂-_- #27.1.1
I saw some guy literally go Mental and jumping up and down before the screen showed some sh1t a$$ graphics looolll #1.3
It's sold over a million copies!probably will hit 2 or 3 lifetime, guaranteed a sequel that will have a bigger budget = better game! #2.1.1
Surprisingly I can understand you both -_- #11.1.1
Yeah true, and yet they wouldn't get in majority of gamers top 100 let alone 50. There's a reason why TLOU was a success, story matters within a fame, no matter how awesome the MP is. #1.6
@grimlash oh come on dude, i love sony and ps4. but to say Xbone is only selling 200k a month is a lie and false information. 200k is probably only in the USA. stop talking out of your ass. i expect Xbone to be selling around 300/350k a month worldwide. and 3.6 million was in February, you're nearly 3 months behind in that figure.

While yes the Ps4 should hit 15 or 16 million by January. i expect it to sell at least 1 million for Black Friday in america and another 1 mil... #1.7

watch that table tenis part! #16.2
Thank god for that! I'm glad there's no MP, meaning they can give 100% attention to single player! For Me multiplayer overrated! I hate how my generation think multiplayer is the be all and end all of a video game. 😨 #11
@Lukas_Japonicus I tried looking at the links, side by side on my galaxy note 3,and the difference is day day and night. I couldn't even read the writing on the boards at 720p. This comparison is bu11sh1t and fake. #1.1.17
took me two weeks to understand cricket! it is one of the most difficult sports to get a grasp on, right next to bloody snooker. FFs i still cant understand snooker -_- #10.1.2
and thats how you solve addiction! guessing theres developers out there with a brain! most developers would leave the game for download and cash and not give two sh1ts about everyone else! i know loads of people that have thrown their phones in the moment of madness, then cried the next LOL #7
if you're from the UK or Europe, try downloading HOLA unblocker on firefox or chrome, ;)

Edit below: Still about netflix though! #5
Because it's a fact that you're wrong, maybe in your area there's nothing there but! I have no idea if Sony are doing it on purpose or what but the ps4 has barely any stock available! But the Xbox One has more then enough stock! It's like like they overstocked, which I think every company should do if they know they have have the demand ! #5.1.3
Went PC world in Central London, few days ago and not one single ps4 in store! They had 15 Xbox ones! Instead I walked out with Dr dre studio beats -_- #1.7
And thank god for that, they need to to stick that game back in the hole it came from, up ninja theory's a**, there's a reason it flopped, no one wanted it. #1.2
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