I hate videogameszone.de


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the true image here
please see the very size with watermark logo in the top-left border.

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"As reported by some users already connected online match, the patch has finally solved the problem. "

sounds good

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Very awesome product!
Congratulations to 4News.it, it's the best review I've read.

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You must to read the entire article, see good the twitter, before write "fake".


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Just log in with your ORIGIN credential (www.origin.com/download), accept the Terms of Service, redeem code on the ORIGIN download and install the Alpha Trial PC

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you must logged in
from the menu, click on My Soldier -> Veteran

Veteran status information

You can check your veteran status here. If you need to add a game, click on the medal that represents the game you want to add and follow the instructions. You can also click on a game to see what bonus you receive in that game for bei...

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My Veteran Value is equal to ZERO ;)

I think this rule is not enabled now. Maybe your problem is related to ORIGIN account.

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2489d ago

very very very OLD

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PS3 latest build ? This article is a fake!
PS3 version on Jimmy Fallon show was a pre-alpha, versus the PC version at E3 was alpha.
A difference not for less.

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simply the most accurated and detailed review about Crysis 2 !

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review written in a short page. pew.

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As 4news.it review has spoke, the story is so mature and a complex plot, difficult to explain in few hours.

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The very complete Killzone 3 review that put justice to Guerrilla Games work.

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Link ?

EDIT: reached

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The visual are stunning !
Uncharted 3 opponent for GOTY 2011 ?

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screenshots posted on December, 31 2010 with Game Informer watermark are now with Tomb Raider watermark.

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FAKE !!!!
It's an old screen from this 3D presentation:

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