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Took the words right out of my mouth (see other comment) :D

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Same, its a little rough around the edges but the atmosphere in the trailer looks spot on.

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You forgot how to math!

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Wow that's actually a pretty cool bundle, never played the movies one though, any good?

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Missed out on the first one, might have to check this one out though :)

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Whooh, downvoted to hell for voicing an original and non defamatory opinion, thanks n4g, you never fail to amaze me.

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I don't fancy it tbh but I do think Apple could give the industry a good shake up and that's no bad thing :)

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Given the price of it, if EA can't turn a buck on 1.5 Million copies of a full RRP game that hasn't been torrented to death, with DLC and various other marketing crap that they put in there... then quite frankly they deserve their failings.

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I agree MGregory, it's not without its charms, but a scar like this won't heal quickly for EA and it likely never will for this game. Sim City 4 FTW indeed.

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Have you checked behind the sofa, everything turns up there.

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Cool :-)

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just take my money right now! no need to shut up, just take it, scream, kick, fight, I don't fucking care, just give me this game right now :D

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Nice article :)

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Am I the only one here who thinks that links from this site should be voted off? Its barely put together by an inept child let alone a web developer and the quality of the articles that get through are poor at best. Surely N4G deserve better content, and this is why we have a voting system?

Just a thought.

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Will people please click the link before they approve, that's the third "story" I've seen from this terrible excuse for a website, seriously, what is this barely readable crap?

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I'm fully behind you on this one, people are quick to look at the multi-platform titles which in many cases look or run a little better on the Xbox 360 (not all cases).

Yet Sony first party titles has visuals that make you take a step back and smile. I still play my Xbox more than my PS3, but while the graphics in first Party Xbox titles is "kinda" improving, the frame rate takes a big hit (see Halo 4).

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Play Halo 4 on split screen multiplayer, tell me its got more horsepower in that CPU/GPU I fucking dare you lol. If 343i can't get a half decent frame rate at sub 720 resolution, while shedding dynamical lighting, having low frame rate foliage, a fairly predictable AI, then wtf are they using all the "power" on.... bring on next-gen I say!

BTW, not ripping on Halo, massive Halo fan, but the frame rate sucks dick in co-op.

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you have to be fucking kidding me, I'm cockpit cam all the way in racing games! ESPECIALLY GRID! This is a complete let down to be honest and "lack of power" on the consoles is a fucking lie too. Drop the resolution like every either dev! ¬_¬

but seriously, they clearly cant be arsed to put in the spanner time on the game engine to get this to work, nor the dev time to make the cockpit, now that's what I call cutting corners.

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No mention of an SLI profile for 3DMark 2013 either! I get a good score on a single GPU, soon as I enable SLI my score halfs in the FireStrike benchmark, I'm not alone with this either.


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Crysis 3 is a lot of fun, but I can't help but feel it still lacks that open world vibe, all they've done is make the corridors wider, its still a little linear.

Graphics are epic though, finally some justification for my SLI rig haha.

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