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Hmmmm...well after my gut reaction of "this is horrible", I thought about it and honestly, the vision of virtual education and concerts is really a neat idea. In addition to the gaming aspect with the SONY VR, this has to potential to be a better industry...

Plus people are leaving FB in droves and Zuckerberg is frantically buying up companies to bring people back... #105
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Honestly the internet really IS full of people who hammer away at people behind the anonymous security of their keyboard who in real life probably have never stood up to anyone in the first place. It can be pretty harsh sometimes to be honest! #11
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Spoken like a typical millennial. There is a reason it's called the "entitlement generation" as well. Calling out the previous generation as the one that put us into "this mess" is pretty bogus based on the one little fact that EVERY GENERATION blames the one before it. Instead of blaming everyone else for our problems, pick yourself up, get to work, and fix it! I was lucky in the fact that I was raised on the ethic of work hard and earn respect from people by what... #4
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Getting it on PC anyway so xbone doesn't even matter to me. Have a PS4 and LOVE it!!! #116
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I actually enjoyed this article. It was a refreshing take on the Fallout series. I have had this thought previously (especially when playing New Vegas) as the NCR is basically a functioning government.

It would be interesting to see the next fallout take place further down the timeline IN California under the NCR. In my mind I picture this almost as post American Civil War Washington. #7
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Just wait until the PS4 launches in Japan!!! #61
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I think we also have to keep in mind that launch lineups have never been great? Why make the best games of a generation when you are still unfamiliar with the hardware and the install base is the lowest it will ever be in the cycle.

Wait a few months and more quality games will start coming out...ok maybe a year, lol #32
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If history is any indication of the future, the PS4 will have heaps more quality exclusives that the X1, and most X1 exclusives I will most likely be able to play on my PC as well. #1.1.36
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Lol since when did it become bad for companies to make money off of their products...Isn't that the whole point of a business lol? #1.1.28
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So now we are starting to see the mainstream media reviews whom have either forgotten about, or never knew about, all of the anticonsumerist BS that MS put us through when they announced the XBONE! #116
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My only question is...why do Xbox fans always look so freakishly weird??!?!? #67
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I will be buying this!!!! The Homeworld series (including Cataclysm) was amazing!!!! One of the best stories in a game ever!!! #1.2.1
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I want one in the US NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know if this is region locked? Or is it tied to your psn account? #46
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umm..what are you TALKING ABOUT? Do you even know what on rails means? What direct comparison are you making between 360 and ps3 games?

Anyway the X1 must be hurting pretty bad if the only thing MS and its fanboys can do is argue about the previous generation! "PS$ is better?...Well...360 games looked just as good as PS3 games so nnaaaaaa!" lol. #29.1
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After reading Cliffy's article I have to admit I hadn't thought of this from a developers point of view. anything you do will cause you to have haters I guess. Seems like dealing with it really is the key to overcoming it!!! #7
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This guy is a DB! Hey maybe if I insult his casual app of a game enough he will insult me too?

I think we should make a game out of it...see who can get Fish to explode on them first!!! #31
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Ok I guess, Im still more pumped about the remote play requirement for all PS4 games! When my wife wants to watch some reality TV show...just turn on the ps4, pull out the vita, and play killzone, watch dogs, or bf4!! #33
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Honestly I can't say I was surprised when MS revealed their anti-gamer strategy. Regardless of what people say, this is the same MS that has done pretty shifty things in the past like accidentally giving employees too much for their chrismas bonus and then taking it back after most had already spent it.

Sorry Microsoft...Too little too late! You have shown how little you care for your customers. The damage is done I just hope people aren't fickle enough to forget... #17
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This is a BAAAD attempt at getting hits. Check out the amazon video game section and you will see why xbone has moved up in position....

The PS4 launch edition is sold out...therefore cannot maintain momentum in sales...

There is one xbone sku at #1 but around 4-5 PS$ sku's in the top 10 labeled as bundles.

The standard edition, which people were not buying as much as the launch edition is now at 10 but will gain momentem as more peopl... #84
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Such a shame that such a true entrepreneurial and creative American spirit was lost due to unwarrented tragedy. As above commenters have stated, whether it was the police or criminals that caused this, we don't yet know, but crime in the US has got to stop. Cops wouldn't have to use such force if they weren't always scared for their lives as they are. I live near Rockford, Il, one of the highest crime rates in the US and let me tell you, the police here try their hardest to com... #35
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