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lol millenials!!! #1.1.4
I highly doubt taking a video game down for 15 minutes deserves being handed over to a monstrous terror group that beheads innocent journalists and rapes women and children. Very poor choice of words my friend... #16.1
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At least with Dark Souls, the story was fleshed out in the game via items, and dialogue...

In Destiny, the Grimoire cards aren't even accessiblae in-game (why on earth would they decide to do that)? Why not amend the game to as least make these accessible as a menu item for Christ sakes? I just thing of all the other 50 bagillion games that have more content accessible and wonder, what did Bungie spend all of their development time on?

Love Destiny by t... #4.1.1
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I really just found this article to be the ramblings kf someone who is basically upset he recognizes the names and faces of actors in video games. Doesnt make much sense to me. #12
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First off, I can play this on my PC too so I am not trolling or whatever. I also understand the need for a company to buy exclusives, but my only question is, why Tomb Raider of all games. Don't get me wrong the first one was pretty good, but this just strikes me that this may have been the only game that agreed to be an xbox one exclusive...jus seems kinda random... #15
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I've heard this argument a lot about careers that other people think "make too much". If there was a cap on how much you make, then why choose that career in the first place? #1.1.17
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I actually am really waiting for FF15 and Xenoblade Chronicles X!!! I don't really consider SoM an true RPG, but an action game with RPG elements #2
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Played on PC and was actually very pleased with this entry. Had a fairly good story and cinematography. Be warned though, this game was not optimized for AMD graphics (not AMD's fault)and runs a little slower and with more problems than with an invidia card on the PC. #10
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You got it! I actually just listened to a really good "This American Life" episode about baby monsters. It centered around, "when do bad people become bad? They pretty much agreed that at around 2 years old is where violent and sadistic tendacies tend to manifest. There was one family on the program that lived in constant fear of their 8 year old (mom said the first time he tried to kill his little brother was when he was 4 and the she had also woke... #1.2.2
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If any recent MS E3 press conferences paint a picture, this may be a lot of flashy lights to cover up mediocre content!! #1.1.21
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Not that I'm a fan of Squeenix anymore but I think the patent is to make a single button have multiple functions thus allowing a game pad to have multiples of funtions per button than they otherwise would get. I didn't really get the vibe of a single button "only". #1.3
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Hmmmm...well after my gut reaction of "this is horrible", I thought about it and honestly, the vision of virtual education and concerts is really a neat idea. In addition to the gaming aspect with the SONY VR, this has to potential to be a better industry...

Plus people are leaving FB in droves and Zuckerberg is frantically buying up companies to bring people back... #105
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Honestly the internet really IS full of people who hammer away at people behind the anonymous security of their keyboard who in real life probably have never stood up to anyone in the first place. It can be pretty harsh sometimes to be honest! #11
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Spoken like a typical millennial. There is a reason it's called the "entitlement generation" as well. Calling out the previous generation as the one that put us into "this mess" is pretty bogus based on the one little fact that EVERY GENERATION blames the one before it. Instead of blaming everyone else for our problems, pick yourself up, get to work, and fix it! I was lucky in the fact that I was raised on the ethic of work hard and earn respect from people by what... #4
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Getting it on PC anyway so xbone doesn't even matter to me. Have a PS4 and LOVE it!!! #116
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I actually enjoyed this article. It was a refreshing take on the Fallout series. I have had this thought previously (especially when playing New Vegas) as the NCR is basically a functioning government.

It would be interesting to see the next fallout take place further down the timeline IN California under the NCR. In my mind I picture this almost as post American Civil War Washington. #7
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Just wait until the PS4 launches in Japan!!! #61
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I think we also have to keep in mind that launch lineups have never been great? Why make the best games of a generation when you are still unfamiliar with the hardware and the install base is the lowest it will ever be in the cycle.

Wait a few months and more quality games will start coming out...ok maybe a year, lol #32
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If history is any indication of the future, the PS4 will have heaps more quality exclusives that the X1, and most X1 exclusives I will most likely be able to play on my PC as well. #1.1.36
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Lol since when did it become bad for companies to make money off of their products...Isn't that the whole point of a business lol? #1.1.28
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