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Dont really get how this is news. Most companies lay off between projects; just doesn't make financial sense to keep all of your people around while you spend months locking down what your next game will be. #20
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Don Matrick has forever ruined xbox for me...I don't trust MS whatever happens. Though I will say that I really like Phil Spencer! #25
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This was soo bad I almost feel like they did this on purpose...Maybe an E3 2015 FF7 remake announcement??? #25
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Yeah but hitting one winged sephiroth with Knights of the Round followed by mimic??? Epic!!! Seriously one of the most satisfying things in a game I can remember. As iron clad a win as it was difficult to obtain!!!

Ahh memories, lol. #7
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I'm over it... #10
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Even if people want to take this seriously and discuss it, I rarely see comments on N4G talking about women without the words, whore, tits, vagina, etc., peppered in. If you want an honest discourse, leave the 14 year old language at home, unless you are 14, then you shouldn't be commenting in the first place... #19
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Good God man...did you really just say that victims of death and rape threats shouldnt be strong enough to publicly condemn those actions?

I think you just made a major FUBAR for the entire internet to see...Congratulations, you now look like a male elitist gamer need to grow up! #1.1.4
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meh...I just went outside for a's still nice here. I'm online now...millenials... #64.1
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Just so everyone is aware i am in Illinois and all I had to do was reset my modem, wireless router and PS4 and voila...I have internet access...downloaded some of the new themes...pretty cool. They each have their own music which is pretty nice. #66
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True, and I appreciate that, but what is getting more news...speaking out against the hate or the bad guys that have taken over gamergate? #5.2.1
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Massive troll! i seriously hope you are joking cuz this is the reason why gamer gate failed. #10.1
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Dude we all know that not all gamergate members are bad, but it is still a horribly failed movement. A movement is about ideology and change, but when that ideology and message has been sooooo hijacked that it is now known by most everyone as a bad thing guess what? Your movement has failed. For the sake of the gaming community this needs to go away or at least take on a new name. #11.3.1
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I don't blame her...over sized man-children upset about...don't even know what they are upset about? Women in general? Can't wait until Gamergate vanishes into the abysmal cesspool that it spawned from...For an industry that want's to be taken seriously this is really really immature, childish, and sexist. I know people will defend it (cue the responses, negative votes, nerd rage overused defense tropes), but really we all need to understand that this may be the single wors... #12
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Wow, am I the only person that is actually enjoying The Evil Within??? #45
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I just hope this all gets resolved peacefully before its gets big enough for main stream media to have a heyday with another sensationalist anti-video game headline...I can see it now, "Violence and female objectivism in videogames leads to violent female hate in industry"...Can't we all just get along!?! #12
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Please take all of my money...and while you're at it my, and job...just leave me a PC and this game...I will die happy!!! #6
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Yeah, you have to read the article. I was upset until I started reading a little deeper. It appears this was an all girls gaming expo to begin with so they weren't only kicked out because they were female. Apparently, "playing like a boy" was utilized (probably as a bad choice of words) as there were quite a few weird things going on with this team (i.e. not turning over important gaming data, dramatic change in play styles, and confirmation that... #1.1.2
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lol millenials!!! #1.1.4
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I highly doubt taking a video game down for 15 minutes deserves being handed over to a monstrous terror group that beheads innocent journalists and rapes women and children. Very poor choice of words my friend... #16.1
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At least with Dark Souls, the story was fleshed out in the game via items, and dialogue...

In Destiny, the Grimoire cards aren't even accessiblae in-game (why on earth would they decide to do that)? Why not amend the game to as least make these accessible as a menu item for Christ sakes? I just thing of all the other 50 bagillion games that have more content accessible and wonder, what did Bungie spend all of their development time on?

Love Destiny by t... #4.1.1
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