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And how many politicians and bankers do you know? Generalizing much?

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I have to agree with you, if you watch the videos its insanely detailed in so far as what is new, what is being developed, and what it will mean for the future of the game and next steps. And by detailed, I mean some of these videos are hours long lol.

And they are quite amazing actually. I personally have not given them any money yet...but after seeing what they are doing this probably is the MOST MASSIVE scope of a game ever made. I for ...

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You're spot on. Id hate to see if this was another race or religious belief and cheetorb mentioned "1000 (insert here) extremists haha stupid people". Do we think that would go over very well? If not then we seriously need to look at why it is ok to blast certain races and religions and not others!

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Yeah I stopped playing after Ramuh and every once in a while look over at my shelf tearfully hoping for the day when periodic DLC will actually add enough story content and cutscenes to make FF15 feel like a completed game...2018?

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I think we just need to be careful about racism in all of its facets (reverse racism is still racism right?). I just think its dangerous to humorize (word) racism when its at the expense of a group of people society says shouldn't really be offended by racism because historically they have been viewed as oppressors. Isn't that kind of thinking the very definition of a slippery slope?

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I wonder if these guys would talk as tough if there were to come face to face with someone! lol, does anybody know their real names haha???

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As a person who used to be in law enforcement, nothing is more polarizing that all of the hate cops get for everything. I mean, is this DLC outfit really that big of a deal??? I really expected there to be some other issue other this...Most cops are very good people who put up with more stuff in a single day than most people can even fathom in an entire lifetime! Yes i know that is a bold claim but trust me...YOU try going from somebody trying to kill you or seeing somebody blow their head...

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I think we should all be soooo proud of this fear mongering society we have successfully made where the focus is not on what somebody says, but how hard the masses try to find any tangential way of making it offensive to someone...anyone, it doesn't matter as long as we can find someone that will get upset! Congratulations world!!!!

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Call me crazy and old school, but I find it hard to rationalize pirating in any sense when the justification is the whole "damn the man" attitude that developers deserve it. This is a sentiment that has been presented just under the surface of this string many times and even the justification that you want to try before you buy is a little weird for me. Would you walk into a store and crack open a loaf of bread or open a bottle of wine to test it before you buy it? No you wouldn&...

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wow of all the things to get upset about...Im too busy with life to probably have even noticed this...rage much hahaha!!!

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Chronicles was amazing! X...not so much...hope they adhere to the story in 2!!!

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I feel like I can rationalize these mid gen upgrades by thining of them as slims that the companies thought...Hey, let's take our slims and just boost them a little to hold people over until the next gen...I can sleep better tonight lol.

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Interesting article....what is even more interesting is all the butt-hurt people are giving because they are 12 years old and don't understand how companies work lol. It's ok that PS is a wholly owned subsid....everybody take a breath...nothing has changed since you read this article! lol

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I was actually surprised when I saw this on the PSN yesterday. My first thought was, "Why did they port an almost 10 year old game?"

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Eh....I say make main characters LGBT if it adds to the story. Just doing it for the sake of doing it seems like they are trying to hard

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People being slaughtered left and right by ISIS but at least that reporter caught his nerdomon or jackoffasaur or whatever it is...

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Lol he doesn't deserve a car!!!

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It is becoming clearer to me that MS might be pushing an almost truly "next" next-gen console with scorpio while Sony may be positioning the Neo as an upgraded PS4. This could be good for MS in the short run but this gives Sony the opportunity to plan ahead and demolish with the PS5 in a "few" years.

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