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People being slaughtered left and right by ISIS but at least that reporter caught his nerdomon or jackoffasaur or whatever it is...

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Lol he doesn't deserve a car!!!

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It is becoming clearer to me that MS might be pushing an almost truly "next" next-gen console with scorpio while Sony may be positioning the Neo as an upgraded PS4. This could be good for MS in the short run but this gives Sony the opportunity to plan ahead and demolish with the PS5 in a "few" years.

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oh yeah, id totally love crappy games from MS within 3 months rather than waiting a year or so for great games from Sony! (Sarcasm)

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So all of the people complaining that this is 1st person are also probably the same people that complained about how poor of a game RE6 was. I have been playing the franchise since it first came out and I am excited for this. The series needs a breath of fresh air...desperately!!!

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If the father was that upset with apple, maybe he shouldn't have synced his credit cards to his account. Good old fashioned "enter payment information to proceed" mentality!!!

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Dishonored 2!!!!!

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Speak for yourself....

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Well said summons!

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Right? It must be hard only having to worry about the quality of a FF7 remake in you're entire life!

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The more I read internet video game news comments the more I become sad for the future of humanity lol...

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How is it being desicrated? Because you don't agree with the direction? I don't understand a lot of this hate! Why even ask for a remake at all of you didn't want anythingto change?????????????

I love turn based RPGS but honestly it came out of a limitation of technology of the time. Can't we just embrace the more evolved version of a loved classic?

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I actually don't like being told what I should and should not be excited about thank you very much. I've been a FF7 fan since the game first came out and I am very excited for the changes and update. My philosophy is this...if I wanted to play the same game why even remake it in the first place? Why wouldn't I just continuously replay the original psx version if I was so afraid of anything being changed? Embrace the fact that they are remaking ...

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Well said bassman!!!

I think a lot of people were expecting the exact same gameplay with HD graphics. I honestly love what Square is doing with this game! As long as they keep the story, the characters, and the mood the same, I welcome the action rpg style they are going with!

I honestly thought the title of this article was a joke at first, lol! Of course it looks like an entirely different game...the original was made closing in on 20 years ago!

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Or....just blow up the leaking fuel and barrels around the ghoul and get an insta-kill! Thats what I did and didn't every realize this was a thing lol!

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Sounds like people have opinions that "scare" some other people. Tell me, how does somebody not likingredients TLOU change how you felt about the game? And before you try, I loved TLOU, just trying to figure out why people get so upset about somebody's opinion is?

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I must have missed it, but what are the announced platforms for the game? This looks like it could be promising!

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looks fun in the same vein as the old school Atari or Intellivision games! I'm sold! I just hope the difficulty is scaled accurately!

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I have been on N4G for years but I must have somehow missed this last year. Seems like a great way to generate focused discussion on indie news!

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Wow, I didn't even realize he was battling any health issues. This is extremely sad news he will be missed. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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