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So because NieR is looking good, we should forget about FF XV? That's a bait headline if I've ever seen one. Play off the popularity of something.

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Yeah, but this is N4G... we can't be expected to read past the headlines.

I've gotten to the point to where I read through the comments to get info from someone who actually read the article. I'd rather dig through 1,000 comments than give a hit to some of these sites.

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Ha... I noticed that too. They were cheering the space mele kills, and when the CoD title showed it got quiet. I thought it was pretty funny. Hell after seeing that gameplay and the Modern Warfare combo pack, I was even interested.

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So it will make sense :D

I kid, I kid... kinda.

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Well, I'm not sure if this new console will fix the sales thing for them. It's gotta be pretty expensive, and from what I've heard from most gamers, they're not ready to spend again... especially if they can still get the same games on their current hardware. I understand MS and Sony are cashing in on the 4k market (VR too, but I see 4k as the target), and the adoption rate for 4k won't pick up for a couple years.Even then, I have doubts.

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FROM ARTICLE: "Both Microsoft and Sony have been forced into a corner by the rapid rise of both VR and 4K TVs, something they either didn’t predict when they first launched their consoles, or chose to ignore."

The author uses "chose to ignore" like MS and Sony are ignorant. Could you imagine the prices for such consoles a few years ago??? Neither would be realistic. We don't know for sure if these are completely new generation consoles with backward...

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Sony has taken the show. Fanboys can be mad if they want, but no one has had a better show, or will have a better show this year. Just the way it is.

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Okay, I'm confused... what are people "mad" about. The article doesn't say anything.

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Nintendo ALWAYS has a lot of floor space. They ALWAYS have an impressive booth. Doesn't mean anything is getting announced.

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@Crazyglues - It may well be fake, but your assertions don't prove anything. I live in South Central Texas (Part of the game's setting), and we often have skies like this. You have high layers and low layers of different clouds.

I don't know if the shot is real or not, but being so certain about yourself when you don't know either is very bold of you.

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When Knack, Driveclub and The Order are considered your "worst games", I'd say you're doing pretty damn good. Not gonna say any of them were game of the year material, but I played all 3 and didn't think they were horrible.

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The only exclusive game that interests me is Gears, and I'll wait to see if there is a Holiday Bundle.

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I'll reserve judgement till I play it, but I wasn't expecting amazing. Alan Wake was okay, but nothing special. It was a more friendly Silent Hill with a terribly pretentious lead character.

I don't care what Quantum Break scores at, just as long as it's fun to play. A lot of games I've enjoyed have gotten mediocre scores, and I've enjoyed a lot of games that deserved mediocre scores.

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I'll name it "The Suppository" as it's Nintendo's way of telling us Wii U owners where to stick it.

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Nintendo are so out of touch with gamers. They have so many great properties that people want, but then they go and make something else. A real, new Kid Ic, on console would sell, there's always been a market for JRPG's on Nintendo platforms, but they haven't exploited it... no Metroid, no Zelda on Wii U. It's been years now, and they basically buried the Wii U with poor decision making.

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2016 will be the year I finally get my XBONE. Excited for Gears 4.

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Yup... they punish you when an AI slams into the side or rear of you.

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Normally I get pissed when dates get pushed, but my backlog is hefty right now. And that will give us a month with Dark Souls 3 beforehand anyway. Seems most Uncharted players are DS players too.

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Your tablet is using the same architecture. The PS2, PS3 and PS4 are all different. Witht he tablet, it's the exact same game... with the PS2, PS3 and PS4, it's a different game on a technical level.

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I agree to some extent, but this is always the case. If you look at people who purchased the games on PS2 or PS3 even as early adopters, it's not really surprising. Early adopters always get the screw.

Also, where the hell was the outrage when Nintendo started doing this long ago. Yes, they offer a discount for people who "upgrade" from the Wii to the Wii U version (WHICH I THINK SONY SHOULD DO), but their pricing is the same, and they don't offer features...

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