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"Zach to the C from"


Nintendo are so out of touch with gamers. They have so many great properties that people want, but then they go and make something else. A real, new Kid Ic, on console would sell, there's always been a market for JRPG's on Nintendo platforms, but they haven't exploited it... no Metroid, no Zelda on Wii U. It's been years now, and they basically buried the Wii U with poor decision making. #1.2
2016 will be the year I finally get my XBONE. Excited for Gears 4. #4
Yup... they punish you when an AI slams into the side or rear of you. #2.2
Normally I get pissed when dates get pushed, but my backlog is hefty right now. And that will give us a month with Dark Souls 3 beforehand anyway. Seems most Uncharted players are DS players too. #2.1.8

Your tablet is using the same architecture. The PS2, PS3 and PS4 are all different. Witht he tablet, it's the exact same game... with the PS2, PS3 and PS4, it's a different game on a technical level. #2.2.2
I agree to some extent, but this is always the case. If you look at people who purchased the games on PS2 or PS3 even as early adopters, it's not really surprising. Early adopters always get the screw.

Also, where the hell was the outrage when Nintendo started doing this long ago. Yes, they offer a discount for people who "upgrade" from the Wii to the Wii U version (WHICH I THINK SONY SHOULD DO), but their pricing is the same, and they don't offer features... #2.2
Knack wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. It was just forgettable. I think the character motivations were kinda messed up... their priorities were not that of each other's well being, and created a disconnect. If the Professor doesn't care about his creation or the people around him, then why should the player?

It was also too closed off. If they had better character personalities, some humor like R&C, and a more open game, it could have been something... #2.2.3
No, this is just for people who originally downloaded so they can redownload from their PSN library. #1.1.1
The size of the gamepad isn't the problem for me. It's the battery life and the ergonomics. The could have kept the overall size of the screen, and just molded the controller into more of a grip instead of a huge rectangle. Handles on the sides and rounded upper and lower bout.


If they do abandon buttons, they are officially dead in the console market. Buttons give the physical, real-time feedback gamers need, and there is not one touch... #1.1.4
Personally, don't crucify me guys, but I could do without Dark Cloud 3. But I'll take a Ni no Kuni 2 for sure. #1.1.2
Yeah... wonder how many announcements though? I've learned my lesson. I'm just gonna read news updates and skip the turdfest this year. #1.1.1
Duh... everything is better with lightsabers. #1
Sony puts more resources to new projects than any other developer. I still want my GoW... new IP's are always there too. If it were another game and/or developer that wasn't making new IP's, I may agree, but Sony is good about new IP's already, so taking a top tier team away from an amazing franchise is not something I'm down for. Even in its "mediocrity" Ascension is still better than the majority of games... especially in it's genre. I enjoyed Ascension. Th... #1.1.10
I just want to say I'm not trying to spin anything as I love the game, and I think the vast majority of the hate is because it's "the cool thing to do" right now. That said, this article isn't even an article... it links to the SW website and talks about what we already knew. Jakku was announced early on as free. We knew they were releasing it pre-launch of the new movie. I consider it more part of the base game than free DLC. I mean, it's been known from almost the... #1.1.2
I'm sure it's built using some code that Sony owns, so they can shut him down. The good thing is now that gamers see it as a real, working thing, Sony will kinda be forced to do it themselves as gamers will want it. #1.1.4
Well, Kickstarter is still a gamble. Not everything is gonna make it. Probably too ambitious of a project fro the builders. I think Zombies are on the downturn too... FINALLY!!! Sorry, I'm really sick of zombies. #1
I bought the Dark Souls Strategy Guides for the artwork... just like I buy Playboy for the articles :D #2.1
Because the internet is a far better strategy guide because it's free, and it can be updated. #1
Yes, I'm appreciative of someone taking the time. Apparently there are more games I want to get than I initially thought. I know Amazon price matches with their flash sales, so I'll sit at home and score the games. But now I have a gameplan of what to get. My actually pick up CoD for $30-$35. Finally gonna get Dark Souls II, Battlefield Hardline, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, The Witcher 3 and Batman. #1.1
That's the problem... it's a tried and true CoD experience. The Nuketown trailer showed it all, quick scoping, Instant spawn deaths from incoming bombs, and everyone running around like chickens with their head's cut off. Some may find that fun, but I find it frustrating. You are right about the tried and true CoD experience thing though. CoD has made more games like this than more balanced games that reward playing the objective. CoD will never change... I realized this after the... #1.1.1
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