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"Zach to the C from"


I love my Vita, but yeah, the memory is too damn high (in the rent is too damn high guy's voice). I've echoed that since launch. Proprietary cards make hacking much more difficult, but also drive prices way up. So hackers have some blame in this too. I could fill up a 64gb card in a heartbeat. Wish they had offered come huge internal memory. #1.1.5
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Like I said... crappy to mediocre. I liked Overlord too. Didn't care for Operation Flashpoint. But eve liking Overlord, I have no illusions that it isn't a mediocre game. #2.1.1
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Some mediocre - crap games there. Couldn't even include any Codemasters racing games? It's the only thing they're good at. #2
Okay, I have to know. Google searches "echidna penis". #8
I missed it... what store was selling Xbones for $45? I know Dell screwed up once and did it with the 360/Kinect and 2 games. I got one of those bundles for $45. #3.1.2
Why not both :D But seriously though... you'll get more playtime out of KZ. #2.2
I already had mine stacked for 2 and a half years after Black Friday, but if I didn't, I'd grab another. #1.1
HORRIBLE list. This gen was by no means the best for RPG's, but damn. FFXIII was bad... FFXIV was good though (I know it's an MMO RPG). Where is Ni no Kuni? It was great. Xillia was good too. #1.1.6
Hell yeah... Journey on PS4. Yes please. Glad Until Dawn is not dead (hopefully). It was a Move game, so I wonder if it's gone to controller, or even more interestingly with VR and Move. #1.1.1
Yeah, if it wasn't for Google+ it wouldn't be an issue. Google is good at many things, but they're really trying to force Google+, but very few like it. #1.1.9
Yeah, Bioshock was epic. I played the Destiny Alpha and Beta, and it's shaping up to be amazing. Planetside 2 is hella good... I like big, open shooters for multiplayer. I also dug MAG (RIP) and Dust 514 for that reason. I never really got into Fallout, but played enough to respect what the game offers. But campaign wise, Bioshock was truly original. When a shooter is good enough to not offer a competitive mode, but stand on its own, that says something. #1.2.2
Yeah, I've gotten to where I skip to the second comment thread to start reading since SOMEONE keeps posting stupid ass spam comments first.

On topic: How the hell is this the top story? We need some real news soon. #2.1.1
I think Tokyo Game Show should ignite the Japanese interest. It's just that post launch lull right now. #1.1.1
It was like that on XBOX too. Don't know if it still is though. Just sayin'. #3.1.1
I thought it looked like Samus. I know that's a stretch, but it was the first thing I thought. Someone on the twitter feed suggested Judge Dredd... god I hope it's not that. I would be more than happy with Mass Effect or Metroid, but not expecting anything that cool. #1.2.1

How is it that they're "fanboys" when they're not on your side of the fence, and "fans" when they are? Your user name is the definition of irony. #1.2.6
One of my dream cars back in high school. A couple of the rich kids had them.

The Mustang, Supra and RX7's were the cars to have then. My friend had a '93 5.0 (not the hatch, but regular trunk). It wasn't a Cobra, but he had it modded to be just as powerful, and changed the gears out. That thing was so light and fast. We'd all go out racing in San Antonio on Friday nights... good times. Now I'm older and drive slow, but love me some racing games. #3.1
I'm scared if he does this without getting paid.

On Topic: MS has done a 180 since the announcement of XBOX One. I'm glad they saw that us gamers aren't sheep for the slaughter. I just hope they keep it up. Once they get a Gears game close to launch, I'll probably get an XBOX One. #1.1.1
Yeah, this is my most anticipated game of August. Looks like good fun. Heard nothing but good things from my friends who played it already. #2.2
There's always a little truth to every joke :/ I just want my damn music playback and custom playlists. Drive Club is coming up, and I like to have my own playlist for driving games. #1.1.3
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