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Let's hope so. I feel core Home users got the shaft by not having it carry over to PS4. A lot of people spent a LOT of money there just to have it all disappear. I know there were a lot of Home haters, but the faithful didn't care what others said... they were busy enjoying Home. And Sony said Home was a profit maker from the beginning. As long as this new game/thing doesn't restrict anything behind a paywall and makes its money off costumes and personal items/effects, it could be... #1.1
And one joke per a page. #1.1
Not Bloodborne... unless you're just a sadist. #2
You can't change the Mario universe drastically like that... it wouldn't be a Mario game anymore. It would be more interesting if Nintendo made a new IP with realism. #1.3.3
Child of Light is awesome... except for I hit one glitch that didn't allow me to progress (really pissed me off, and I contacted Ubi with no response), but it really is a game worth playing. #1.1.9
Yeah, my character doesn't look like a slack-jawed hillbilly inbreeder this time. #1.1.1
It's still raining 10's. The new-gen is finally starting. Honestly, I was pretty bored so far. This kinda reminds me of when MGS4 came out for the PS3... that kinda started the avalanche of great games for the PS3. Can't wait for UPS tomorrow. #1.1
It's raining 10's... Hallelujah. #1.1.5
I could care less about scores. I pre-ordered the day it was available for pre-order, and now I'm just waiting on UPS for my game and strategy guide. Getting home from work tomorrow should be bliss... if UPS doesn't screw it up somehow. #1.1.9
Yup. But we have A New Hope. #1.2
And people were defending the initial new-gen $60 "remasters". I have nothing against them, but I've said from the beginning the prices are BS. The games are already made... they just have to get them together for the new hardware. There is no level design to be done, there is no story to write, etc. The initial $60 was pure price gouging while people had new systems and not enough games to play. $40 is what they should have been from the start. I'd prefer if Sony did a GoW... #1.1.3
If it isn't 3rd person by default, I will be very frustrated. Battlefront was so fun because it was like playing a shooter with your old action figures. Plus, what's the point of turning into special characters after a kill streak if you can see them whooping ass? #1.1.5
I'm pretty burned out on remasters in general... but I think that should have offered GoW III and Ascension on a single disc for $40 like they did with the GoW collection on PS3. I feel like remasters have become a milking of gamers. #1.1
They're feed screens, not official screenshots, so there's that to consider... I'm not justifying it as I think I'm burned out on remasters, but just saying these should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, I'm glad they're finally getting that remasters don't deserve a full $60 retail price. The new-gen is a year and a half in, so they can't milk gamers like they could when the systems were brand new. All remasters should have been $40 from the start (I k... #1.1.13
Dude "Better late than never" doesn't count here. We've dealt with too much BS over the years. Let's just hope they post regular (hopefully hourly) updates during any outage. #1.1.4
Shoot I'd sell too. Article says there are 12,300 in existence, so that doesn't exactly make it the rarest bird in the world. For them to already claim 2k is insane and highly inflated. I would sell ASAP while people with too much money are ready to spend, spend, spend. #1.1.2
I hope so... it would get me to jump on an X1. As long as it comes with a new Gears announcement around the corner, like how the Master Chief Collection has a new Halo within a year or so of launch. Collections are nice, but new games on the new hardware is what I want. I also want them to use the term "Gears" for Gears of War... whenever I see "GoW" I think of the other franchise. "Gears", "GoW"... it's not that difficult. It's like how "F... #1.1.13
So I'm guessing you can't use this alongside the internal 2.5" drive. I'd buy it if I could stack a 3.5" drive along with my 2tb 2.5" drive. Memory goes fast whenever there is a 50gb game. #1.1.3
Nintendo needs to introduce a real online network that can compete alongside Steam, Live and PSN. They are so far behind in that aspect that new hardware wouldn't even matter if there isn't a strong online platform to support it and handhelds. Otherwise we're just talking about cosmetic improvements. Wii U is already running HD 60FPS, and yeah, a new console would look a bit better visually, but without a major overhaul to the network, I see no reason to buy another console for mi... #1.1.4
Yeah, more licensed options would be good for fans, but personally I prefer unlicensed (generic) types of sports games where they have some realistic aspect, but not all the sim BS included. I miss the days of jump in and play sports games. Not you have to train for an entire preseason just to get the offensive and defensive control schemes memorized. And that's not even touching the playbook. I'm not expecting NES era sports games, but at least you and a friend could pick up and play... #1.1.6
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