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The only thing more divisive than this election is GameStop :D

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I have to agree. No HDMI, and at $125 I would expect more... like a 2nd controller at the least. People don't buy these as a real console, they buy them for nostalgia and fun with friends. That's where the 2nd controller would prove useful. Since people don't buy these as a real console, something just for a brief fun time/party time, they don't want to invest in more controllers.

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No HDMI. :/

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Switch will also not succeed without a real network. Nintendo's network is far behind Steam, Live and PSN... it feels closed and there is no uniformity. They make it difficult to make friends, and censor everything for the kids. If they're gonna show adults playing in in the sizzle reel they damn sure better have a network that is geared for their "target" audience. If it really is their target audience. They could do a bait and switch... Get early adopters to buy, then push...

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I highly doubt it will happen. i could be wrong, but that number seems awful optimistic. Maybe since there isn't any other new hardware this holiday and it is a lower price point to get into VR, I just haven't seen much interest outside of core/diverse gamers.

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Especially if you're playing one of them adults only games.

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Meh... waiting for Final Fantasy and The Last Guardian. I'll get Battlefield and Mafia when the price drops... maybe on Black Friday. There isn't much this year worth $60 to me.

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Sony rode the PS2 as one of the most successful consoles ever (If not, still the most successful) being the least powerful console on the market at the time. It's all about GAMES!

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This happens every time a big/interesting game launches. The "media" more often than not want hits to fund the machine, so they often make up criticisms. I'm all for being honestly critical, but everyone who follows gaming "news" should know the routine by now. Same thing every year.

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I'll definitely be getting it. 3D Dot Game Heroes was awesome... this one is obviously more Wind Waker than TLZ though. Nintendo is probably amassing their lawyers as I type.

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I hope it's fake because I can't read Japanese... they should have left the new format in English.

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I'm a mostly PlayStation gamer, but I'd rather have backward compatibility. I have a catalog of over 1,000 PS 1, 2 and 3 games... why would I want to pay to play them again? I understand not everyone's in my situation, and PS Now can fill a gap for them, but for those of us with back catalogs, MS and Nintendo are doing something right that PS could learn from.

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Nah... more like the number one "I need hits" website.

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What the hell is this?

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So because NieR is looking good, we should forget about FF XV? That's a bait headline if I've ever seen one. Play off the popularity of something.

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Yeah, but this is N4G... we can't be expected to read past the headlines.

I've gotten to the point to where I read through the comments to get info from someone who actually read the article. I'd rather dig through 1,000 comments than give a hit to some of these sites.

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Ha... I noticed that too. They were cheering the space mele kills, and when the CoD title showed it got quiet. I thought it was pretty funny. Hell after seeing that gameplay and the Modern Warfare combo pack, I was even interested.

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So it will make sense :D

I kid, I kid... kinda.

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Well, I'm not sure if this new console will fix the sales thing for them. It's gotta be pretty expensive, and from what I've heard from most gamers, they're not ready to spend again... especially if they can still get the same games on their current hardware. I understand MS and Sony are cashing in on the 4k market (VR too, but I see 4k as the target), and the adoption rate for 4k won't pick up for a couple years.Even then, I have doubts.

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FROM ARTICLE: "Both Microsoft and Sony have been forced into a corner by the rapid rise of both VR and 4K TVs, something they either didn’t predict when they first launched their consoles, or chose to ignore."

The author uses "chose to ignore" like MS and Sony are ignorant. Could you imagine the prices for such consoles a few years ago??? Neither would be realistic. We don't know for sure if these are completely new generation consoles with backward ...

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