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Seriously, I wouldn't mind being one of their employees. I've talked with some people show work for Sony (PlayStation), and they all seem to really like it. #1.1.3
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Some games have free DLC maps, making the DLC part of the 1 time purchase experience.

I can understand huge franchises like CoD, Halo and Battlefield doing it. They have a large enough player base that charging for maps doesn't tear the community apart, but too many niche, or fewer players are riding the DLC train.

I've only bought one season pass, and it was one of the earlier games to offer a season pass. Being early into the Season Pass thing, I... #1.1.2
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Yeah, 99 cents is nice, but I already own everything I want on that list. But at least they're having these flash sales more often now. #1.1
20% is high considering there are more than just cross-gen games being made. There are games which don't even appear on new-gen consoles in those stats, and that drives the numbers down. This new-gen is starting off very well, but it will be another year before the ultimate phasing out. About a year from now, we'll probably only see sports games and a few others still being developed for last gen. After the holiday season, more people will have new consoles, and the development will s... #1.1.6
Yep. So Fallout 3 mods are supposed to appease us until Fallout 4? They could even more so, make us more excited for Fallout 4. Click bait indeed. Nothing Fallout 4 related... at all. #1.1.4
I have my games purchases selected... I will have to wait on some. This happens every year. I pick what I want most and buy those. I also wait on some like Assassin's Creed because they ALWAYS have a discount on Black Friday. I bet DriveClub will too.

I keep getting an error when going to the article. Anyone else having problems? Server overload? Bad link? What's up? #1.1.10
I can't believe how it goes from a discussion in one n4g thread to an article. I thought we resolved this in the previous story. DC looks better, and Horizon is an open world driving game, so it obviously wouldn't be on the same level. #1.1.2
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You can get HDMI splitters. I have two of them in my signal chain, so I can currently run PC, Wii U, PS3, PS4 and 360 without any issue. I also got a remote for signal switching, so I can easily change output. I needed two switchers and the remote... I think the whole get-up was under $50 on Amazon, but you could probably do it for about $20 if you only need one splitter. #2.1.5
I'm tired of hearing about it... let's see it.

I'm not understanding how it's a weapon. For storage? For Streaming games? For what? Those are things other platforms can do too.

If anyone thinks there will be any jump in power because of cloud, they don't understand how hardware works. If it's being used for load/store to the processor, it's the slowest possible source. I just don't understand how they plan to use it to make the... #1.1.8
"Cross-Play" on PS systems can also mean your game data from SP carries over. When people can play against each other on platforms, it's usually called "Cross-Platform", or in this case, "Cross-Gen". When a game is cross-play, it shares trophies between all versions... when not, you can re-earn trophies all over again.

Personally, I hope there are all new trophies and challenges this time, but doubt it will be any different. #1.1.1
Say what you will about the Forza/DriceClub comparisons. All I know is that in the last turn in the 1st/3rd (same video) video, you see the paths taken by the precious cars on the wet road, and that's pretty impressive looking. I don't recall ever seeing anything that detailed in another driving game before. #1.1.23
Yeah, that opening is amazing. It's set where I live, so it kinda hit home a bit more, and made Joel a very identifiable character for me. #1.1.2
Over 9,000 DEGREES ON N4G!!!!

Really? #1.1.4
July is always the weakest month of the year... that and December. You have the summer lull, and then everything comes out before Christmas, so July and December are lame. We should all be used to it by now. #1.1.4
DLC is good when it adds something worth wild without fragmenting a community. DLC is best when it's something that can be stand alone like Undead Nightmare or Super Luigi U... or when it's something that adds to a long term game like an MMO or RPG. Games with long term play value which don't release every year can offer DLC as something to keep fans busy while they work through a long development cycle.

DLC is bad (IMO) when it's either clearly a cash if (bon... #1.1.1
Will, Destiny is a big title. I played in the alpha and really dug it. But yeah, 2014 is kind of underwhelming... but 2015 is gonna be amazing. #1.1
Sometimes. You can always find some games, but there are days when lots are playing, and days where it's kinda slim. You'll most likely be playing with veterans, but the game is really balanced well with all weapons (except a few unique exceptions like specialty grenades) being unlocked from the get go, so with the exception of the unlockable perks and not knowing the maps, even a noob can jump in and play.

Some of the maps are from previous Killzone games, so that... #1.2
We're talking 2015 here... not 2014. 2014 itself is kinda meh. There are some great games, but 2015 is gonna be epic if all the scheduled games make it.

Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Zelda U, Halo 5, Metal Gear, Star Wars Battlefront, Final Fantasy XV, The Order 1886, New Criterion Game, StarFox U,The Division, Mass Effect, Quantum Break, Batman, Xenoblade X, The Division, Tomb Raider etc, etc.

I know they may not all make it, but if just half of the overall s... #1.1.1
Yup... GamesCom is the place for Euro devs. I'm expecting to see a lot of LBP3 there since it's scheduled for this year, and DriveClub.

I want to see some Bloodborne at TGS too. And FFXV damn't... they need to finally show everything for FFXV this year at Tokyo... they've had plenty of time to get it together. #1.2.3
Maybe, but it's nice to know that if there are any issues, the team is committed to fixing them. It's just off to have such honesty on something that could be very controversial. Post launch support will probably be determined based on sales. #1.1.1
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