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Alan Wake flopped on sales too so... It scored AA yet most people didn't like it so they didn't even bother to buy it. Alan Wake = overrated and a flop

GT5 = nitpicked to death but deep inside even the fanboys know that GT5 is great! That's why they can't stop trolling every article and is not just here, on Gamespot things are crazy right now with the fanboys attacking the game from left to right. Alan Wake never had such an effect... lol #2.2.7
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But the menu layout it's fine, the problem are the loadings, even with a 10GB installation there are too many of them and they take too long. #1.4
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there's no real damage until you are at a very high level. And when you finally get it you're going to hate it with all your might cus you need to use your credits to repair it and it takes quite a lot!

Nowgamer for a gaming site they are very misinformed, they should at least try to red the manual first. #2.1.1
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my god!! #78
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Whatever it is what they are smoking the effects are obvious. Blindness. #1.1.1
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Famitsu scoring system is so random and inconsistent that it's hard to take them seriously anymore. #1
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the COD franchise is making money like there is no tomorrow, why would anybody suggest a change when it's clear that Activision is doing much better than just good. #4
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Like someone said on the comment section, GT5 needs zombies. #1.1.4
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internet hype is not the same as in real life. Call of Duty is the most hated franchise on the internets yet it is the game with the most people playing online right now. #27.1
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So true, the only good games are the "underrated".

And what is so good about Earthbound anyway? I have tried to play that game a couple of times but I just can't like it... #1.1.1
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And if your PS3 is not connected online then you're fuked? No dynamic weather and many other neat things? I'm just asking because since a couple of months ago my PS3 refuses to let me go online. "Ip timed-out" is what it says every time I try to connect... #6
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Then how do you explain FFXIII? Most people love the game and the gamelay consist on going through a corridor while mashing the X button all the time. #1.1
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A new Wild Arms or Legend of Dragoon? But we all know Jrpg's are not cool anymore so... =( #1.1.15
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I wouldn't be so sure about that... The first console came in like 1971 and the first PC for public use came in 1972. And remember that older computers were used just to make calculations while consoles were made just to game.

So I don't think that consoles exist because of the PC. #2.1
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The gameplay's just like the 2.5D MegaMan X8... I never played a Battle Network game but I'm pretty sure is not like that.

gameplay: #5.1
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this game has been in development longer than GT5 yet we know absolutely nothing about it and nobody complains. #6
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So much talent wasted on a game for the Wii. I bet that outside of Japan this game is not even going to sell half a million copies... Why do Mistwalker hates the PS3 so much is beyond me but if they really wanted to make some money the PS3 is their only choice. Not only the core gamers from the west would support the game much more than the Wii owners but the sales on Japan would be equally good so it would be a win-win situation.

Just look at Star Ocean IV, even at full pri... #1
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Testsuya Nomura has only done artwork for the FF games since FFVII... Kingdom Hearts is to my understanding the only game where he has been more than just the artist(he's the director of the series).

And to tell you the truth, the KH games aren't that good, they are just a flashy button masher that weeaboos seems to like a lot probably because of the heavy anime presentation and FF character kameos. If you think about it even the story in those games is pretty much pu... #2.1.4
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I don't know who's making this game but it is clear that they don't have good taste. Mega Man doesn't looks well on 2.5D because the animations are too stiff and the rest of the environment lacks a lot of detail. I hope that if they someday make a new MMX game for the west they go full 2D or something similar to Sonic 4 because this looks horrible! #1
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NO matter how hard you try to spin it there's always going to be a clear difference between a casual and core gamer. Is not only the time you spend playing games what makes you a core gamer but how interested are you about it.

Example: it doesn't matter how many hours my mom spends playing Wii-fit, she will never care about who the heck Fumito Ueda or John D. Carmack are. No matter how much I try to explain to her what a shader is, she will never understand because sh... #1.1
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