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Time to crack out the vita and do some level creating. A trip to Sweden sure isn't bad.

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The argument about homebrew's getting old. I can run emulators on my phone, why would I want to run it in the vita??

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Soooooo, like you want to invest in Google or Apple or something? Sales don't mean anything unless you're an investor. The dollar store toys sell billions more than android and iOS combined, doesn't mean they're better... I'm taking it that you don't own any current gen portable gaming devices? So.... Bum is hurt? :)

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@cee773. You did drive in real life before.. RIGHT? No car stops on a dime, GTA IV's driving was arcadey to my standards but it was a major improvement from GTA San Andreas. Before you think an Aston or Merc can stop on a dime, go drive one at 100km/hr and tell me that you can stop on a dime, because I can tell you right now that if you hit the brakes dead on, you'll be skidding like no tomorrow.

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Could be console; the textures and shaders on LA Noire looked just as fantastic on the consoles.

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Rockstar is teasing GTA V relatively in quick succession in the past week... I hope you regret your decision. :)

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Actually IIRC; the people that got this game un-published were those who had their son's and daughters currently in the war hence why the game wasn't published in 2011 as planned by Konami, and thus scrapped. Sony would need quite a bit of winning over angry parents once they release this game.

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He's just a really bad troll, ignore him.

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Aww...No cockpit view? :(

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You do know why people enjoy Gran Turismo over Forza don't you? I'm saying this from a true racing genre fan and not from a gamer's perspective. In Forza, the game is a lot more fun. Heck, I would say I sometimes have more fun on Forza customizing my cars and racing them on Xbox rather than playing Gran Turismo. But from a driving game fanatic's perspective...Forza just isn't on par with Gran Turismo's racing experience. I cannot use my G27 or even the DFGT in Forza, t...

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Please. Give me GT5 for the vita. Please. I will sleep a happy man if you do. Please IT IS ALL I WANT. I hope PD makes a Gran Turismo for the Vita before GT6 comes out. It will give me something to do.

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Meh, not that bad. Looks like the Wii version of black ops. Was expecting much more on the powerful Vita...Guess Activision can't utilize the vita's power...

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Damn. Kemp got panic knifed nearly two dozen times. That stupid 17 year old needs to start changing his button layout to tactical.

The Gun? Don't get me started. That rank 17 noob doesn't even have steady aim or sleight of hand unlocked. What a noob, Kemp is obviously a ranked 30 colonel.


Watch the media spin things around again and put video games in the hands of the killer. Everyone will now think video games create a violent perso...

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Now... To crash that GTR using the CE3's physics...

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You could get almost 30 people in the screen when you have a high bounty... I'd expect GTA V to be somewhere between max Payne 3 and GTA IV

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GTA 5 will probably have a delayed PC release date to keep us graphically conscious pc gamers happy just like what GTA 4 did.

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Don't want to put the author down or anything, but you most of these speculations will probably not happen. The maverick helicopter had open doors but you couldn't "jump" out of it to skydive except for one instance for the skydiving activity in GTA IV. The camera is another iffy one as well because the little bird helicopter in GTA IV also had a similar camera but you couldn't operate it.

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Actually, im expecting 3000p resolutions from the next gen consoles even though current gen TVs don't support it. I mean seriously, consoles were made to last into the future.

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What people mean when they talk about the wikI being this gen and appealing mostly to casual/core gamers is what happened with the original Wii and suspected specs of the wiiU(hardware wise, we are expecting the wiiU to have a decent GPU up with the standards of the ps3/360. This is no longer impressive because the tech for the current gen consoles have been used since 2007 hence the "WiiU is this gen" statement. However we will never actually know until the WiiU is released. As for...

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That's it. Porsche on Forza? Time to buy an Xbox.

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