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As basic economics tell us, Sony would probably keep the prices within the vicinity of Nintendo's and Microsoft's next-gen pricing assuming that they have similar technology. The Wii U's price is reflective of the technology it utilizes (which isn't all that great) therefore it's only a mere $299.99 (I believe Nintendo's also losing money for each Wii U sold without a game). Sony has obviously learned it's lesson of having the highest price of consoles when it was... #36
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Wait what? Autumn 2013? I hope that's a typo. #3
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I don't understand your reasoning behind this. Many consoles (and other products) released at an early stage usually don't generate profits from the console(or product) itself ( look at the vita, PS3, and Xbox 360). They don't make any profit until they have a sustainable volume and parts become cheaper which is when the console actually becomes profitable to the company. Usually, almost all console makers get their profits off the games being sold. #16.2
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The game really improved over the last few. It's something special all right. #31.1.1
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This OUYA console makes me say OOh YEAH! They should have the Kool-Aid man as their prime mascot.

In a serious sense,it's nice to see a new face in this competitive market place. It will get hectic if this thing does sell and at that price point, it's got me lookin' #1
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actually, black ops 2 was pretty good in my opinion. Seemed like the devs had fun making it and the game itself differed a lot compared to the other yearly releases; this is coming from a Battlefield fanatic. #31
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The game's alright. Just don't expect a storyline that fills in any of the gaps in AC3. Their stories are completely different; co-existing with each other. #5
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Who would even look up this guy on Wiki? He's such a suck up to larger companies. #17
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heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeey sexy lady

These renders are really good. Might even persuade me to buy Hitman at launch ;) #24
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I'm sure many of us remember the ps3 during first two years of release..."Worst PlayStation in history", "Blu-Ray is just another gimmick", "the ps3 looks like a fridge". Look at the ps3 now. One of the best selling product Sony has to offer. Give the vita some time, it's only been 8 mounths #4
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Personally, I don't think the game is bad at all. Once you play it, you get the vibe that it's just Battlefield with close quartered style maps. That being said, it's not like COD at all in terms gameplay. "Camping" proves ineffective once the other team realizes that you're doing it. There are no trick shots and MOH is not as fast paced. The general style is visibly noticeable as MOH tried to create a realistic and believable atmosphere. In the gaming industry, mone... #1.2.2
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Apple has GameLoft (ea owned mobile gaming company) for a majority of it's crappy gaming needs. If apple creates a console, I would expect it to sell well regardless of what it has. I'd imagine something like "3D gaming with 7.1 Surround sound" and the general public (oblivious to current technology) will be astounded. "3D gaming - a brand new concept by the makers of the revolutionary iPhone." "support for 11.1 Surround sound, another brand new experience cha... #4.1
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None of your facts are facts. Such a fail post :| #4.2
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Wait...Wouldn't the prices mean only 179.99 for the Wi-Fi model and 199 for the bundles in NA?? Idk about you guys, but that's one deal to consider for Christmas. As for me, I got mine during launch but if I didn't have one, I would surely get one as this price provides the best handheld bang for your buck. #23
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Forza's great for cruising around on the streets and having the current gen cars. Love driving on the beautiful country sides #2
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What Rare did with Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo Kazooie will never be forgotten, but Rare's just dead now... Unless MS invests a lot of money in Rare to produce something that's actually good. #52
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December december december december december GTA V oh god, this better be true game informer. You better not be rustling these jimmies here. #41
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It's big enough for me. It's actually an upgrade from my 22" Plasma from like 2003 lol. #23.1
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Man, dont day you got someone working in MS for you, it'll just make you look childish. Like your kid. #12
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Why don't you guys just plug your USB mp3 device into the aux on a home theatre system? Sure sounds a lot better than coming from the TV itself #13
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