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@chaos-lockheart. Sony always made their products in China. The only time I remember it being made in Japan was the early radio that was invented.

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No...Please...Not Connor again.. I felt like he was such a bland character in AC3... I can't wonder how he will be as a pirate.

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Pretty sure this was totally random. I have all PlayStation systems and 2 Xperia phones as well as a Bravia TV linked on my Sony Entertainment Account. My trophy level also almost stretches to level 14 and have at least 38 games linked onto my profile.

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There wasn't a new game announcement for the Vita which should be incorporated with Playstation's future. No I am not mad. I am merely disappointed because of this. Also, the games are being streamed from the PS4, not utilising the Vita's power. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, i've been using my Vita; playing all possible games available for it. I've been amazed by Sony in how they can squeeze out so much power in a tiny machine. But I still feel that I was let down be...

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An AUX output.. FINALLY. I would also believe it would be included with the console. I'd imagine that the PS4 come with the DS4 + the new PS eye cam sort of like how the Wii U came with the fancy controller and the console itself. Would be quite pointless if they gave us the DS4 but not the PS eye that accompanies it.

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Throughout the entire conference... I was waiting for Gran Turismo to be announced for the Vita in light of the enlightening video that released just hours before the meet... To my disappointment... the only mention of the Vita was it was going to be used more by the PS4...What about the PS3? How about new releases for this system? It's a very capable hand held device and it would be a damn shame to let it die.

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@computersaysno. The PC can most definitely run those games. The most high-end PC hardware from 2010 can even run the games from the PS meeting today. But what we're comparing to right now is the longevity and cost of owning a console compared to a PC. As a side note, I AM IN NO WAY trying to thrash the PC in any form. I was once a PC gamer and my rig from 2006 still stands. The reason why the PS4 or any console for that matter makes the news compared to the PC is simply because they can ...

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^ Personally, I feel that using the bumper cam or hood view is more realistic. In cockpit view, it feels like you're turning a turn a virtual wheel.

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Wonder how much power is in that big box of theirs... I highly doubt that the final release PS4 would look like this though, very likely that it may be more slim lined and may look like a larger matte ps3.

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Patent seems to be addition of Ethernet cable slot, HDMI slot, and what seems to be a slot for a circular plug (possibly a new accessory?). It might also hint that these slot plugs would come as an accessory for the vita as indicated by the yellow but im quite pessimistic about that as I do not see anyway that would work unless the Vita had support of this software in the beginning.

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Do not want. There's a reason I have a PS3 after purchasing a PS4. Remember when the 60GB first gen ps3 had BC? As much as we all demanded BC be included in the other literations of the Playstation 3 console, it's safe to say not very many of us will actually make use of it. As much as we love our PS2 games and how much nostalgia it brings to us, you still have the PS2. It could be a hassle to set the thing up but it's still there and BC would only take up more room.

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If only we had the games they would release in Japan... I'm sure we would be seeing "70% of American Gamers finally perceive the value in owning the PS Vita System".

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When there was the CFW bug for the PS3, wasn't there plenty of people at the level cap at the time?

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She's playing GTA!!!! Ohh god...

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Highly doubt this would happen given today's market. The article states that Sony rarely goes through on their trademarks and it seems that this may just be Sony plastering their name on this technology before other companies do so. Will it ever have use? Probably not. But in the same sense, would vomit flavoured jelly beans have any use? Probably not, but there's a name on it either way.

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I see some free running elements in this... May turn out to be "memorable".

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I would want the cell on the ps4... But too many devs are crying mercy over the long days trying to develop for the cell...I highly doubt Sony would ever bring back the cell processor unless they make IT techs take courses in "developing for the Cell Processor".

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Liberation's 1.02 patch killed me... My 100+ hours spent collecting everything was gone cause my save file was corrupted somehow...

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How in the hell is Sony near bankrupt? That hardly makes any sense. Sony's total assets increased since 2011. The net worth of Sony as of 2012 is 13.7 Trillion Yen approx, 150B USD. That is not near bankruptcy. Even though Sony has posted fiscal losses, it does not mean they're going out of Business. I also don't know what you're talking about with R&D and marketing. Sony's spent fortunes on R&D and marketing when the PS3 came out in ...

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Here's a tip, how about actually making that cross-controller combo with the vita and the ps3 working? I have a hard time connecting my Vita to the Ps3 to play LBP2 with the vita + other controls. I really hope they start supporting the Vita more as I see few games that I desire in 2013.

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