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the fact it is free to play online makes me want to buy multi plat games on the ps3 rather then my Xbox 360 so if it changes in the future all I can say is its a shame.

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the new Final Destination movie (3d version) I like how they are only there to see a crash haha :)

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nice to have n4g back! Liking the look of the new site guys well done. Obviously a shame about the bubbles being reset hehe

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nice to have n4g back up!

@ FrankDrebin everyone is entitled to their own opinion, shame you dont like it. I personally think it looks cool.

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there are normally always work arounds. but you dont seem to get the point agent smith is making, and also some people arnt able to do everything you can. For example:

I am a university student, and whilst living in uni accommadation I am not able to connect to a wireless network, and I only have 1 ethernet port in my bedroom. There for there is no streaming from my laptop or desktop. and about having the stuff on usb, yes its a work around. But if your like me using them for uni...

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try re reading the article. As IdleLeeSiuLung has already pointed out it says...

"However the updates did not do that and could not have caused the behaviour described in the reports. So far Microsoft is not seeing this as a big issue and Prevx has apologised to Microsoft for the “inconvenience” caused by its original blog posting."

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whats wrong with you? why cant someone want a new product to come out with improvements? hes not even saying that the new product is going to be good, he could be wanting it to come out just to see if microsoft embarrass themselves again like with Vista when it first came out.


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Microsoft isnt the only company charging for "upgrades" I pay for my iPod Touch to be upgraded now and again, and i am pretty sure mac users have to pay about £100 every other year for upgrades, right? (i know it USE to be the case at least)

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hating all the time.

I remember when Windows XP FIRST came out, it was as unstable as Vista was when it first came out. Sure Vista isnt as good for gaming as XP is, but then thats obviously going to be the case if Windows uses more memory etc to run.

Windows Vista SP1 IS completely fine and stable, i am running it on my laptop and running Windows 7 on my desktop, i will upgrade my laptop (for free cos of purchase date) but thats because i like some of the new feature...

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to lol aswell :) nice comment, made me giggle.

and i actually watched Terminator 3 last night - good film!

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although i love to see innovative ideas such as the Nintendo Wii i will NOT be buying this. i am more of a traditional controller player. I did buy a Wii for my family but i never use it, never seen a game i have thought "wow that would be good on the wii" compared to on PS3 / Xbox 360

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nice none offensive comment... not.

you should also think before you speak (or type) some people have had traumatic experiences in life concerning this subject, and im sure if any are on n4g they dont need people like you saying sh!t like that.

reported - offensive.

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the love Windows 7 is getting =) not saying i dont like it but normally these articles are filled with biased comments.

on topic:
i agree windows 7 is really nice, also currently using Vista on my laptop which i will upgrade when i dont have so much uni work to do on it =(

@ anyone hating on Windows 7.
yes it takes more memory etc to run then XP but HONESTLY who who still uses 512mb of ram anymore? especially when 1gb costs about £9-£14 now (sou...

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although i think your comment is a bit over the top, i agree with you. I forgot about Nintendo for console gaming when they brang out the Wii but for handheld imo its more of a casual experience (thinking of both the DS / iPhone / Touch / PSP) so in that sence i havnt forgotten about them yet :)

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totally agree, and @ Bodyboarder_VGamer ...... /sigh

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thats like saying why is there an Apple store down the raod from me as i can walk / drive to pcworld which sells exactly the same products plus other stuff.

your comment is stupid honestly...

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if this is true then I am extremely happy that i didnt buy the pspgo as i will be buying this soon after release if possible!

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i know people that have x2 xbox 360s one just for copied games and one for online play (purchased games) and i know people who have gone out and bought another xbox 360 because of getting banned (the xbox 360 still works so its another sale)

on another note to stop a fanboyism reply, its also a reason the PSP has sold so much (not refering to the PSPgo) also because of the homebrew, not just refering to the piracy

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i looked at those pictures. The PSPgo's screen is actually smaller then the original PSP =O

apart from that i am really impressed with how small it looks compared to the original PSP.

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europe comon!

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