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"GTA V...I want it now!"


I've been helping my friend look for a PS4 this past month and we haven't had much luck. I stopped by my local Walmarts yesterday as I was on my way home and both had no PS4's. They both had a lot of Xbox ones but I was actually very surprised by the one closest to me...they had two day 1 editions in stock! #1.1.22
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That's when I got mine. I regret not getting 2 since I was already planning on paying 50 for 1 year prior to black friday. Oh well. Ill be ready next year. #2.2
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Come to the bay area lol. As of this momment every Walmart, Target, Gamestop and Best Buy in my area has plenty of xbox ones. #10.8
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U mad? Lol

I was actually looking for a PS4 but would ask them what about xbox since I was already talking to them. I was just curious lol #1.1.18
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I called every single gamestop in my area at 7am asking about the ps4 and they all would say they sold out but when i asked about the xbox one they all said they had them in stock. Even went to the mall at 12pm and they still had a lot. I am not exaggerating either. I was actually surprised there were so many xboxs out there. #1.1.14
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Cool. I'm sure the 500 xbox owners in Japan will be thrilled about this. #4
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Like 90% of video games are set in New York. I want to explore new cities dammit lol Still excited for this game though. #1.2
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Some people might hate me for this but I actually sold two PS4's on ebay lol. I went into my local target Friday morning on release day to try and take advantage of their buy 2 get 1 free deal. As I'm there I notice the line for PS4's was pretty long but I already had mine so I didn't think much of it. Line was moving pretty fast so I said screw it. I got in line and snagged a PS4. There were 2 left when I got mine. Then as I'm driving back home I notice gamestop is open s... #3.1.6
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I have GTA, was hooked on the online when PS4 came out but still got a PS4. Now I haven't touched GTA ever since. #1.5
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I think the next batch of Xboxes are gonna start coming with a fire extinguisher. #1.6
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Damn, so one minute you could leave your house while your Xbox downloads and the next you return to a house made of ashes? That sucks! #1.1.5
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What about putting movies on the hard drive? #6
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That's a huge improvement over last gen. This game is about get a second look from me. #1.1.4
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No issues here. Logged in and everything is up and running. Im writing this from my ps3. The browser is awesome. Loads faster than my laptop ! #1.4
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My platinums that I can remember are Infamous 1 and 2 God of War 1,2 and 3. Dynasty Warriors 7, Warriors Orochi 3, Killzone 3, Uncharted 2 and 3, Resident Evil 5, The Last of Us and GTA 5. No doubt I'll be adding Second Son platinum to my collection. When I really enjoy a game I try and get the most out of it and that pushes me to get that platinum but there's plenty of games I enjoyed that I didn't get a platinum simply because I found it too difficult lol. #2.3
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Probably for now. Adding themes seems like something they can add with a simple update. #7.1.2
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I'm hoping to be one of those 5 million. I didn't get a chance to preorder but anyone know what my chances are to get one day 1? If I don't get one day 1 whats the worse case scenario? I gotta wait till 2014? #1.1.2
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That bundle would be fuckin sweet for that price. Im wondering if I should wait and see if this bundle gets announced for the U.S. #1.4.2
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If I place an order on this will it charge right away or will it charge after the console ships? Someone please let me know. And this thing only wants to give me two day shipping if I sign up for their Amazon prime. #1.1.7
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I like how with my TV, you can plug a ps3 into the second hdmi and get full backwards compatibility.

Same crap. Its not truly backwards compatible unless one machine is running all the games. #1.1.10
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