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Dude , i have Not bought Nentindo console since Snes . they need more than Zelda,Mario ,Splatoon, mario kart 8,Pikman get my money. Run an Gun,Beat em up's Shoot em up's would burn a hole in my wallet .

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Wash,Rinse,Repeat same She-it we heard since 2014 next few days or next week it'll be Sony ps4 turn " 7 ways in which the ps4 is Better than Xbox1 " next month article will say " 7 ways in which the Switch is Better than both Xbox1 and ps4 " give us a Break .

for 365 days we get the same She-it but in different format .

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Have not played Ninja Gaiden since Nes days.

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Maybe gamers tired playing same She-it since 2006 Call of Duty, Halo etc.
Maybe gamers want actual Variety as Snes had.
I don't kno im just a gamejunky drunk off of variety instead of dried stale open world military mess again an again an again an again an again an again for pass 11 years going on.

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Telling the Truth about a game helping gamers decision to buy or not is Dishonest now? , But they Pay reviewer to Lie how Great their game is, Stir up illusional Hype that's ok?

They can black ball hell outta me . if i was a reviewer my review would be Honest . if it was Good thumbs up . if it was Shitty it will be known. Gamers need heads up before buying .

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All games should be 39.99

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Im only pointing out the obvious . Buuuut!!! tell me what did Nentindo take from Nes an Snes to contribute to Switch ?

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Switch -wiiUUUU is the Same!! all Nentindo did made wiiU screen thinner , got rid of black box console wiiU had. combined everything into Switch monitor screen Add cartridge slots on top.
There you have it WiiU 2 with 2 miniture wii controllers hanging both sides on monitor .

In reality Nentindo created nothing New or innovative. what they did do: if you use the imagination for moment .
SLiced off directional buttons Left side of WiiU monitor, sliced o...

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I want Good sidescrolling Super Metroid 2 follow by Sidescrolling Castlevainia 5 ,Contra 5
That would make me buy the Switch day one.

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(Meanwhile ) hope Flash included

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Xbox brand Never had Much to offer since day 1 from Original xbox to Xbox 1
in all these years nothing New outside of Halo,Gears,Forza . Variety is not Microsoft thing . running old formats into the ground yes. Halo and Gears been around since what ?? 2005? Slap on few tweaks call it Halo 12 same old boring format. Rinse wash repeat with Gears, Forza .
Xbox has nothing to offer me.

@ 343 below Xbox 1 has noooooo multiple heavy Hitters . if you call f...

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"Sony has awaken the giant"

What Giant you refering to???
Surely not miget Microsoft Compare to Gigantic Power house Sony (games) wise.
Sony is the Giant here , while MS is like Tatoo from Fantasy Island "da Sony ' da Sony " pointing upwards .

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Biggest mistake Ea could do in 2017 in my PERSONAL opinion

release another Need for speed crapfest,junk,crapola like 2015 reboot.
or criterion mostwanted,rivals ,hotpursuit, burnout for speed .

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What im saying Cursed Castilla and Ghost and Goblin would be more appealing to this Generation and old skool players. same style of game play with update graphics .

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Are Developers AFRAID to bring classic retro games to modern graphics ? im sure Cursed Castilla look great with Knack graphics , Since Knack also a platformer.

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No, Refresher course what we know already for the umteen time.

Typical day here on..........YOU GOT IT .....Old-News 4 Gamers.

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Love my ps3/ps4 my personal opinion

PS4 to me no better than ps3 . here's why : ps3 able to play All my ps1,ps2,ps3 games plus Bluray movies and DVD movies only thing ps3 need is up-to-date Browser explorer 9 . everything else is great. on the other hand PS4 lacking photo, movie storage like ps3 does . was that Sony way keeping hackers from pirating movies?
can't believe you need a Thumbdrive to view video and photo's on PS4 . also you ...

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Did not know what to do with Trico . Save him or walk him around the island . Game was CONFUSING say the least.

Sony at E3 never explain what we suppose to do with Trico. the Native-born island kid i could not understand anything was said, that made it EXTREMELY confusing and difficult .
for those reason last Guardian was returned back to retailer .

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Battle Arena Toshiden should be on that list for HD reboot .

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Sean Murray Strikes Again .

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