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Ehhh, remind us what year Xbox had any kind of Dynasty to return to?

Was it the year 1302? before original Xbox their was none. in the 80's-90's Microsoft as a company just starting off in 1995
While Sega fighting Nintendo for attention . where was Xbox Dynasty again ? late 90's came Sony and Nintendo where was Xbox Dynasty at again ? from 2000-2017 where was Xbox dynasty again ? im sure You not talking about that weak one year lead 2006 push is Mic...

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Who come up with this Daily crap?
its not Sony fault 360- X1 not surpassing ps3,ps4. until Microsoft realize its about Games they will continue stay in the Slump they're in.

Who is writing this week in week out monthly crap? .
a pattern is beginning to form. my conclusion : keep it going and keep gamers Confused .
This week more confusion but Sony or Nintendo Switch this time.
the game is to keep gamers bickering,disagreeing,confu...

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This got to be some kind of clickbait " the end of Console Dominance "
Console not going anywhere long as money to be made.

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Noooooooooo, they only Pre-ten-ding to be consumer friendly
If MS was remotely friendly they would by now have library of games . Not wait until lost of xbox gamers to pretend to be consumer friendly to win them back . their goal shoulda been producing variety of games only.
Instead stuck on halo,gears,mass effect,destiny,forza ,assassin creed. 6 games hardly enough to call a library to keep anyone interested staying with MS ...........if ps1 only had 6 games constantly upg...

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My friend Skipped ps4 because he feels ps4 sucks waiting on ps5 ..... i told him boy you don't know what you missing . GT sports , VR racing,shooting list goes on........

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Agree , was disappointed myself in the Reboot, no Battle arena stage.

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Every Sega, Every snes titles need to be Rebooted for ps4.
Let the Good times Roll again .

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Instead of building mini SNES
Why not remaster all classic SNES games for Switch. I for one love to play Contra alien war again.

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Im wondering what happened to Xbox 2,3?? not alone Xbox 4

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By George you hit the nail on the Head.

" the Real winners" are the ones who are "Happy" with what they want . Ding,ding,Ding!!!!!
not deceived by articles ,hype, fake promises .

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"Mark the return of platforming"

i'll believe it when Earthworm jim,Sly cooper ,Jax and Daxter return.

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Propaganda my friend ,Propaganda . its All about creating crap daily keep gamers mind confused.

we will never see Good articles.

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" why console wars need to stop"

Only one producing ,creating the illusion of a war is "Happening" is the paid editor of said website .
who is actually waring? was it mention on local News Kaz Hiari body slammed Satya Nadella, Iwata upper-cut Nadella ?? No. they have no reason to through a tandrum . so, guys lets clear this age old lie.
Gaming website created this war ( or shall i say lie) to subconsciously hype the thrist of said Gamin...

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as MAULxx said below or up depend where N4G set my reply........... You've had 0 issues " so far" probably because Millions of gamers has not jumped to Digital download yet. of course you have "no issues "
you probably never will have issues simple fact Millions of gamers rather die with Physical disc instead Digital download .

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Digital downloading............Hmm, lets look at the possibility . Without you knowing Hackers could install rootkit virus in the download while said game downloading onto harddrive.
i could be wrong here ,but rather have physical disc. that way i know i own the game .
PSN crash you lost the game , if you cheat online you Banned from PSN for using the digital game . feel like Sony, MS would have way to much control over us IF we use digital games.
Nooooooooooo t...

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If you haven't figure it out yet............MS only Good making computer software !!! they proved it without a doubt. they're noooooooooooooooooooooo at making gaming console simple as that. Millions of ps4 gamers see it why can't you? some had their 360 fix 5 times, will it take 5-6 x1's to be repaired or 3 repaired Scorpio's? to finally get it?.
Halo,Gears,Forza not enough for me to buy MS product .
if i had X1 with 3 games i'd be Bored as Hell...

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Last video Funny
MS handed Sony the sword to wimp their ass Haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa sweet.

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MS remind us the children story "little boy cried wolf " each cry led to Nothing but smoke an mirror .
they cried with Xbox, they cried with 360, they cried with X1 , now they Crying Hard with Scorpio .
each time Xbox open their mouth Sony Slap it shut Ka-Bamm ps3, Ka-Bamm ps4, Ka-Bamm ps4 pro .
by time Scorpio release Ka-Bamm ps5 ........... keep crying wolf MS Sony ready.

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Haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa you don't Need to be a Professional to decide which console to choose.

in other news water is wet more details at 11

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Something besides open world shooters YIPPPPY!!

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