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@ Rude-ro

You right bro, that is the MAIN reason i did not buy 360 same repeated games over and over for 3-4 years.

while Sony push out variety of games year out.

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How is this game causing sooooo many deaths?? we hear people in the News being run over ,crashing into cop cars,falling off cliffs, lure to parks raped at mid-night. did people forget they have common sense to use their eyes???

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More like :

1. Going Commando
2. Up your Arsonal
3. Ratchet and Clank
4. A Crack in Time
5. Tools of Destruction
6. Quest 4 booty
7. Deadlock
8. All 4 one
9. Full Frontal Assault
10. Reboot R&C

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Is it true some people going in park at night being rape following the map and people falling off cliffs not paying attention??

hope that is NOT! true.

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Don't know about you guy's but i rather have a New Contra on wii-U or NX than this mimi crap.

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dude, did you not read on web page Super C on the list?? what you think that C stand for "Super Contra"

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@ darthv72 i'm sure you meant to spell " Intellivision" console. i too hope Snes version is next.

If Nintendo contract developers to reboot all said games on list the NX would sell like hotcakes.

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In my state of Washington it do!!! walk in yesterday. bought the NEW Ratchet and Clank game.
in Westlake mall here in SEATTLE Gamestop do exist. it used to be Electronic boutique .

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"Why Pokemon Popularity Won't Last For long"

Pokemon should have ended when yugioh ended 2006

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Depend on where you were raised, how you was raised and parents communication, or as a child heard other kids use "Heck" yer,fer,reckin etc.. maybe the guy live in the South.

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"Sony is adding an extra measure to avoid confusion in PSVR Games"

wouldn't it be simple if the game label say "PSVR" verse PS4 title on shelves. im very sure gamestop will create a psvr label shelve and regular ps4 title label shelve.
how is confusion possible??

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What happen to Ash Nike swoosh thingy-mark on cap?? did company trade in the swoosh for all-seeing illuminati eye??

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Are there not 4 guys?? or is it one of them is of color and advertisers don't want to acknowledge Ernie Hudson in any media,gaming promotion??

out of curiosity i'm asking.

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That would be sweet "if" Sony could up grade the graphics of classic games with unreal engine or with frostbyte engine. imagine playing any sidescrolling space shooter or run an gun shooter with frostbyte engine.

i personally would buy Castlevinia, Metriod,Contra ,R-type,Gradius with frostbyte engine.

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a Sell :any games not selling well reduced to discount profit.
therefore the illusion of gamers getting over has happen.

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I too am a ol skool gamer with much love for Nintendo. i have nooooo interest in ps4 games compare to Nintendo style games. if NX able to reboot classic Snes title i would be sold out to Nintendo once again.

in the meantime i'm enjoying ps1,ps2,ps3 classic games.

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Amen to that bro. my phat ps3 runs everyday watching Hulu+ or Netflix. still play my ps1,ps2 games.

until Sony able to reboot ps2,ps3 games on ps4 i will never buy ps4. im better off going to yard sales for 5-10.00 ps2-3 games.
in the future hope ps5 able to play ps1,ps2,ps3,ps4 games.

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Reason why....simple. dev to dang busy repeating boring open world formats. instead of reproducing joyful classic playable games on ps4 as reboots. insomniac prove that with R&C

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