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I've never played Horizon either. but the spirit of the game remind me so much of old root style of need for speed. (open tracks)
as i was watching (Youtube) i said to myself Hmmmm, the ol days of need for speed. i started out with Highstakes buddy of mine used to beat me (was new to racing) as time went on i bought the game practice daily. we bet who would win i tell you it was a Challenge to beat this guy. later on bought Hotpursuit 2 ,Underground 1 ....I only wish Underground ...

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Off topic:

was watching Forza Horizon last night on Youtube Need for Speed used to be open road tracks before coming open world crap. miss open road racing in need for speed.

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The Console Wars Return

Return?? when did it End???

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@ The Optimist

"All AAA games including the ones I have mentioned have had the same old same old gameplay, no innovation."

Congrads you win internet Trophy of the DECADE.
thought i was the only one felt that way since 2006
you right Noooooo innovation, wash,rinse,repeat since 2006 with different titles from Call of Duty to whatever Duty same format.
Wash,Rinse repeat.

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The Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2016

Dare i say it?...................No fking bloody man disappointing sky's

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There’s a new Pokemon animated series on the horizon.

Amazing how this is Announced now and New yugioh "Dark side of Dimension" movie will be release this Nov. in U.S.
i'm sure a New beginning animation of Yugioh on the Horizon coming as well. Dan Green,Eric Stuart,Wayne Grayson reprising their role.

rather watch Atem and Seto duel instead of Ash summon Pikachu

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There are 2 types of racing game fans. But, very often, the first kind turn into the second kind as time passes.

so true. as of late i too turned from Arcade (NFS) to Driveclub,Project cars, Gran Turismo 5,6,"Sports." (when it comes out)
Need for speed do not have that Excitement anymore as it was in Hotpursuit 2 and Underground 1-2

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PS4P??? really lol. if we had a chance to short-cut the name like we did on xbox 360 down to 360.

a. would you select phoenixup choice PS4Pro
b.New monday 4pro
c. yours PS4P
d. mine PSPRO
e. jamaicangmr Thepro

my perspnal opinion PSPRO or Thepro sound good.

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Nah, cut it short like we did Xbox 360 narrow it down to 360, pspro sound about right. everyone still know what you talking about.

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"Why PS4 Pro is a Brilliant Name"

How about PSPRO?? sound better.

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New name .....PSPRO yes that's the ticket.

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Is that Kevin Pereira from "Attack of the show"?? and X-play.....boy i miss those shows. Morgan Webb. oooh-la-la

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That's great to know you can transfer games from original ps4 to PSpro

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No need to wait. just buy the game, you will see the movie in the game. what i mean is all cut scenes in the game is the movie.

lol, all you need is a controller and you're in the movie.

at the moment on Amazon R&C ps4 going for 23.00

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Retro games are now pretty much gone, and they're a thing of the past.

Wish they would return, how long can you play open world games?
I rather play Crash,Jax an Daxter,Ratchet and Clank,Metal Slug,Raiden,Gradius,Castlevani a,Super Metroid to name a few.
than Call of Duty,Destiny,Battlefield,Mass Effect etc.....

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Should we call it ps4pro or pspro?? as we did xbox 360 cut it down to 360

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pspro yeah, that is a good name to use what you think guy's?? shall we call it ps4pro or pspro??

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one day i'll be able to buy PSPRO

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comparing this Crash with original Crash face this guy look like a hollow puppet, mouth waaay to big.

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Hopefully Crash is done right and Jax an Daxter follows.

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