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@ 4show

I call BS on that . reason people buying these so-called ancient console simple fact Us old skool gamers want to play a Real game not this open world Sheeeeeeee-iiit all the time .
Many of us Dying to get our hands on any Decent Contra ,Megaman games ,Earthworm jim etc.... since Nintendo to fking lazy to continue contracting those developers before bought out. Henceforth rebirth mini Nes-Snes emulation .

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@ Haikus

Sheeeeeeee-iiit if it wasn't for old skool games i wouldn't be playing games now. Fk open world titles, same format since 2006 wash, rinse,dry repeat . make no difference what title it is , wash,rinse, dry, repeat same Sheeeeeeee-iiit open world Has Nothing New.
I welcome shoot em up's beat em up's any day .

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Not at you Number _9

Dear Nintendo , after orders mini SNES Sold out in minutes . why not Remaster SNES games on the Switch ?
not as a flash drive or emulation but as physical disc.
Sign old skool SNES fan

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Maybe in your country cartridge that price but in USA not so High. Used 39.99- 49.99

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Amazon selling the Original SNES Console still, sooooooooooo What's the Big deal on the mini?
Saving on cartridges separately ? i rather have cartridges then emulation .
as of right now original SNES console on Amazon 45- 75.00 compare mini SNES at 80-90.00

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Once a Monkey always a Monkey . Hell Noooooooooooo !

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@ Relientk77

Amazon selling the Real Deal (original console) with few dollars more you can buy Cartridge games .

9.00 more buy "gameGenie" cheat code cartridge . you'll need it playing Contra lol

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One good thing about SNES games .........Each game not boring deadbeat repeat-rinse-wash-dry repeat open world titles .

Thank God

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The Question is : instead of making mini SNES . Why didn't Nintendo modernize those classic games for the Switch ? i personally would loved to see All these games in HD .

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Who ever wrote this article must be retarted or have Mental challenge . how can this guy say Final 15,Knack 2 , the crew 2 is the worst while Skipping Real worst games such as : Shadow of colossus , a way out,mario rabid battle kingdom ,evil within 2,Metroid exodus, State of Decay 2 all those games are Wack.

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Exactly !!

My Original PS4 doing great .
if i did not have PS4 .... 299 pro would do it.

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Question : why is Ea holding back the cop chase footage in payback ? i was Disappointed . waiting to be goosebump Hyped to buy payback , All we seen fast and the furious wannabe clip.
what a Bummer .

can we Please !! have old-fashioned cop and chase NFS without unwanted always online,alldrive,autolog,always nighttime driving ,burnout wannabe ,fast and the furious wannabe,GT wannabe , project cars wannabe ,Drive Club wannabe ,Dirt wannabe ,Ridge Racer wannabe ,F1 ...

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Whud?? people not Blinded Hype Sheeps anymore? there goes the neighborhood .

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You say : " Wack Conspiracy Theory "

ok, can you sir Explain " Why!!!!!" Sony Don't Capitalize on MS weak presentation and bring the Guns out?
you do know MS presentation is first right?
each time MS presentation is Weak they play it safe for what reason ?.

You must know why ? calling my Observation "wack"
must be Wack to you simple fact A. you blinded by Hype and Don't know . B. you not...

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Question : whenever MS make a mistake for Sony to Capitalize at E3 Sony Fail to Utilize MS short coming
why is that??
some kind of Business code agreement ? " you Can't Trample our business" cause lack of games clause contract?.
This is Sony second time not Capitalizing on MS weak Presentation, first time E3 2015 . must be a Dark secret businesses don't want the Public to know . Sony Can't come Full Force unless MS has something rebound with...

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Don't kno about you guys but Knack 2 look Spectacular .

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" Xbox doesn't need to rely on Gears and Halo anymore "

It took from 2006 up to now Finally admit this? Heavens-to- Besty even.
MS could gave Sony Challenge of a life time back-to-back New Ip's back from 2006 -2017
Just maybe i've would have bought a 360 .

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"Its not the price,its not the console"
its the LACK of Major Exclusive games !!!!!
MS presentation was Pure 100% hogwash Failure.

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Seem like All Developers listening to gamers but Ea . Why!!!!! Andrew Wilson ?? Why are you ONLY listening to investor around the board room table ? they not concern or buying the developed product. it would be Ea best interest to start listening !!!! if Ubisoft ,Mark Cerny and others able to Jump in the Listen wagon why not you Ea , Ea it don't hurt to give us a CORRECT remake of Underground ,Mostwanted, Hotpursuit 2 .

Ea this is the Year the Mighty Wallet wil...

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I was Highly excited with Crew 2 than need for speed payback furious crapfest.
Thank you Ubisoft for Actually making a interesting racing game and NOT !! a wannabe Clone of Fast and the furious crapfest.

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