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"These companies probably purposely put limited quantities up for pre-order, and when they sell out quickly, they generate headlines-- which in turn causes other people to think it's a must have item."

scheme of life: not surprised companies put limited quantities on shelves and claim they sold out fast. then put a cockin-bull headline "PSVR a must have item, get yours now" slogan. with god of war gameplay in background.

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"PS VR Preorder Stock Sells Like Hot Cakes, Whole Stock Sell Out In Minutes"

WOW!! a fad don't sell out in minutes.

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@ hells_supernova

"Sounds like playstation home...which is kind of like second life etc nothing new is original these days they all barrow from another idea or two"

Bible say : nothing is new under the sun that has not repeated it's self over the years, centuries.

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Probably could with rebirth of classic ps2 games revived.

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Including Mark Cerny

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Even though New R&C not full normal game, but base on luring new generation to the franchise from a movie stand point. i'll still buy it for collection reasons. can't wait to see if "Going commando" reboot is next, probably after Spiderman game released.

New R&C games has been 29.99 on Amazon for last 2 months now. whoever posted this article is 2 months late and dollar short.
the whole movie is base on ALL cut scene from the game .....

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From the photo

All aliens must look the same. from rosewell photo's to Area 51, video game photo,tv show V,and Battlestar Galactica all look the same race......glad God created his creation differently.

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Plus Crash Bandicoot coming in the future.

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Finally something worth playing beside open world military or zombie type games..........

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Glad this crapfest not coming to Wii u or NX

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Console wars still going on??? that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2006-ish

it should be : i bought such-an-such becuz of games they have to offer.

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Not only Rayman 4 but where is Gradius,Einhander,R-type,Castl evania,Super Metroid 2

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If anything MS stole the thunder from Scorpio with 1-s..... ps4 is fine.

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Been waiting on a game like this since R-type finals and Gradius 5 only wish graphics much better, frostbyte engine better.

looking forward picking this up.

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As a ol skool gamer i've seen Nothing!! close to any-type of run an gun shooter side scrolling game. if "Days Gone" the NEW side scrolling run an gun shoot em up like Contra then i need to re-watch it on youtube. i sure as hell missed it watching "ALL" 2016 E3 only thing appealing to me was Insomniac Spider man, GT sports game.

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Crash has been announced this e3 sooooo, it is possible Sony make a surprise announcement at Tokyo game show present Jax an Daxter. Crash,Jax, R&C, Street fighter 5, GT sport,Project cars,Driveclub, Knack 2, King of Fighters, Tekken 7 surely allow me to jump off the waiting fence now. ,,,,,,ok im ol skool...... shoot me lol

soon, old model ps4 will have price drop by Nov. same time Neo along with Psvr release date.

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Another zombie survival game "Days Gone" days gone is days of run an gun. beat'em ups, shoot em ups those are the Days Gone.

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The real Question is : why do owners of said studio sell out knowing their employee's depending on them.
pull security of stability right from under them.
i give Mr. Price much respect caring for his employee future.

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I think Ted price rather work and keep his employee's working instead of selling out to Sony. probably why they still independent.

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This is the BEST!!! Spider man game i've ever seen. matter of fact it was the Highlight of E3 for me.

if only the logo was black spider instead of white spider on the costume.

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