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You would think gamers is hip to saying 360 by now sheesh. leave the damn X out.

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"Why Xbox 360 Was Better Than The PS3"

Really?? we back at this again??
this goes to show this site repeat articles.

my chilli Hotdog was better than a baloney sandwich.

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"Xbox is Evolving Past Consoles"

they tried that before (we) seen what happened their.
what could they possibly Evolve into??windows 10 computer?? Megatron?? hand held phablet/console/ all-in-one entertainment center.
Ms has not learnt gamers want a gaming console yet. not a be-all -all in one console/whatever else they can add entertainment center.

eh is this a repeat??

guess it take a Billion dollars to t...

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Hope it is delayed sooooo long that no one is interested buying it anymore.

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Meh, look like a wanna-be street fighter but faster.

buying this for old time sake.

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if they lower the price to 250-300

but as a old skool gamer currently ps4 has nooooooo value to me and those still enjoy ol skool gaming
i rather buy a second ps3 for ol skool sake .

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could that really be the NX instead lol......................jokin g guys

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One thing is clear: fans are hungry for a new Crash game, and they are making their voice heard.

Not only making their voice heard for Crash but Jax as well.

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Had GT6 took waaaay to long to load 2 hours on my phat 60gb ps3 to this day still not completely loaded.
collecting dust now.

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Now ya talkin.
if only you could pick a car that the rest of the opponent not driving have a upper hand in speed.

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After all this time still bump into wall in Super Speedway. you would think Polyphony digital have that fixed.

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have no clue..... but im sure Sony will announce it...... im giving a reason for most gamers to buy VR

here's a link Uncharted VR footage
it show a possibility what uncharted 4 or 5 could look like.

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"Is the PlayStation VR a worthwhile buy at release?"

Depend on what games are made for it.
Depend what is made is what you like for instance:

Gran Turismo 7
Uncharted to name a few.

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@ Otaku

N4G site "ONLY" post LIES keep it moving.

"First-party games won't save NX"

how do this editor know?? magical crystal ball??

this site only (FEED) Gamers lies. day in-day-out month after month.

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@ Goldby

44 new from CDN$ 869.87 1 used from CDN$ 724.96 from Amazon

even at that price still to high for 3D viewer

if PSVR over 350.00 is to high.

Bam! *Drop mic*

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im waiting on E3 ps4 price announcement. im very sure Amazon will announce it later 250.00 at the moment Amazon has it as 267.00 currently used.

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would love to have those VR glasses in the photo. look much appealing than PSVR Sony offering now.
to bad it is 900.00

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@ DaDrunken

Yeah, it seems like we're STUCK on Super serious movie games.......i too want fun back.

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Good for insomniac....................n ow bring on "Up your Arsenal" re-image.

no, movefasta Going Commando as well.

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Why do it need to be FOR black women only??? Fable is a RPG game for anyone with Green money.
ooh! i cant buy fable because my money not tan,yellow,black, eesh you ignorant people crack me up with your foolishness.

so, when general public see a afro-american in a toyota comercial do that mean the demographic they reaching for only for people of color?? and when asians in comercial the demographic only for them but not ALL people regardless what race t...

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