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"if you believe in christ jesus you SHALL be saved."


Nintendo could make a "Great come back" with classic SNES titles on NX.
starting with Super Metroid 2, Castlevainia 4, Contra 5 up grade graphics of course .
day 1 for me. #5
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@ 3-4-5

go to youtube type in : "how to clean Dreamcast lazer disc eye", or if you can't find anyone on youtube .......... clean lazer disc eye with Q-tip and rubbing alcohol let it dry . eye prabaly not working becuz of lack of use and sitting over the years try youtube first.
my phat ps2 is alive once again .

im sure shemue and those 2D fighter games will appreciate being back in action . #1.5.1
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@ areswarlord

I'm a child of the 50's and experience first Dreamcast and loved Sega games.
it would be interesting to see if Sega turn gaming around with Dreamcast 2 or would they act lazy hop on open world military,zombie,fps only concept bandwagon which is over SATURATED!! now. #1.7
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" Could Lego Force awaken Suck"?

if it's anything like the Crapfest movie then Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssss!!!!! #6
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All crap after read subject title

thought Sony announcing ps4 price drop .
using starwars mind trick

move along nothing to see. #4
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150.00?? nope no thanks . #1
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@ Jamesbondage

what i meant ...... after watching Force awaken kylo rin character was weak not like Vader solid, commanding presence . what i seen was a teenage boy with tandrums ,whining, slashing his light saber around when things don't go his way . to kill off any "goodness of the Force " Ben kills his only father ?? that is a sign of mental, emotional trama obeying the devil (Snoke) instead?? what'd??? .......... yep he is gay.
if that not ga... #2.1.1
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After watching Force awaken who cares anymore . kylorin is a fag . #2
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ps4 can cure any x1 doubts or vise versa.

not trying to troll guys. #6
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@ dead

Whatever it is im hoping it comes as a physical disc. not download content only on psn /xbl. now that'll be a dream come true .
any game physical im down with it. #1.1.5
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Maybe Mr. Druckmann tired making uncharted and want to escape from Nathan Drake.

maybe Crash and Daxter get some love now .

my personal opinion #1.7
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@ Shin

I want NEW games too, but not the same genre
( open world ) military crapfest . im done,finish,bored of them now time to move on #3.4
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Agree , great games coming in 2016

soon as ps4 hit 249 (Amazon) at the moment 269 im on board can't wait for 2016 line-up.
First game Gran Turismo Sport followed by Ratchet reboot, Street fighter 5. #2
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And MS response be "we got Forza,Gears,Halo oh' yeah halo lens" that'll put us back on top........... lol, yeah right.

PS4 smoken #1.1.8
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Ghost games should have revived NFS series with title like HOTPURSUIT 2/Underground 1 up-grade the graphics to frostbyte add cops they would had a smash hit.

instead we get rebooted burnout for speed, always online crapfest . #1.1
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oooo! so many i could name , but i'll settle for
Battle Arena Toshiden/Jax &Daxter for now. #10
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" If you have yet to play it, i would urge you to try.


i'll tell you why i have yet to try the reboot yet .
The first 8 NFS (including 3DO version was awesome. 7 nfs on ps1 every title was fun. now ps2 title's rolls around what we get?? HOTPURSUIT 2 of all nfs this title owns ALL rest nfs title's to this date. then came Underground that was fast and furious style racing , i believe all it needed was instant re-play and c... #1.1.1
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Like to see "Going Commando" "Up your Arsenal" remade as well . #10.1.1
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in reality i bought my phat ps3 back then from Amazon did not need 2 jobs
got a lucky break 389 while others full price 599 #7.2
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NFS is a sham now day's from it's glory day's .
I don't think Andrew Wilson care neither Marcus Nilsson of Ghost games studio . one is the puppet producing a product satisfying the other while one pleasing EA investors .
therefore we die-hard nfs fans SUFFER from half-ass burnout for speed combination /wtf it is for speed syndrome .

thank you Andrew Wilson and Marcus Nilsson for blending and combining Highstakes,Mostwanted,Hotpursu it 2, Und... #1
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