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Josef Fares saved the Gaming Award show being fking honest . that alone deserve a Oscar . to say FK Ea was Spectacular .
Rest of the show became boring . lost intrest zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Oh' did i fall asleep ?

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Skip this......... Kevin James is Dead?? WTF? how did that happened mysterious ?? You guys better wake the FK up wants really going on in Life. now days in Reality is not happening what we expecting . Please don't be blind!! of what the media telling you.

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" why PlayStation beat xbox this generation (and what it taught MS)

Should taught MS power, no games , is not enough .
it Always been about Games !!! not speed,not power , not being a living room entertainment hub, not trying to combine pc with gaming console into one .
Sooner MS learn that the better.

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Best part of the show when Josef Fares said 'FK Ea' by that statement he Won the Punching Bag awards show .

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"This year's event was G A R A G E though"..........Really ? i'm sure you meant G-A-R-B-A-G-E !!! garbage .

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Long as Sean Murray don't receive one i don't Care who get one.

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Josef Fares Won "the game awards show " single-handed "

I approved this comment .

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Wished he Slammed Harder on Ea .
it would been mind blowing if he'd said : FK Ea , who gives -a-shit about them anymore . with their Microtransaction greedy ass.
I can see the Audience Roaring with cheers.
Josef Fares Won 'the game awards ' alone.

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Obviously not put Microtransaction in any game . but to keep N4G editor's paycheck flowing creation of clickbait Must Continue .

In February this article will retun under New name but with Ea attached .

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I hope it don't have Microtransaction. if it does im able to find "A Way out"

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Never played Megaman ,but this look inviting .

Also Mighty # 9 should had look this good.

Just notice in small print coming to PSN instead physical disc.

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This crap Hardly remind me of "The Run" bad as the run was it's 10 times better than payback , 2015 reboot,rivals , 2012 mostwanted. Only Decent NFS as of late was 2010 Hotpursuit and drifting each corner made 2010 Hotpursuit undesirable .
Watched longplay NFS 2,3, Highstakes on youtube today . dang i miss simple select car and exotic tracks NFS without All the BS it has now . Evolution will kill NFS if not done right , so far Evolution is Killing NFS original for...

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Better question : why this Article was created in the First place?
Either this is clickbait or Extremely sssssslllloooooowwww day in office to drum-up crap.
Everybody know PSpro is Better .

on side note : every year its the same crap. editor trying to keep gamers and PC gamers debating over Foolishness. MS paying editors to promote their underrated so-call powerhouse . each year Sony out perform MS . these articles getting Boring and Lame now .

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If every game be digital Screw Ps5

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Another illusion of Need for Speed .
Since 2005 Mostwanted need for speed has fallen from grace.
I used to be Pumped for next NFS title. now days, im like " how WILL they screw-up NFS now "
E3 come Ea Use enticing cop footage to Sucker you in for another epic let down .
Ghost Games copying criterion format : Need for burnout-what-the-hell-i-am-spe ed.
If only Ghost games able to create Need for Speed Hotpursuit 2 with Frostbyte engine ...

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Buy empty game. pay 59.99 to download it as Microtransaction game.

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Slow day at office.
Editor could not think of more lies to post , so they repeat the obvious.
But N4G need clickbait to draw interest and sales. so article like these will continue.

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Agree, i would bought Wii U if it had appealing Snes titles .
Switch just as Wii U have no appealing games for me. be continue .

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Skip Black Friday deals . Best deals is year end Deals, December 28th deals . prices much ,much much more Cheaper.
Rolling out 2017 inventory at Low cost to all who find year end deals.
End of 2018 same deals again .

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Have not played it yet especially after watching video on YouTube .
you need to set ratio for steering and breaking , if not precisely correct your car slip/slide all over the track.
im like heck with all that. Dumped the game in my "don't play " basket .
Hope GT sports not that difficult. if so in "don't play " basket too.

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