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That was the "MAIN" reason i never bought 360 back then to this day not alone x1,x1x , noooooo fking games .
Same 3 games since 2006 Halo,Gears, Forza exclusive . nothing more. wash,rinse,repeat.

Same she-it over an over

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Don't know about you but Knack 1 was Awesome can't wait for Knack 2
we need more games like knack .

of course this My personal opinion

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" The Greatest Racing Game "

My personal opinion
Ridge Racer 5 , Gran Turismo 3 , Need for Speed Underground .

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Damn you guys Quick to disagree .

Try reading first for crying out loud.
Nerdburglars stated : "now that they resolved a lot of initial flaws"
My simple "Question" asking innocently : such as? i stated : i Personally have not as of yet read One article resolving players making contact on same planet nor battling in space together side-by side.
i also said : im Asking to be inform if and when this will happen.
How h...

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" now that they Resolved a lot of initial flaws"

Such as? ........... have not as yet read One Article resolving players making contact on same planet, nor battling in space together side-by-side .
when did those flaws get resolved ?

Not attacking you nerdburglars
Im asking to be inform if and when this happen ?

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Tried looking for Soldner x 2 EVERYWHERE !! can't find no physical copies not even Amazon . one copy have seen shop want 75.00

can't wait for Dec.31st Sine Mora release date
by the way Einhander be Excellent too.

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You and Million of old skool gamers still holding out on Hope.
Im still holding out on ps4 Contra title like "Shattered Soldier " ps2 title .

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Im glad platformers making a comeback

Damn tired playing open world this open world that.

Thank you Insomniac for rebooting R&C now platform style games able to return.
wish shoot'em up's return now.

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Hope creator Stir the pot into PS4 Earthworm Jim creation .

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Dear , Ghost games you Suck ........... sign Need for speed fan. Criterion Games await you at the Unemployment line.

Ea how about Slightly Mad Studio next or Return Need for speed kit back to Blackbox studio.

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Hope this Reboot offers what Ghost games Fail to offer in 3 Need for speed attempt. 2015 Reboot and payback lack in original arcade racing .
Can't imagine Midnight club as a part of Fast and the Furious style racing .

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If im on here or Facebook,Superherohype or Yahoo my PS4 suddenly shutdown with error then reboot itself just about 3 times a week now.

since i use my PS4 for online Internet surfing ,don't have PC anymore .

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@ MadMax

Since when we able to play ps1 games on PS4 ?
Please enlightened us my PS4 not enable to play ps1 games as of yet.

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Cheapest route to go find a decent ps1 at Thrift store , test it. use rubbing alcohol clean lazer eye with Q-tip .
every chance i get clean and dust inside body,clean lazer eye when needed she work like a charm.

Thrift stores , yard sell,Amazon,Craiglist best place pick up ps1 games .

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Don't understand with all these software update's my PS4 still receiving errors left and right daily , automatic shutdown . you would think Sony have a solution for these Error's by now.

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" was PS3 hard to Develop for?"

Here we go again , they been saying this since mid 2006-2007ish . of course the CPU was hard to work with but the Cell was fast and powerful .
Next year Article : " was PS4 to Easy Develop for ?" slow day in office ?

P.S . over last few years N4G been Repeating same subject matter with Slightly different title, same old subject .
I would hate to be a writer busting my brain to c...

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I used to fall for pay online psn service ( movies, games ) Digital copie games not for me anymore .
now switch to Kodi Free movies and Physical copies . no more being a sucker paying premium service anymore.

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It was Crapfest crap . you did not know what to do, where to go with Trico. hopping here, jumping there. in the end had to Fight 3 Trico to return the child back to his Native island .
Waste of time and money . TOTAL CRAPFEST

i approve My personal opinion

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Every Freakin gamer Don't want Emulation ,DLC, psn digital copies . their still Millions of gamers still believe in Physical copies .
nothing better than holding your game in your hand .

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Agree, but. I've been waiting for New Jax and Daxter since ps2 era .
I'm hoping for shoot'em up side scrolling games return as well.

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