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"if you believe in christ jesus you SHALL be saved."


THANK-GOD-i-dont-play-onine-ga mes-to-deal-with-this-mess, HACKERS-ruin-a-wet-dream-if-th ey-can-hack-in


sorry,spacebar-is-broke #1.9
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anything but illuminati mind control military FPS type games . Battlefield,Titanfall,Destiny, Call of duty , Killzone, Grand Theft Auto. open world games killing gaming industry with low expectation and bordom. #2
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also , is she posing with illuminati hand signal?? #1.3
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this main reason i don't play online .
everybody want play invincible god like - superman like. #8
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plain-and-simple-a-FAILURE-out -the-gate.
this-could-been-trolling-but- hard-FACTS-now. #1.11
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they-can-TEASE-the-hell-outta- me-with-New-CONTRA!!!! #3.1
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im-just-saying-bro.---Need-for -speed-not-like-military-type-g ame-nor-Ratchet-and-clank.
bottomline-is-im-pooped-with- same-ol-same-ol
call-of-duty-clones.-7-more-y ears-of-same-shit-not-for-me. #1.1.1
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i-will-say-it-for-everyone--- ARE-U-FKING-NUTS??

no-way-digital-down-load-only -is-the-way-or-future.
im-sure-ALL-will-agree-physic al-copy-in-your-hand-of-ownersh ip-is-better-than-invisible-non -ownership-downloads.

sorry,-spacebar-is-broke #1.6
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only-2015-game-im-looking-forw ard-to-is:RATCHET-and-Clank-&a mp;-and-Need-for-speed-game.

all-the-programed-illuminati- military-fps-games-can-go-to-h ell. #1
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GAME-OVER-for-MS-it-was-DEAD- from-the-Beginning-out-the-gate . #1.1.5
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only-ADVANTAGE-I-SEE--shelves -not-clutter-with-games
--i've-downloaded-few-dig ital-games-off-PSN-not-my-cup-o f-tea-all-were-deleted.

matter-of-fact--for-last--3-y ears-NEWS-FOR-GAMER-site
brought-this-same-article-up- several-times-WHY????-is-this-a -hint-gaming-going-digital??-pr eparing-our-consciousness-for-w hat-eventually-may-come.

DA... #1.1
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imo-they-should-be--39.99 #5
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what-you-should-asked--"w hy-is-MS-helping-SONY"-wi t h-DESTINY????-this-will-only-p r ogram-gamers-to-buy-DESTINY-pl aystation-version-and-that-is-t he-SWEETNESS


oh'by-the-way-i-would-buy -that-cologne---ahhh! #1.11
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if-all-we-getting-from-now-on- FPS,MMO-ZOMBIE-TYPE-GAMES-gami ng-is-DEAD!!!-another-7-years-o f-the-same-she-it
would-be-KRAZY---my-ps3-not-o n-unless-watching-blueray-movi e s-these-days. #1
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they-both-have-competition-now .

my-money-on-PROJECT-CARS. #1.5
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they-both-have-same-APP-as-ps 3

nothing-NEW #1.1.3
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REALLY????-U-think-so???-im-B URNT-to-a-crisp-with-open-world -games-and-MMO,zombie-games.
got-to-be-other-games-that-do nt-BORE-the-hell-out-of-you

sorry-for-space-marks...keybo ard-spilled-with-water #2.1
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PLZ!!!!!!-LET-him-die-bring-on -NIGHTWING #1.3
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how-could-you????-PLASTER-all- over-internet

CAN'T-wait!!!! #2
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Reason i don't own wii U yet is same reason i don't own ps4 yet nooooo games im interested in has been developed yet. beat 'em up's , side scrolling games .

military games bored of that. zombie games boring, Grand theft auto type game off the chart boring Assassin creed,Call of duty etc boring .

until Project Cars ,DriveClub,GT7 , Marvel v. Capcom 4 , Street fighter 5, new Ratchet and Clank, new Nfs until those games come out no need to buy... #12
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