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"if you believe in christ jesus you SHALL be saved."


if the Rift is 500.00 then by guessing Sony's Morpheus should be 299.00 ?? give or take???

you guys dont waste time clicking disagree without understand , comprehending possibility of price point . #1.1.1
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Only thing get me excited is unannounced ps4 100.00 price drop compete with X1 price drop . #3
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2D fighting game???? hmmmm interesting . #1
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HYPE..... the "illusion of a thing not there " "Sucker" a fool who believe in the "illusion of HYPE."

layman term "someone over excited about nothing "

a Sheep #5
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Still debating buying ps4 in mean time ps3 on fire. #4.3
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Only a "FOOL" fall for the illusion of the hype.

but a wise gamer enjoy gaming #6
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Contra/Castlevania all the waaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! #11
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Ehhh, i don't kno yet buying ps4 . with noooo games im really interested in a price cut need to be 250-289.00 before considering, open world any game not my thing. price point will be 250-289.00 before i buy ps4 hopefully more variety is made outside of hardcore open world games . #7
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If Speed hunter was with EA since 2008 why didn't they help criterions 2 games?? save them from flopping and where was they when Rivals being built.
not buying this promotional lie.

since criterions 2 attempts an rival im not trusting or believing anything from EA. game not out yet, and feeling bad vibes already with night racing only no day time racing period!! that sucks. #1
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Good question ............... waiting for 2D side scrolling anything to buy Wii U #2
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and they plan to make a sequel ........ oh my goodness.

"Need for speed" the crap #2
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Could not get use to criterion re-format of controllers system . im used to right analog stick for gas up, break down, left analog stick for steering as in Hotpursuit 2/Underground .
criterion re-format controller to right 1 for gas, left analog stick for steering , X for breaking that was crazy. main reason took hotpursuit,mostwanted,rivals back to retailer could not control the car . glad Gran turismo control setting not messed up . #12
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have not played Yuugi since ps2 "capsole monsters " hope this like original show with Atem,seto,joey.........good ol days. #1.5.3
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@ kryptonite

Why do every bloody game need to be online and if not it's rubbish . you must be new skool, old school gamers dont care about online crap F.U.N is the game . a cartridge console is great dont mine playing Final fight, Battletoad, Contra, Einhander, Gunstar super hero, Gradius, R-type , Battle arena toshiden, Metal slug, Raiden 6 etc.... again .

im sure some tired of open world games as i am
like to go back to offline 2 player fun game... #3.3
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will the game come as Physical disc or DLC only on ps3/ps4?? if DLC only im out. #4
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" Where have they gone??"
at a financial stand point.... lack revenue return is main reason for less AAA games . 50-80 million for development. revenue return maybe 30-45 million dont look promising.

all im saying my guess could (be) right. #6
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Actully the "First" 9 NFS games was the best 5 from ps1era 4 from ps2 era hotpursuit2,underground,underg round 2 after MostWanted nfs fell apart . #1.2
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"voice of reasoning "

Let's not "QUICKLY" be fooled once again .
we must take into consideration NFS recent track record . as a reminder CARBON , PROSTREETS , UNDERCOVER, The Run, Criterions " HOTPURSUIT, MOSTWANTED plus joint venture development with Ghost games release "RIVALS"... 7 craptastic games . dont know about you guys my 64.00 will continue in my pocket until i see Real actual gameplay footage on youtube "Blackpant... #2
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Might be "Porsche Unleashed" title . then again anything is better than what criterion offered . #1.2.3
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@ Naughty dog

U damn right we need more footage . believed that BS rivals hype crap back in e3 2013 not this time be brainwashed sucker in

Ghost games got lot more to show than 34 second to get my 64.00 this footage was nothing more than a hype tease ........ good 4-5 minute footage would work for old skool vibe. what we should be thinking or wanting to see did Ghost games actually listen to us. until Ghost games release more footage all i see is "s... #1.2
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