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why is this article back again?? posted last week.
this was a error for another article.

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U must hate the game too

can't please no one.

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Kimishima: The Nintendo NX Will Be Profitable From Day One

not if they launch shitty games like Wii-U did and price tag i've seen floating around for 1,000.00
price should be no more than 299-399
it need 3rd party support,2nd party,1st party support.

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King of Fighters, King of Fighters, King of Fighters!!!!!!

Beginning of beat'em up's bring on Shoot em' up's next...............Please!!!

oops Street fighter 5 and Tekken 7 beat me lol

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"Will there ever be a better console than the Xbox 360?"

haaaaaaaaaaaaa, clickbait at it's finest. SNES said hello!

off topic : seem to me editors fill in wiggets space on N4G.COM with "anything" to fill in the article wigget space.
most of the time we see same article 3 times within a month disguise as another article such as
"Will the Wii-u surpass ps4 in sales" or "Destiny in trouble by not beati...

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@ abizzel

Agree with you 1,000% SNES/ps2 all the way .

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I really don't care long as launch models affordable now.
with that being said : im sure SONY will announce a price drop for those still on the fence this E3.

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Wish i could say the same for reboot need for speed. unfortunately it is Craptastic (always online) (night time driving only) (to much drifting) not enough gripping, to much rubber banding (ai cars)

other than that R&C is a perfect reboot.

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Now that reimaged R&C doing well can't wait for re-image "Going commando and Up your arsenal" if they go in that direction.

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of Course it is. why else tie-in the game/movie.................... ...sheesh must be slow day at the office looking for lies to post on N4G site.

let me guess next article title : should "Ratchet and Clank game been made after the movie"?? Duhhh! noooo!

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In my opinon " Tools of Destruction" was better .
then A crack in time , Going Commando, Up your Arsenal.
only thing was good to me in "crack in time" was the Battle arena.

AND Whumping Gen. Asmath arse.

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All i can say is KA-BOOM!!!

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VR will sell GT sports like hot cakes.

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E3 2016 can't get here fast enough........................ ..........Ka-boom! GT sport in VR another Ka-boom.

GT Sport will sell VR like hot cakes.

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Thank you Insomniac for rebooting R&C maybe now other dev such as Naughty Dog see Crash and Jax could still work.

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well i hope not. they need more than Zelda to promote NX i've passed on wii U lack of games i like.

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With all these new modes and challenges coming in monthly. 2017-18 need for speed likely not happening.
instead of adding she-it make a daytime game sheesh.

good lord i miss old style need for speed

daytime racing ,straight tracks,country scenery no drifting around each damn corner, cars had grip, cops actually chased you until you crashed into them or they Busted you.

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@ -Edmix-

you might be surprised Sony announce firmware up-date to unlock 4k.5 on launch models.

big saving

@ manic below: that is the purpose of 4k.5 firmware im talking about not to screw current ps4 owners.

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After reviewing the photo above:

if?? this is the new X2 why do this hardware look size of ROKU box??
do not look wide enough to insert a disc. MS must be going "ALL" dlc cloud service.
im not into cloud gaming only, always online gaming. im sure you guys not either. OUYA tried that see what happen to them.

physical disc is always best route to go.

@ Shotty
notice i said : "if" this the ne...

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in the states

1. Atari 2600 / 5600
2. colecolevision
8. Dreamcast
9. playstation 2
10. 360 3 4
13. X1
14. 3DO fit in there somewhere between SNES and playstation??

if my memory serve me right .

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