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When a 2012 console more often than not doesn't look better than an 05/06 console, there's a huge fucking problem.

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Well ... if it's available in the map maker then I guess custom maps will fill the vehicle void? \

EDIT: Ok so I read that it won't work online in MP if you add vehicles, so Ubi should really allow vehicles in custom maps, even if they don't add them in the official default maps.

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Moron. You can buy a Sandisk Extreme 120GB SSD for less than $100 now. They are no longer expensive and soon will be reaching the point of being inexpensive.

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Retard, if he watched too much TV he would know who she is. If he didn't get out too much and fapped over women celebrities he would know who she is.

You did it all wrong. He obviously doesn't watch much TV or take note of the celebrity world. Big whoop, neither do I.

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For some reason which I wouldn't have ever thought I'd feel prior to BF3's release ... I agree with you. I don't know why, but I think I just enjoyed BC2 more.

With that said, I found BC1 even more enjoyable, I think BC1's SP was better than BC2 ( I know, I know, SP doesn't matter all that much in Battlefield, but still). Perhaps I look back on BC1 more fondly than BC2 because the destruction was "new" with BC1, and by BC2 we were already us...

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Yes Aussies earn more, but everything essential costs more anyway, thus we're pretty much even.

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Ares, fail COD noob. Destroying BF3. CQC is shit, deal with it.

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Screams lazy but you're right, it's free, let the standards fall further.

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What bothers me is when cops go into super overzealous mode and thinks someone is guilty just from one simple phone call.

It's like "herpy derp, an excuse to smash someone to the ground"

argh pisses me off.

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Shut up Pachter.

That is all.

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You'd need a fair bit of space, to compensate for moving around a bit (even if unintentionally).

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To possibly care less is to imply that some care exists.

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Yeah, cloud gaming just can't work. The lag really can't be fixed either since the commands that are sent from the player to the server and then streamed back to the player are already moving at light speed. (Ping for example, when you're playing online is data being sent at light speed. A ping of 200ms means it took 200 miliseconds for that data to get there, and it goes at light speed). So unless we get superluminal data transfer, cloud gaming will never be practical.

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(The following is pretty much what you said)

Anyone who has pre ordered is now an unsecured creditor and on the list of priority people to be paid out, they're on the bottom of the list. The way these things go is, by the time they get to them on the list, there will be no money left. If there is, these people may only get paid back 10 cents each.

Awful situation.

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AMD drivers definitely have their fair share of issues but I went to Nvidia's forums and I see just as many people complain about their drivers too.

But for me, since the 12.x drivers released and onward, my 6950 gets locked into 3D clocks. Have to go back to 11.11b.

Also since the 5000 series I get a weird 59/60 framerate stutter in games.

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Nothing wrong with COD's portrayal of Anonymous; it is reasonable to assume a hacker could or might try to overtake AI in the future. Plus anyone can declare themselves as anonymous.

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Holy crap, thanks for this article. I remember playing pokemon so much back in the day. I still got the cartridges around here. I seriously need to back them up then! Too many memories to let them die. I don't feel confident doing the battery thing (I'm a bit incompetent). Will look into the "Mega Memory Card" thing then.

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Too soon! Deus Ex series should stick with its per decade release schedule :)

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Well Origin doesn't do anything bad's just sort of useless.

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Crysis 3 has already been confirmed for 2013.

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