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Bought it Monday night. I'm enjoying it so far about 3 levels in. Only $9.99 & I had some $ from Xbox Live Rewards left. #1.1
Picked it up last night. Enjoying it so far. Some parts are obvious & easy if you're trying to stealth all the way, but a few are tricky. #1
If you go to the "only on PS4" section of PSN, there's like 35 games & 26 or 27 are indie/arcade. #1.1.13
I want the character I choose to impact the game more than who flirts with me. Make the story actually be different for each to more of a degree. #3
I wish it was legit. Only this time make choosing the different characters actually matter in the story. #10
Seems like it could be a solid platformer. #3
Most likely pick this up, & i'm hoping for a Ghost Recon announcement at E3. #4
Anybody who died in Too Human isn't worried about this. #121
Finally added, but having issues logging in/signing up. #1.1.2
Exactly. If you like even a few games of theirs, it was solid from jump. Discounts on stuff I was going to buy anyways, & some free stuff I might not otherwise try. #4.1
I tried the trial on my windows tablet. Quality was solid, but the one device at a time restriction will be what holds it back early. Can't find the app on my X1 tho. #1.1
I thought I was the only one who liked FSW. Loved the strategy of it. With voice or motion commands, it could be even better. I'll be happy with either series returning. Wonder if THQ would sell the IP for FSW, or even if they can at this point. #3.1
I find there's less stress on my thumbs with the asymmetrical style. I have large hands, & having them even I feel strain. #8.1
Wrong Dlacy. Unless you do it with someone who lives in a completely different area. I've done it with a friend who lives nearby. Just recover my gamertag on his system & set it as my Home console. Just make it to where my password doesn't save. He can't log in as me unless I put in my password. #1.3.2
Because you knew this game would be free in March 2015? #1.3
Just a more direct method of doing what could already be done. #12
Wasn't sarcasm. That's how every exclusive is treated. As for The Order specifically, it's a decent game, but the criticisms IMO are valid. I beat it, then immediately traded it in. #32.1.3
Playstation exclusive. Every one is the 2nd coming until the next one. #32.1
Spot on. Decent game for a once through. No replay value outside of trophy hunting. Strongest enemies are the easiest fights. #37
Buy an app & have it available on any Windows 10 device you own. More potential apps available due to ease of development. #5.1
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