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Because showing the form factor & telling us the price/date will take an hour. Anything other than games will likely take the 1st 5-10 minutes of probably an hour 1/2 show.

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Exactly. All personal preference. I don't get why that's so difficult for people to understand. I have X1 S & a PS4 Pro. I want the opportunity to play w/e I want, but I prefer Xbox. Like the controller better, that's where my friends I play with are, & a good portion of PS exclusives don't interest me.

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I keep seeing these types of statements despite the fact that here especially, it really won't matter what they show. The people who have spent all their time bashing the lack of exclusives could watch Microsoft announce 40 unannounced exclusive titles at the show, & all they'd do is find a reason why all 40 suck.

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Enjoyed it, just wish it had more replay value. The memory sequences could have provided that had they given multiple options to solving them. Instead it was pure fail, repeat until you finally got it right. I'd play a sequel.

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Already have a PS4 Pro. Just tell me when Detroit: Become Human is dropping. And again, a new Parasite Eve wouldn't hurt my feelings.

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Disregard. It shows the 360 versions when you're in the catalog, but it's actually the Xbox One versions you can install.

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Anybody else having issues with select 360 titles? Like the Bioshock games only give me an option to check the price, while other 360 games offer the install option.

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Why do people continue to act as if everything in gaming has never happened before?

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I hated the boat combat. I'm in this to slice throats & shove people off the roof.

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I'll be too busy playing the game to look at it. Unless I want to check the framerate during loading screens.

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What paywalls do they have that are exclusive to them? And subscriptions are optional outside of gaming online, which all 3 charge for now, & they likely would continue to even if MS stopped.

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I'd really love a game along the lines of this or Uncharted w/o the combat. Just pure platforming & puzzle solving.

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Every new single player IP they release people claim are so terrible & don't sell, then turn around & claim they don't take risks. And his actual statement about sp vs mp games is correct. The lifespan is greater for mp games because few sp games have true replay value. Many are linear, with limited variation in getting through a level.

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We don't care about rendering methods now, but when MotorStorm came out, it was better than anything could possibly be because of procedural synthesis, ect. Even tho looking at a screen the end result is the same whether the terrain actually deforms, or is made to look as if it deformed.

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They don't make certain types of games... complain.

They make certain types of games... claim they all suck & don't buy them. Then whine every time a game gets cancelled because when you no longer have the option to buy it, you can pretend 100% you would have.

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I get digital games early sometimes, simply to avoid waiting for it to download on release day.

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Looks solid. On another note, i'd love to see what the Brothers In Arms folk could do with today's hardware.

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Same folks who tell you 360 BC on X1 is dumb cuz old, can't wait to rebuy a PS1 game.

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I remember playing the original. Got inside the school, went out back on a dimly lit porch & a bunch of legless monsters crawled towards me. Ran back inside, turned the game off, & never finished it. They weren't about to get me.

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Of course. Every major war in history was started because of camping in COD.

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