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Finally. Sometimes I feel like the only person who liked 2. Origins did nothing for me. Maybe it's the name. Batman Arkham Origins was meh too.

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Wish it was Jade Empire 2

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Lost Odyssey, GR: FS, Splinter Cell Conviction & Blacklist, NCAAF 14 & i'm good. Maybe Star Ocean: Last Hope too.

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Amazon is the only place that sells systems?

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By the time Scorpio actually releases, it may easily be feasible for them to release at $399 as well. Kind of depends on when production starts.

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You should care because 2 Pac is no longer around to care when nobody else cares.

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Almost limitless replay value due to side mission choice, level design, & freedom of approach? How terrible. Who wants that?

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Mainly looks like a difference in sharpness & contrast.

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I'll likely go through this the same way I did Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. 1st run, i'll go 100% no kills. 2nd run, kill everyone i'm allowed to. After that, a mixture of the two.

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You have to install the games even with a disc.

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Games with high replay value, I buy digitally. If it's something I know i'll play once, I get disc, then trade it in. Just waiting for Microsoft to finally launch their digital trade program.

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Mine has only been loud playing Uncharted 4 & Stories. UC 4 was disc, Stories is digital. Once in a blue moon it'll do it with Second Light, which is also digital.

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My tiny pre-order download unpacked the other day. Just over 38 gigs. Now the long wait until Aug 23rd.

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I'm glad you guys caught that. I'd hate to start an epidemic being the 1st person to ever misread a comment.

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You can download them again or move them to an external drive. Actual game saves are in the cloud anyways.

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That 45 minutes felt like 4.

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I'm getting both, but i'm patiently waiting on a Splinter Cell announcement.

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The first Xbox came out years after the others, & was a newcomer on the scene. We've seen continuous hate for all things Microsoft to this day, so imagine trying to sit at the table with Sony & Nintendo for the first time. 360 did exactly what they wanted it to, closed the gap in the market.

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Maybe the demo I played was mislabeled with the wrong name. Nothing photorealistic to be found.

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And i'd still like a new gen Full Spectrum Warrior. *cries for THQ*

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