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The addition of changing suits on the fly once you acquire them is a welcomed touch. Just tired of these Lego games never having online co-op. #3
That's why I threw that in. Across most forums, i'd think I was the only person who liked 2. It was smoother, as Larry said, combat felt better. Looked better. Origins just never grabbed me. Perhaps it's the name. Arkham Origins got traded in before I solved the Black Mask apartment. Maybe I just hate origins. #1.1.4
Off work in 45 minutes. Then home to start my trial via EA Access. I'll return to give my thoughts. Bear in mind, I liked DA 2 waaaaay more than Origins. #1.1
Gameplay looks closer to the roots of the originals. I hated the naval battles in 3 & 4. Not keen on the gun stuff either, I just want to stab necks. Plus the feature i've been waiting for finally exists... co-op. Pre-ordering/downloading tomorrow alongside Dragon Age. #24
I hope you know Xbox One supports both video & music via DLNA. #3.2.4
Amazing. I have a 360 plugged into the living room unit, & a PS4 plugged into the bedroom unit. No lag using either. #11.2
Game appears it will be rather fun, with immense replay value. I care not about resolution. Already downloaded on my X1, waiting for Tuesday morning to unlock. #58
They buy them for the sole purpose of playing games, yet we can look at virtually any forum & find people begging & pleading for features to be added daily. #2.4.1
*awaits the "PS4 scans have 37% more facial hair textures than X1!" articles* #20
Yeah. I could almost run at will last year, but couldn't pass worth a damn. Basically flipped for me in this one. #1.2.2
Agree. Much smoother & more fluid. Still drop a lot of passes, & pass rushing is a bit more difficult. Solid step forward overall. #1.2
Don't really care about LotRs, but I want this game. #1
Stop using all this logic. #17.1
You can play them as long as you're an active subscriber. #15.1
Doesn't matter if Sony said it either way. People assume. I saw plenty of people after E3 13 that thought Kingdom Hearts & others were Playstation exclusives simply because they were only shown during their presser. #22
It's a start. Better than going through my tablet & setting up a Play To playlist. #17.2.1
Thanks. #17.1
I'm at work & have yet to see the update in person. Can anyone with access confirm or deny background music while gaming, or does the media player at minimum need to be snapped? #16
I don't really want the game, but the white console is sweet. #1.1
They said exclusively holiday 2015 because that's the release window. #71
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