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Better be.

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Has anyone seen confirmation we actually get to play as Sam, or are we just supporting him?

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They're definitely more willing to branch out. And my statement kinda depends on the gamer. I'm 42. My 1st system was Pong. I own a One X & a PS4 Pro. I have no issue checking things outside my wheelhouse, but I think a good portion of the younger crowd is more brand/title loyal. I think if we saw more demos like we used to, more people would try & buy. Youtube/Twitch/Mixer/ect can give you a look, but almost anything with multiplayer, that's all anyone streams. You have t...

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The catch of wanting to create new content fighting against customers unwilling to try new things. I'd have loved to see that secret agent game they teased before they scrapped it to push the devs onto Gears or w/e it was. I'd like more RPGs (Diablo/Star Ocean style stuff or Lost Odyssey 2). Racing games & RTSs don't really hold me anymore. Shooter wise, I prefer more reality based stuff like Wildlands over the Halos & Destinys of the world.

That said, ...

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Continue refusing to bring back the franchises a good # of fans keep asking for. Plenty of stuff from the original Xbox they could bring back.

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I like the twist of playing from the other side, but I can't stand the ship battles. Want to try it, but that's my hangup.

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The entire series please. Either a X enhanced Chaos Theory, or a remastered Chaos Theory in the Blacklist engine will do.

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My Pro is silent. The original PS4 I had got loud during certain games, but as of yet, nothing from the Pro. Xbox One S & X are both very quiet.

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The AR-15 is what the Marines used before switching to M-16s. They just fancy up the looks to make it "cool", & adjust the rate of fire for civilian sale. And since bump stocks exist, kinda negates the main issue. They are exactly military weapons.

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I always feel like i'm the only person that liked 2. Rather play that than Origins or Inquisition. Smoother to me. And the rogue skills are way better in 2 IMO.

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Speaking of, they need to let us use the discount codes with pre-orders too, instead of just released games. I'd order this & God of War right now if I could use the discount.

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I'll believe it when i'm downloading it with my 20% discount coupon from my glacier white PS4 Pro.

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Hope the June release holds up.

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Terrible examples. 2 animals that don't even target humans as prey. A lion may if starving & desperate. We don't have enough fat to make it worth the energy sharks would expend to eat us, which is why the majority of encounters are non-fatal. Just admit humans suck. Too smart for our own good. Notice the other species that harm & kill for fun are orcas & dolphins. 2 of the smartest non human animals in the world.

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One of the few turn based games I liked. Just wish I hadn't lost my level 50+ saves.

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Only game where it ever got loud for me was Stories: The Path of Destinies. And it was digital.

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Short, but enjoyable. New game + setup is terrible tho. No choice.

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Enjoyed it, but only 5 missions, & the game + is trash. Don't get to use all of Emily & Corvo's powers or even choose which ones you want. Shame.

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Every time they show anything along those lines, everybody complains about them making a "kiddy" game. Super Lucky's Tale isn't met with "Yay! Diversity!", it's met with criticism.

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Sad. If you played the Turbo Grafx 16 version, you'd never touch that Atari again.

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