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Easiest way to force you to have to upgrade your skills. How do you justify using Aiden again, & having him starting from scratch with his abilities?

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My mistake then. Swore they both had been.

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R6: V2 has already been in the program.

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Great news for who?

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I lean Microsoft in preference, but the only games we didn't see last year, know of, or assume already were the @ID stuff like We Happy Few. Got some gameplay of things, but still games we already knew about.

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Did Goldie Hawn tell you to say that?

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I just feel you can still do all that. The people playing when they show off the games rarely take such an approach. They cater to the run & gun crowd when they show off the game.

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I think the ability to approach however you want adds to the tactical element. You just have to play with people who work together. I have 3 friends I play these types of games with all the time. Playing with randoms will likely be trash.

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Open world freedom is what made GR great. Being able to choose when, where, & how is back.

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Do they ship a million different variants for PC games, or is it the same thing for everyone, but you can adjust the settings based on the power of your PC? They can easily code for 3, & it allows you to do w/e based on the particular system you're using.

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You can buy the original now for $280. Wait until August for the slim. If 4K & horsepower matter that much, you can wait for Scorpio. Not difficult at all. Seeing the slim, I intended to get it. After Scorpio was confirmed, I decided to wait & start setting aside $ to reserve that. E-40 already told us everybody got choices.

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Had the Xbox One released as they originally intended it to,it would be worlds ahead of where it is now in functionality & features. Part of the issue was them doing a terrible job explaining the benefits. Part was a lack of simple comprehension by consumers. Part was people who had zero intention of buying it complaining as if they might.

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Where do people keep getting 10 from? I've seen nothing but 6 until 6 was confirmed, then all these people popping up claiming 10.

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Purchase. I just hope it's a live with your choices type of game vs do it over until you get it right. Replay value is damn near infinite with the former.

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Overall disappointed in the conference. Virtually every game was shown last year. Nothing really new. That said, I can start setting aside $50 a paycheck, & i'll have more than enough when this beast drops next November.

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I love how people here pretend every person who plays games is like us. Plenty of folk will buy the S w/o concern for, or in many cases, knowledge of Scorpio.

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I have no issue with them. I watch them. I'm talking about people acting as if you're forced to. And they don't impact the gameplay, the gameplay impacts them.

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So many people complaining about live action parts you don't even have to watch.

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Co-op works for me.

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