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I wish they had made the white system the default. Looks better to me. #3
Wish they had stuck with what they showed originally. Ghost Recon for me. #13
Agreed. Levels could be a tad longer. Looking forward to Unravel. #1.1
Xbox One would be much further along content & feature wise had they stuck with their original vision. Many things cut/moved back due to figuring out a different way for them to work w/o abuse/piracy. #22
Can we watch videos now? NFL Game Pass,, ect? If so, i'll be happy. Otherwise it's just superficial. #3
Indeed. Love Future Soldier as well. #1.1.2
As a fan of the Summit Strikes/Island Thunder, I don't see how open world is a complaint. They used to give you the canvas & objectives, then let you go about it however you wished. Can't wait for this game. #1.1
They've said they're working on that last I recall. #27.1
They don't need to. NOBODY cares about BC, remember? #23
Not buying it due to poor work conditions seems to further punish those who made the effort to create it IMO. Suffer putting your time into crafting something just for nobody to buy it? #13
They are, but we can't admit that. #7.1
If a shooter doesn't have co-op campaign, all I play is single player. #139
Agreed. I reserved as soon as E3 was over based on their initial vision. I actually listened to what was said, & understood the points on their website. They'd be well ahead of where they are feature wise had they stuck to their guns. Family share, digital trades/gifting, cloud based options in more games, ect.

The real issue was they did a terrible job of explaining the benefits. All those complaining about a 24 hr check-in which you could do with your cellphone if... #1.1.4
Another option, but you can find others of the same size for less. #2
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Already have 2. 1 in the living room, 1 in the bedroom.. #24
I'll play all my Splinter Cell games, NCAAF14, Ghost Recon, Alan Wake, Brothers In Arms, & many other digital/arcade titles I spent my $ on. #19
I get the speed complaints to a degree, but hard to find things? HOME, FRIENDS, WHAT'S ON, STORE (GAMES/MOVIES & TV/MUSIC/APPS/SEARCH) What exactly is so difficult to find? Demos USED to be, but they added that in games too. #11
It has single player as well. Just like the other 2 prior. #14.3
Yes. Because Gamesradar is Microsoft. #30.1
Here comes the "What if my internet goes out?" nonsense. What happens in any multiplayer game if your internet goes out? Not quite as bad as the argument vs always online when people actually said about the 24 hour check in "What if my power is out?" Well then you wouldn't be able to even turn on the TV to play anyways. #18
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