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I recently got a simple "Hola"

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We love pretending Xbox owners never owned/played PS systems and vice versa. Is it going to be hotcakes on Xbox? Likely not. But let's stop pretending that no X1 owners care at all.

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The freedom of choosing when & how to tackle things is what I enjoy most. Playing with my friends & coming up with different methods to tackle a situation. I also enjoy shooting a member of either faction & making them think it was the other. Cleared an entire mansion minus 1 guy that way once.

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Personally don't care about this much, but my hope is that it brings us a step closer to the digital trade program they spoke of before launch. Let us trade licenses for credit. 99.9% of my library on X1 & PS4 is digital.

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I only say yes because 3 years in, there's no current gen Splinter Cell compared to what will be the 3rd full fledged AC. Splinter Cell is my favorite series, & I needs.

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My main gaming is on Xbox. PS4 Pro is for exclusives or the rare game with enough replay value I don't mind having it on both systems, & playing each differently.

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Yes. Just waiting on pre-orders to open up. X in the living room. S in the bedroom.

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Splinter Cell quartet, Jade Empire, KotoR 1 & 2, & the Ghost Recon series including Island Thunder & both Summit Strikes & i'm good. Oh, & NFL 2K5. Full Spectrum Warrior wouldn't hurt my feelings either, but THQ.

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I'm just glad it was made. I enjoyed it. Finished it this past weekend. Kind of wish it was longer tbh.

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For what it packs, especially based on previous consoles that have launched at similar prices, he's right. Day 1 for me. Waiting for pre-orders.

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Is this really that hard? Casuals for the most part will pick up the S, as it's the cheaper of the 2. Especially when __ at __ tells them they both play the same games. Some casuals given specific requests for the X, may go that route. People like us who actually pay attention to & invest in this type of thing, will know the differences between the 2, & choose what suits us.

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Microsoft Game Studios presents Horizon Infinity Dusk.

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I'd drop $60 for a remastered trilogy of SC, Pandora Tomorrow, & Chaos Theory done in the Blacklist engine. My favorite franchise. Shame we've had 3 current gen Assassin's Creed games & no Splinter Cells.

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i'd hate to see what the masterchief collection would be

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So glad it's 3rd person. Waiting to see more. Hopefully retains some openness for replay value purposes.

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The PS3 was much more difficult to maximise. Same doesn't hold true here. His general point has merit tho.

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Uncharted is the only thing in your list i'll buy.

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My mistake. Assumed the "I" meant I was speaking for myself.

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I don't care about a lack of new titles. I care that none of the games i'm interested in have dates/windows really.

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From the trailers i've seen, Spiderman looks good, Hidden Agenda looks interesting, Detroit should have solid replay value, & SotC will be a buy for me. Likely be the 1st God of War I buy as well. Uncharted & Horizon DLC. Hoping by the time it releases, HZD will have dropped in price. Don't want to buy it again at full price. That's if it's required to play the new stuff.

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