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Hope the June release holds up.

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Terrible examples. 2 animals that don't even target humans as prey. A lion may if starving & desperate. We don't have enough fat to make it worth the energy sharks would expend to eat us, which is why the majority of encounters are non-fatal. Just admit humans suck. Too smart for our own good. Notice the other species that harm & kill for fun are orcas & dolphins. 2 of the smartest non human animals in the world.

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One of the few turn based games I liked. Just wish I hadn't lost my level 50+ saves.

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Only game where it ever got loud for me was Stories: The Path of Destinies. And it was digital.

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Short, but enjoyable. New game + setup is terrible tho. No choice.

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Enjoyed it, but only 5 missions, & the game + is trash. Don't get to use all of Emily & Corvo's powers or even choose which ones you want. Shame.

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Every time they show anything along those lines, everybody complains about them making a "kiddy" game. Super Lucky's Tale isn't met with "Yay! Diversity!", it's met with criticism.

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Sad. If you played the Turbo Grafx 16 version, you'd never touch that Atari again.

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Skin & hair looks better in 2016. Virtually everything else looks better in 2017.

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Scores seem to hit all ends of the spectrum. Looks interesting, plus I like the martial arts theme.

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Appreciate the info. Considering it, but was unsure of that description. Personally, I like real time much more than turn based. Might give it a shot after I get a bit further into Path of Exile.

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I see real time with pause. So is the combat like DA: Inquisition where it's real time, but you can pause & go more tactical?

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I'm going to trade towards the X.

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Nobody owns multiple PS4s, PS3s, DSs, Vitas, PSPs, ect huh?

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Yes. Because my wife never watches TV in the living room ever, so I can just monopolize the set w/e I feel like it. I'm the only person in the world who has/wants multiple of the same console apparently.

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I already have a PS4 Pro in the living room right next to my S.

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I bought one because I wanted it. Might end up with 2 at some point. Living room. Bedroom.

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My closest Gamestop got 12 allotted. There's over 6K Gamestops, so say every store got 12 & that's almost 80K units right there. Now factor in Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Game, Microsoft Stores, Amazon, ect. I'd wager they easily reach 1M, if not a couple.

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I want something the quality of Uncharted & Tomb Raider, but w/o combat. Pure platforming & puzzle solving adventure.

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Apparently i'm the only person who hated the naval battles from Black Flag. I hope they aren't mandatory in this one. Minimal if so.

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