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"Mr. Miyagi taught us don't forget to breathe, very Important. And to look eye, always look eye."


We need gay people to stop being attention whores. I'm happy for you if you are gay and happy, you don't need tell everyone or show everyone why someone is gay and happy, or why people have to accept you for being gay and happy.. if you are good, kind and happy person people will accept you, if you try to make others, that you dont even know or care about to be honest, have to accept your preferences, then you are an attention whore with low selfasteem. You can't force peo... #31
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if Xbox One was a better deal, people would have bought one rather then a PS4 in the first place... #11
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MS would have better luck offering this deal to 360 owners since is the 380 owners who are and have been getting shafted..

I highly doubt many PS3 owners will fall for this when PS3 owners really don't gain anything from this deal. #34
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Its funny how you quote a verse from the Bible about that when if you would have keep reading it, Deuteronomy was around the time the 10 Commandments were given. #5 = Thou shall not Kill.

Its ok for other religious literature from other religions to teach killing, beheading, hate etc.. for thousands of years and still are practiced to this day, but you read one verse from the Bible and believe its everything that is evil when it is quite t... #2.2.8
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Inputing the racism tag on a comment that has nothing to do with racism is Idiotic, so what you saying that Republican Conservative White Men, Like myself are all racists? Thats how conervative white men are generalized.. thanks for proving my point #6.2.1
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You see, not all Republican Conservative White Men are evil #6
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No Grey Warden's, no purchase. #13
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Its kind of funny that MS is trying to target a larger consumer base with focusing on the TV aspect of the console yet being unaware of the headache that will bring. The consumers that aren't intrested in games and happen to purchase an xb1 for all the "cool" TV functions are the same people that have no Idea how to work their own Cable/Satelitte converters. These consumers have the hardest time trying to figure out how to use a damn remote and have no Idea how to even switch... #60
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you don't always need toilet paper to use the toliet either, but its nice to have it when you need it #1.1.11
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why is it that PC fanboys can't help themselves to try and bash anything console? Everyone has a preference be it handheld, Ipad, console, pc etc to game. I don't believe many console gamers will go into a PC oriented article/comment section and just start bashing on PC's. If PC is so great then why would you need to bash on consoles in the first place? are you jealous? are you bored? you aren't going to convince anyone of anything by trying t... #1.1.12
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Sounds just like our President defedning an inferior Health Care Plan #1.26
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@dazzrazz #1.10
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@ Nocando

affirmative action and hiring people that are not qualified or educated for jobs and that don't give a sh!t about quality just to meet a corprate quota aka diversity may contribute a little something as well.. #21.1.2
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to show people like you THE TRUTH, thats why #17.1
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Thank God, please stay on xb1, if you speak like you type I'd hate to hear your voice in my headset on PSN #10.4
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@ Gozer

I take it you've never owned or appriciated the original Nintedo console... azzclown

Japan has done more for the gaming world then you could possibly imagine. Your Pea brained perspective is why companies like MS get away with ripping consumers off.. show some respect, some of the games you have played have most likely had some form of Japanese influence in design but your too dumb to realize it..
Japan markets and develops reliabl... #1.8
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No other GTA or even RDR has hooked me this fast after only playing a few hours. GTA 5 is amazing. Just being able to switch characters at anytime is great. Watch Dogs to me will be nothing more that a super version of Sleeping Dogs IMO, which sleeping dogs was fun, but Watch Dogs really won't come close to GTA 5.

Everything about GTA 5 is fresh and amazing. Its set a new standard for sandbox/open world games. I would have never thought being able to switch betwe... #24
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Just an example, I don't think Belking realises where the Spider-Man movies come from.. Sony even owns the rights to the character. #9.3.1
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No one is gonna run out and by and XBone for Tv stuff either.. #9.5
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