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I don't see that option for the 360
I checked under options and I couldn't find the option for the xbox to change the frame rate. Anyone else? #10
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Haven't bought it yet, but I will
Bold words. I was bored with ME 1. Trying to finish it is like when I had to eat my brussel sprouts as a kid. Nevertheless I'm going to try and finish it so I can play ME2. I've heard good things. Hopefully ME2 moves at a faster pace so I don't have to talk to 10 million people and trade countless boring tidbits of information.

The Uncharted series on the other hand are the greatest 2 single player campaigns of all time.

And this comes from someone who prefers the 360. #57
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I'll get it for the 360
But an HD version of the game is coming. Monster Hunter Frontier is coming to the Xbox 360. I suspect its only a matter of time when its also announced for North America. #11
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Wii is the only console I don't have. The graphics are by far the worse, no HD, very poor online. Fewest number of good games. I can wait until they have a Wii HD. There's a good reason why while it's the best selling console it continues to lag behind the Xbox360 and the PS2 in the Nielsen ratings.
On a positive note the controls are fun and I am jealous of the light gun games, but honestly that's about it.
There are maybe 6 or 7 games a would like to own. But with new controls... #23
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Glad to see another GOTY for Uncharted 2. It really does has the best campaign of all time. #12
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Halo can keep bringing out the slop
...if people keep buying their product mindlessly.

Honestly they need a new graphic engine and a drastic change of pace for the campaign, better maps, a better cover system, more interesting villains etc etc.... #5
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Lag is rare but it does happen
The only thing I would really agree with is spawn points needs to be fixed #7
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No contest Uncharted 2 should win. Killzone 2 doesn't belong there. All the other mentioned were simply better games. #55
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I really like the continued support. I still have bugs, but its not that common anymore. Next time a public beta should be done 5+ months before Gears 3. #7
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Came up short 923k
Darn, maybe he will try again. #2
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VERY cool!
Thanks for the link! #1
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Well the interactive stuff is impressive.
I think Xbox has hit a home run. That "boy on the dock" interactive scene was amazing. That's far more advanced that the barely working Eyetoy. I hope it works as well as it demos. #134
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Unlikable Jerk
For Radec I used just the pistol and a few rockets. I ran back and forth really fast in the south left corner upstairs though most of the battle. I wouldn't mind a Co Op patch. Or maybe a patch to shut your partners stupid mouth. The guy was quite possibly the most unlikable partner ever. I was hoping he would die in the final battle. #45
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This game keeps giving. I can't wait. Hopefully it will hit the US soon and not delay this two or three months. #2
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Good game
Not sure if its better yet. But I like it much more than the demo thats for sure. So far its closer than I thought. #69
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A Game truely worthy of the hype
Now this is thee game I'm waiting for most. #31
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I loved Lost Planet and the expansion game afterwards. I played it more than Gears. I'm actually looking forward to this more than Killzone 2. #62
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Not that impressed
I'll wait and see. The graphics look fine. But nothing really exceptional on the level of Killzone or Uncharted yet. #28
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Ah this one has better quality....
Very Nice! #1
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Im a little worried... hopefully everything will be fixed
I hope the poor combat frame rate issue isn't in the finished game, otherwise looks very promising. #58
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