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Why would I want to even think about buying a Wii now.

The PS3 does EVERYTHING better

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Much of the article is flat out incorrect or missing the explanation that was provided in the game. Some are just dumb assumptions. Although number 5 might have some weight. The game goes into much more detail and explains many of these. Go back and replay the game fool!

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Looks better on the PS3. Would be much more noticeable uncompressed on your TV. Also PS3 owners get a in game item and beta test for FFXIV. If you have both consoles its a no brainer. If you just have an Xbox360 you'll just have to keep telling yourself it doesn't matter.

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I'm getting the collectors version. Can't wait!

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Seriously folks these guys should be kicked off the site.

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Thanks for fixing the Grenades!! Thats the biggest problem.

Second, give us an option on if we want the new heath system

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Come on Bungie get your act together and take some notes from Uncharted, Killzone, COD, Bioshock 2, Gears 2. Give us something interesting and ramp the graphics way up please.

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Like I said, I'll still buy it, but the game isn't aging very gracefully. Hopefully there will be better designed maps and lvl perks.

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Not was I was hoping for. Hopefully the single player is better. The Graphics (as of now) are clearly not in the league of many other AAA titles like Uncharted, Killzone etc. I like the assassinations not sure about jetpacks, but other than that, it looks like Halo 3.5.

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Go along the RR tracks and up the cliff.

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Seems like an honest lackluster opinion which most happen to disagree with. That's fine, it's not a game for everyone. Some still prefer Halo, Pong or Donkey Kong.
Doesn't change the fact that a couple of other sites are clearly anti Sony. Its sad that some people are so pro or con Xbox/PS3. Why not enjoy the best of what each has to offer.

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Played around an hour....... so far so good.

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Looks like I'm going with the PS3 version.

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Especially Sony exclusives. Can they be more transparent?

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I have a hard time believing these guys are giving Sony exclusives an honest review when they provide the lowest scores so darn often.

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I got my card already. Although the code wont work until the game launch.

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I'm sure most Xbox gamers won't mind, but come on, It's clear the PS3 is getting the better version.

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Example they gave Patapon 2 the lowest score given to the game, a 5

How about LocoRoco 2
Look which reviewer is at the bottom again, yep Edge with a 7

OK how about the widely praised Littl...

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Wow thats pathetic. ODST a 9 and Killzone 7. The best example was Xbox 360 Ninja Gaiden 2 Review 8/10
PS3 Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 Review 7/10 Ha Ha Ha
Also they gave Infamous a 7 Uncharted a 9. (A 9 btw is on the low end of the average)

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