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You could be monsters before, hated that it played more like a generic Halo. It had boring maps, chaotic gameplay, you couldn't choose what maps to play like the first one.
I also got quickly got bored and frustrated with the Campaign. Didn't like being in a team, didn't like fighting other people all of the time instead of monsters. Didn't like the objectives. It needed better bosses like the first one. Again, it needed more monsters. Fighting the people was boring. ...

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Just don't play if you don't like it.
But for me, more zombies, the better. I love it!

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I'll take the Zombies thank you very much. Its one of the best things about CoD.

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Fantastic game, what angry weed are they smoking?

Alan Wake GOTY!

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The new achievements have now been added

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Boring dumb game. Played the demo

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Its a yawn fest. Boring unoriginal maps with a lackluster campaign with a terrible ending. I would pick dozens of games over Halo.

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I thought it was GOTY

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If buying used games are piracy then I'd be happy to be a pirate.

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* Brand new single-player adventure, challenges and quests;
* New dynamic events and more;

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I was REALLY hoping to play more content!!!!!!!!!!! [email protected]&K!!!
Son of a @%^*^(!!!

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A few to many QTE, but nevertheless a great step forward in interactivity and story.

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I doubt he played more than one online game. If he played at all.

Uncharted 2 deserves the praise as one of the best games of all time. Best campaign ever.

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My first playthough of Uncharted 2 only took me a little over 6 hours. No F-ing way.

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Its going to be very close

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Its far too different from other surveys.

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I was hoping for more content soon. Wow this really sucks! While I will play it again when it gets move support, I will now likely sell it soon after. Huge bummer!

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I really see little competition from the i-phone until they get some decent large titles.
I also don't see to many kids wanting to play the game selection on an i-phone/i-touch.

Its no contest right now. The 3D only increases the handheld superiority.

Its clear from the article, it is the author who is out of touch. And while I'm not the biggest Goldeneye fan, it got a huge positive reaction and has been requested for years.

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Worst NPC ever! I'd still give the overall game a B/B+

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I wish there was a Wii HD.

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