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Crush the SOB!! Go Sony!

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I'd take a security update twice a week if it made hackers lives that much more difficult.

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Yep day 1. Good game!

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Aside from RE there is nothing that really makes me go "Wow" from the 3DS.
The PSP2 looks amazing.

But likely I will still end up owning both.

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"The BEST reason to own the PS Move?" Seriously, what an ass.

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Link doesn't work for me

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AMAZING DAY! Day one for me, by far the best portible device.

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XBrickX the xxhackersxx!!!

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I'm level 28 put in about 25-30 hours, I love the game.
It's a very addicting MMO with great customizable tools.

I agree that the quests can get a little stale and it seems very close to Infamous at times.
The bugs were terrible at start, but it seems to be fewer every day.

Overall I'd rate the game a very addicting 8.5.
However that score may go up or down depending on the future updates.

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Amazing game. I'm hoping for a sequel. Let's hope it had better chances than a Rumble Roses sequel.

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Yeah! Go get em Sony!!

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Who writes and approves this crap?

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Uncharted 1 is underrated. Uncharted 2 is quite possibly the best game of all time.
Certainly the best game in the last 5 years.

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I'll take Alan Wake. I thought it was game of the year for 2010.

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Pistol, yes rifle, no way. I'm going to get Sony's gun day 1.
I'm a huge fan of light gun games having owned every light gun game you can buy on the PS3 including Toy Story 3.
Right now my favorite is the Cabela Dangerous Hunt 2011 galleries (using the move Peacemaker). Talk about addicting! The Shoot is a nice game also.

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Every format has some advantages.

PC has the best graphics if you're look at the very best looking games. Crysis, Metro 2033, Mass Effect 2.
(Although PS3 looks like its going to give them a good run of their money this year.)

PC has the best looking multi platform games. (Most of the time)
For me PS3 has more great looking/playing exclusives.
(I know very subjective, but Uncharted 2 is the best game of all time)


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Aside from the major plot hole with Ethan and the origami figure it's a lame article thats been done before. Most of his claims and nitpicks aren't plot holes at all. Many are downright laughable.

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I don't know what your talking about, they play just fine. I would strongly recommend them.
A strong addition to one of the best games this year.

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Best DLC of all time!

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What no love for Hot Shots Tennis? That game was like crack!

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