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I'd love to play a decent Kinect game. It not that I hate the idea. I like the idea.

I just do not want to:
A. Dance/ (Or attempt to be Michael Jackson)
B. Play with stuffed animals
C. Kick an Imaginary ball that rarely works like its supposed to

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I love lightgun games. So of course I like the Move better. So far there are no Kinect titles I would buy. I already own about a dozen move/move compatible titles.

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I love how pirates try to act as if they're smarter than everyone else.

"We have a right to hack and do what we want with our system",
"Just because we jailbreak doesn't mean we cheat!"
"Sony started this fight by removing the "Install other OS""
"Sony's updates are way too time consuming..."
"Sony has been taking everything away from us!"
"Read a book cause So...

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Yes!!! Perm bans across the board!!

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Bah Ha ha ha.....

Good luck

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Big thumbs up!

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Hopefully something decent.

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Since Oct. of last year Sony has been blowing away the Xbox. Not that the Xbox is worthless. I do believe they still have better multiplats.

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Did they factor in Edge magazine? I hope not? LOL!

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I can't tell you how unlikable Rico was in the last game. Never before did I want to put a bullet in my own teammate so badly.

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Good! I hope Sony ruins their pathetic lives.

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Go get em SONY!

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Looks like an improvement over the Xbox version. Cool

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The graphics are middle of the road at best. Other X-Box games like Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2 smoke this game. CoD Black Ops has better graphics with far more varied backdrops. Heck Gears of War 2 has better graphics.
PS3 games like Uncharted 1, 2, Klllzone 2,3 Heavy Rain, and God of War 3 are much better.

If the game had these type of graphics and was called something else we wouldn't even be having this debate.

If you like the game fine. It&#...

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Ha ha ha, did anyone expect different from Edge.
They almost always give the lowest scores to PS3 exclusives and PSP games.

Most long time readers know this by now.

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Crush the SOB!! Go Sony!

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I'd take a security update twice a week if it made hackers lives that much more difficult.

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Yep day 1. Good game!

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Aside from RE there is nothing that really makes me go "Wow" from the 3DS.
The PSP2 looks amazing.

But likely I will still end up owning both.

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