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I think its a lock. The WiiU will be the least powerful next gen console.

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Sony B (Great Hardware)
Nintendo B- (Confusing hardware that doesn't seem to have next gen power)
Microsoft C (Few exclusives, trying playing catch up with Nintendo casual gamer)

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Sony B 86% (Good new hardware, lots of exclusives)
Nintendo B- 80%
(Confusing new hardware for Next Gen with graphics on par with current generation. May likely look outdated by the end of 2012)
Microsoft 72%
(Weighted down by less than stellar Kinect games, few exclusives)

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I'll get the Vita for certain. Not so sure about the wwU.

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Nintendo left me confused. What are we getting here?

What's the graphics? From what I saw it looked on par with PS3 and Xbox.
Shouldn't it have better graphics?

Can you download books on this thing?

I'm not going to be first in line to get one of these things thats for sure.

I'd rate them a questionable B-/B. Until I see more.
Sony B/B+
Microsoft C

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Not sure what to think. I'm still trying to take in this new controller. ipad/Wii? Call me confused.
The graphics didn't blow me away either.
It was not an A grade show by any means. Wasn't a failure either.

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No Microsoft was a clear letdown and a move backwards while everyone else is moving forward. Kinect is underwhelming to say the least.
Overall a C

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Was a good show B/B+. Lots of exclusives
Microsoft C

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Not a bad show. Was anyone else excited to hear about Bioshock for the Vita. Little Big Planet looked great also. Nice to see lots of exclusives.
I'd say Microsoft C
Sony B/B+.

Next up Nintendo...

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While phones really haven't been much of a serious gaming machine there are some clear signs that is starting to change. The iPad games (plus other tablets) will only make that gap a closer one. Especialy with some of these HDipad ports.

Currently I've seen only a small handfull of games I truly want to play on a tablet. But I expect that to change in the next 12 months.

It seem like Microsoft is looking to the past (Nintendo wii) rather than making q...

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An 8.5 is just plain silly. What exclusives did they really offer?
GoW yes that looks good. But we know that.
Halo,... that series is really showing its age.
A couple of OK Kinect games.

That's not a good show.

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Not a good show I'd say C/C+.
If you just have a Xbox you are REALLY missing out!

Expect Sony and Nintendo to blow this out of the water.

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A few good exclusives. Not a huge fan of Kinect. Nothing really amazing. But will likely get MW3, Tomb Raider, GOW 3. Still not sure about the Kinect. By far the weakest of the big 3 shows.

Sony will smoke these guys tonight.

Nintendo should be a good one tomorrow also if the rumors are true.

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Looks good. I get all of the COD's anyway. I wasn't a big fan of MW2 but this looks like a big step in the right direction.

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I'm there. Looks good, although I did laugh at some of the moaning.

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Yes! A better HD version with extra levels...SOLD!!!
This the number one game I was waiting for from the Wii to get ported.

Now I just need the RE titles and Ghost Squad.

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I loved that game. Can't wait for more!

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Kinect seems to be going nowhere.

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It has by far the least amount of great games. No thanks I'd rather take a PSP.

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Halo needs something, the game feels old and stale.

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